b2b marketing Marketorium CMO OFX Anna Large sales alignment

Secrets of a happy sales and marketing marriage

Successful alignment comes down to shared goals and mutual respect, says OFX’s Anna Large. The right technology helps, too.

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ljubica radoicic hexagon B2B marketing Marketorium sales alignment ABM

ROI shouldn’t stop sales and marketing seeing eye to eye

The missing ingredient helping sales and marketing teams collaborate effectively.

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Pipeline masters: Sales and marketing alignment in action

Cisco’s Mark Phibbs explains the advantages of better sales and marketing collaboration: for the pipeline and maximising qualified leads.

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B2B marketing Marketorium CMI LinkedIn content marketing sales alignment

How content plays cupid for sales and marketing

Content marketing is the best way to foster alignment, new research says. Content marketing could well be the glue that helps B2B companies bring their sales and marketing teams closer together. Research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and LinkedIn shows that businesses with marketers “highly aligned” with their sales teams were much more sophisticated […]

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Email first, daylight second, when it comes to B2B demand generation

Using email is vital for marketers looking to drive engagement and conversions, survey finds. B2B marketers shouldn’t underestimate the power of email. A global survey of B2B marketers has found that email is the most effective demand generation channel for both early stage engagement and driving conversions. The survey, commissioned and published by US-based website […]

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The artificial intelligence pushing sales and marketing together

Account-based marketing (ABM) is too difficult to do at scale, right? Not any longer. Nothing says modern B2B marketing quite like the letters “ABM”. While account-based marketing seems a relatively recent and compelling concept, the idea of businesses concentrating their sales and marketing efforts on the biggest and best customers is hardly controversial if difficult […]

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