marketorium b2b marketing david meerman scott customers

David Meerman Scott: How close are you to your customers?

Why B2B marketers need to enter customers’ virtual personal space to turn them into brand ‘fans’

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Marketorium B2B marketing Aon Affinity managing director Lisa Henderson management CMO to CEO

Lisa Henderson: From CMO to CEO

What marketing leaders must do to take the top seat at the executive table.

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Marketorium b2b marketing mercer cmo asia natalie truong leadership asia

Mercer CMO Asia Natalie Truong: Managing remote marketing teams

How Mercer helped its marketers across Asia-Pacific take advantage of a global initiative.

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Marketorium marketing b2b nick flude secure code warrior leadership growth

Global CMO Nick Flude: Marketing’s vital role in high-growth B2Bs

Why B2Bs marketers must work closely with sales and only focus on the numbers that count.

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Why B2B marketers in 2020 will need to ‘own the moment’

B2B buyers won’t want organisations to just supply information – they will want experiences they can choose, predicts Forrester.

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b2b marketing Marketorium data science isaac smith rea group glenn flower

Data science in B2B marketing under the microscope

Why analysing and acting on data in real-time is an invaluable B2B marketing asset.

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Marketorium b2b marketing atlassian cmo robert chatwani customers

CMO Robert Chatwani: Atlassian focused on growth and customers, not just products

Having shifted marketing emphasis to customer engagement and growth, Atlassian is targeting enterprise clients.

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Autodesk’s Bhupesh Lall: What being a customer-centric business really means

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singtel cloud

Customer experience 3.0 is here and now

Cloud-led digital transformation offers the best approach to building engaging experiences for the next generation of customers. *This article brought to you by Singtel. For all the focus on emerging technologies, digital transformation (DX) is really a customer-driven phenomenon. In a PWC report on businesses’ decision to implement a DX strategy, nearly half of all […]

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