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    B2B Marketing Leaders Forum ASIA 2024

    Asia's largest B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, leadership and personal career advancement


Join us in Singapore in August at Asia's largest B2B marketing community and conference!

Focused on pipeline, revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement!

Developing and growing B2B marketers as business leaders driving profitable company growth!

Now in its seventh year, Asia’s largest gathering of B2B CMOs and marketing leaders will again be held at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering in Singapore on the 21-22 August 2024.

300+ B2B CMOs and marketing leaders will gather to to discuss our roles as business leaders driving revenue and growth, with a firm seat at the leadership table while ensuring we personally stay relevant as modern marketers.

  • We’re seeing a large skills gap today in B2B marketing, and it’s conferences like these that help fill that gap as this is the only place they’re going to get this kind of education`` - Carlos Hidalgo – Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Expert (USA)

  • Marketing stand for growth, or they stand for nothing - Thomas Barta

Our first confirmed speakers for 2024!

  • Liz Fendt TUVSUD B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2024

    Liz Fendt

    Global Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
    The future of marketing - leading sales, the organizational transformation and structure for 2030
  • Joyce Moy Cisco B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2024

    Joyce Moy

    VP Marketing APJC
    Marketing leadership & the evolution of field marketing
  • Sotis Dramalis SAP B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2024

    Sotis Dramalis

    Senior VP, CMO, APAC
  • Eva Ford Murphy ABB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Eva Ford-Murphy

    Global Head of External Communications
    Top of funnel brand, reputation, content and thought-leadership in manufacturing
  • Sophie Neate ABB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Sophie Neate

    Global Head of Digital Marketing & Content
    Full funnel, multi-channel. The approach when driving commercial outcomes in manufacturing
  • Abigail Crosby Merkle B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2024

    Abigail Crosby

    Managing Director
    Strategies for fostering a courageous mindset within B2B marketing, enabling adaption and innovation, to unlock new opportunities
  • Kristy Kelly B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2024

    Kristy Kelly

    Managing Director
    Helping B2B marketers secure larger budgets and a firm seat at the leadership table
  • Emma Roborgh B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2024

    Emma Roborgh

    Founder & CEO
    Turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines

What we learnt in 2023...more to come for 2024!

Topics that will be covered at Asia's largest B2B marketing conference focused on pipeline, revenue, growth, leadership and personal career advancement!


Having a long-term actionable strategy is crucial to help you move beyond the frenetic cycle of quarterly targets and tactical tasks, to build a plan which delivers sustainable results and gets you out of the hamster wheel.

Having a strategic plan to inform tactical execution is critical if we’re expected to hit increasingly aggressive targets with less resource.

In this session we’ll discuss how a defined long-term strategy helps you take back control of your agenda, align your marketing priorities to commercial business goals, think critically about your customers, your competitive landscape, and develop value propositions to cut through the noise, resonate and drive demand in market.


  • How to deliver to growth targets without increases in budgets and head count
  • Budget negotiations with HQ – when competing with EMEA and the US for budget and impact
  • The best business case to your CFO for more budget
  • We’ll be discussing strategies that enable marketing to be the engine room for growth for the business.
  • We’ll be discussing marketing’s involvement in identifying growth segments and opportunities and how to gain greater accountability for, and embracing growth as our North Star.


During this track we’ll dig deep into demand generation in Asia with two case studies followed by interactive group discussions.
We’ll learn what a world-class APAC Demand Centre looks like.

We’ll be discussing the scaled services provided, the processes, roles and KPIs. We’ll be sharing examples of demand gen programs for local and vertical requirements.

You’ll learn how engagement is becoming a new indicator for campaign targeting. By measuring internal customer engagement, engagement with competitors and 3rd party content, marketers can provide much richer insights into both purchase propensity and warning signals to sales.


As the most exciting and revenue rewarding marketing and sales initiative in B2B marketing, Account Based Marketing, where treating individual accounts as markets in their own right is finally gaining huge momentum in APAC

How to build the business case for ABM, starting with a proof-of-concept and winning the support of the sales and senior stakeholders internally that ensures internal adoption

Account selection, account mapping and scoring – Learn how to identify and choose the right target accounts

Building the team – What sort of expertise you need in your organisation to enable a strong ABM strategy, plan and execution

Kick start your career in ABM – Personal career development and professional development


Understand marketing’s role in building customer-centric cultures that consistently predict enhanced, sustainable business results

The CMO’s role in building CX capability, structure and culture: how to influence departments and generating impact without direct authority

The role of data and tech to support CX strategies and a 360 degree view of the customer

The power of brand for great customer, employee, and product experiences, the role of data and tech to support CX strategies and ROI models organisations are using to drive CX.


