b2b marketing Marketorium data science isaac smith rea group glenn flower

Data science in B2B marketing under the microscope

Why analysing and acting on data in real-time is an invaluable B2B marketing asset.

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Marketorium b2b marketing 5GNetworks Glenn Flower martech technology

CMO Glenn Flower: Getting martech right in high-growth environments

5G Networks’ marketing and product leader on building and blending martech platforms at speed

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B2B marketing Marketorium spark new zealand lena jenkins data customer experience

How Spark New Zealand uses data to deliver personalised services

How Spark New Zealand turns customer innovation into useful business insights.

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Mitchell Mackey Ansell Glenn Flower Telstra B2B marketing Marketorium technology martech tips

11 ways B2Bs can shape up their martech

Words of advice from two B2B martech heavyweights – Ansell Healthcare’s Mitchell Mackey and Telstra Wholesale’s Glenn Flower

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data domo NAB bank B2B marketing Marketorium technology information

Data, data everywhere: How NAB turned information into insights

National Australia Bank and Domo combined forces to help the bank’s marketing team make full use of customer information. NAB marketers were trying to make sense of what they were seeing. Millions of customer data points, thousands of actionable insights and unknown numbers of opportunities were potentially passing them by every day. The marketing executives […]

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Natali Talevski CMO IR Julienne Harry Lendlease Marketorium B2B Marketing martech technology

Title fight: who owns martech – marketing or IT?

CMOs must take control of an unruly martech stack or the tech team might take charge.

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Robbie Morris CMO Ansarada Marketorium B2B Marketing agile AI machine learning

Unlocking the technology driving Ansarada’s next big deal

Fintech company Ansarada’s revolutionary software helps businesses in major transactions: now it’s looking for growth opportunities itself. Most B2B businesses don’t get the chance to boast how it has forged its own product category, but Ansarada can. Ansarada’s cloud-based “data rooms” prepare businesses for significant events, such as takeovers, fundraising activities, acquisitions or public listings. […]

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Martech machinery

How to stop your martech running out of control

As marketing tech gets more sophisticated, it offers marketers increasingly powerful ways to understand their customers. But like any tool, it can be dangerous if misused. Any marketer worth her year-end bonus knows no one gets far without understanding the customer. It’s why those trying to turn customer insights into an edge embrace their tech […]

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Marketers not afraid of failure will win in the AI age

Artificial intelligence expert Michael Priddis discusses AI’s impact on B2B marketing, and how embracing risk is the key to success. All signs suggest that artificial intelligence (AI) will radically alter almost every profession. Promising in-depth and highly efficient data analysis, and the capacity to transform customer experience, AI has the potential to be an invaluable […]

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There’s a hurricane coming, and it’s called blockchain

Never Stop Marketing CEO Jeremy Epstein says the revolutionary system will have the same power and influence as the internet itself. APAC B2B marketers have been warned that they had better start understanding the impact of blockchain technology because it will soon change “everything”. US expert Jeremy Epstein, who has created the world’s first Blockchain […]

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