Data, Insights and data-driven decisions plus segmentation strategies

In order to make any kind of data-driven decisions, derive insights and slice and dice your data it has to first be clean, stored in one place, with a 360 view of the customer

So, what do you or don’t you know about your data?

How do you identify segments and where is the balance between personalisation and scale?

How do you act on insights that truly benefit your customers and help guide them down the decision making journey

What if you don’t have a data science team, how can you as a marketer develop the data-insights and curiosity mindset?


Learn how to map content to the end-to-end buyer journey and how to optimise messaging for omnichannel strategy

Content campaigns during long, complex sales cycles and buyer journeys across APAC

How to use content to progress conversations during long selling cycles and customer journeys

How to integrate your content and ABM strategy and keep up with the large amount of personalised and relevant content required to support your ABM programs across the entire customer lifecycle

The importance of storytelling when tapping into unique buyer committee pain points, predictive content marketing analytics for forecasting your B2B content calendar

The strategy behind building for a local audience, but leveraging HQ intelligence while balancing local and global content to avoid cannibalising

The best distribution strategies for content amplification

The methodologies, measurement models and data used to prove the effectiveness of content efforts and how it drives business and revenue


Building the SDR/ISR/BDR strategy and team for pipeline acceleration and growth

Rather than only focusing all their efforts at the top of the funnel and generating leads to be passed over to sales, B2B marketers, especially within the IT/Tech industry are extending their ownership of leads further down the funnel. By using Sales Development Reps (SDR) teams to effectively nurture and qualify leads at the mid-funnel stage before they can enter the bottom of the funnel and getting passed over to Account Managers, marketers are seeing a huge impact on marketing ROI, pipeline acceleration and growth.

Integrated marketing doesn’t stop at the creation of an opportunity. Learn how to drive more new business (revenue and new logos), how marketing nurture long term opportunities while sales focus on closing the quarter:

  1. The integrated net new demand generation strategy
  2. How they collaborate with BDR and Sales to ensure early stage funnel keeps progressing
  3. How they keep mid stage sales funnel opportunities warn with pre-sales, consulting and partners


Global to region to countries.

During this session we’ll be discussing managing relationships and expectations in an increasingly global and centralised workplace.

Reporting to a global HQ, how do we gain local autonomy, flexibility and control by breaking down internal silos and opening barriers between head office and local office and ensuring HQ understands local market dynamics so we can focus on driving an APAC agenda.

We’ll also discuss some of the biggest challenges faced when marketing into the vast amount of very different individual countries in Asia and the constant need to balance local customer and sales demand vs the efficiencies and scale provided by a more regional focus.

The magic formula of localisation – finding the balance when providing locally relevant messages and the global brand challenge when localising.


Brand positioning, strategy and measurement.

During this interactive session we’ll share real life examples of brand campaigns and strategy and discuss the role of brand in sustainable revenue and business growth, from brand to demand to loyalty and advocacy

The balance between brand and revenue investments (and the budget allocation split) and how you build your “board and CFO friendly” brand strategy – ensuring they understand how brand investments create growth over time

Measuring brand health, brand measurement tools and metrics

How great brands are established through culture and why delivering on your brand purpose starts (and ends) with your employees

Building employee brand for attracting talent in a highly competitive market


Learn how to build high performing digital strategy and teams internally, responsible for delivering business results through capability building and growth marketing principles.
We’ll be discussing the benefits of going from agency model to full inhouse digital team, team structure and roles, the full-funnel digital strategy and roadmap, channel selection and performance.

During this session we’ll also be discussing how to look at your Paid Media strategy across Search, Social, Programmatic and Content Syndication and how it can align to your entire sales and marketing funnel.

You’ll also learn how to combat digital fatigue and drive scale and accelerate pipeline and revenue by having an always-on digital demand gen engine.


Back yourself with B2B marketing attribution!

To maintain credibility and budgets, marketers must be able to quantify marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue. Yet, over 50% of marketers in APAC don’t have a ROI or pipeline contribution target

What earns marketing a seat at the leadership table is knowing your ROI, revenue contribution and being able to walk into a board room and report and defend your data

Learn the skills, processes and tech needed to set up attribution, ROI and reporting frameworks for communicating the value of marketing to the businesses – aligning metrics to business financials


Research shows that Sales and Marketing teams globally are losing up to $2T annually due to inefficient and outdated processes. And we know that only a small percentage of buyers are actually in-market at any given time. Worse still, only a very small percentage of website visitors fill out forms.

These dynamics create an environment where pipeline building is fraught with inefficiency, waste and unpredictability. Sales and Marketing teams are operating in what we call the Dark Funnel. The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Proven plays to effectively create and convert pipeline to revenue in today’s environment
  • The role of RevTech (MarTech and SalesTech combined) in enabling efficiency and scale
  • The recipe for increasing conversion rates by applying ABM/X across your entire GTM motion
  • How to align Sales and Marketing teams on the metrics that matter

Conventional wisdom tells us to proceed with caution. However, coming out of this session, you will be inspired and encouraged to proceed with confidence.


In this session, you’ll learn how to empower your team and a very loyal employee base to share organisational story through paid and organic LinkedIn storytelling campaigns.


In this session we’ll focus on communicating value to, through, with and for channel partners. The right approach depends on the go-to-market strategy and the objectives a business wants to achieve

Today’s partners typically work with 5–25 vendors at any given time. The constant flow of information coming in from these vendors can be disruptive, overwhelming, and confusing

Vendors who understand how to better engage and align marketing with their channel ecosystem are the ones winning the customers’ mindshare

We’ll discuss revenue contribution, partner engagement, partner led demand creation, marketing contribution, ROI and how to drive better engagement and fuelling marketing performance with partners


As we start out as marketers our priority is to develop our own functional marketing skills. As we start leading others, keeping up with the changes in functional skills is replaced by spending more time on leadership and management. Building a well-aligned team with the right marketing and leadership capabilities becomes critical for success.

  • So, how do we attract, develop, lead and manage the right marketing talent to operate effectively?
  • How do we build high performing, agile teams that can adapt to the highly fluid external environment, and how do we futureproof ourselves by creating enough white space for personal development?
  • Hear from women in leadership roles sharing their advice and lessons learnt along their own career journeys.
  • We’ll also be discussing building strong teams, skills development, recruiting for values vs skills and generalist vs specialist skills for both CMOs and emerging leaders.
  • Career advice and paths for emerging leaders, the importance of building your personal brand, how to build business acumen and financial literacy, the biggest skills shortages in B2B marketing, how you transition from peer into a leadership position and paths to Director and CMO roles.
  • The implications of generative AI tools on marketing & on how marketing leaders enable & develop teams.


Everyone is talking about, intrigued by and experimenting with ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AI tools. But how can these emerging capabilities improve B2B marketing processes and approaches to deliver a paradigm shift in the way that we are able to connect with customers? How will AI power the next era of customer engagement, creating real and personal experiences at scale? And what are practical approaches you can apply now to plan for and deploy these to realise your biggest opportunities?

Join us for a discussion with brands who are already leveraging these technologies to improve customer outcomes and thereby marketing ROI.


ABM has long been a popular strategy for driving engagement with key buyers, however, the opportunity for businesses that leverage Account Based Experience (ABX) in the years to come is enormous.

There is a gap in the market for high-quality ABM programs—buyers at accounts require account intelligence solutions but are not always engaged effectively and do not find the custom-tailored programs they are looking for.

This session explores how marketers can achieve true ABM and make the leap to ABX—a client-centric buying experience that resonates with buyers and keeps brands top of mind when they are ready to engage.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to create organisation-wide alignment to move from ABM to ABX
  • How to implement ABX in four actionable steps
  • How to optimise revenue potential by focusing on buying committees with opportunities rather than whole accounts


The purpose of this session is for you to meet with your peers, maybe even your competitors to share the challenges specific to B2B marketers in your industry.

Panellists will share their main challenges and opportunities as B2B marketers in IT/tech/SaaS/Cloud including:

  • Addressing the common challenges in IT/Tech marketing
  • Best-practice in cut-through to the ‘unreachable’ CIO/CMO and IT/Tech Exec Buying Party
  • What is the new-norm in marketing to this digitalsavvy, tech-savvy audience
  • Designing a ‘full funnel’ content strategy (without the tech jargon)
  • SDR/Inside Sales & Lead management – Building the SDR/ISR/BDR strategy and team for pipeline acceleration and growth
  • Using martech (and data) to sell tech products and services (what’s the must-have tech stack)
  • Awesome IT/Tech/SaaS/Cloud marketing

This session will be on-point for IT/Tech/Saas/Cloud marketers – This highly interactive session will end with round table discussions diving deeper into these topics with your peers.


The purpose of this session is for you to meet with your peers, maybe even your competitors to share the challenges specific to B2B marketers in your industry.

Panellists will share their main challenges and opportunities as B2B marketers in Banking and Financial Services:

  • ABM, developing and executing a successful ABM program in a traditional institution
  • How CX transcends everything, and how to align the business around it
  • Balancing B2B and B2C and B2B2C
  • Humanising financial services and earning trust
  • Digital transformation and what this means for teams, workflows and customers
  • The impact of macro forces and how marketing can take a leadership role
  • The role of brand and the impact on CX
  • Working with sales, partners, advisors when building personal relationships with clients


The purpose of this session is for you to meet with your peers, maybe even your competitors to share the challenges specific to B2B marketers in your industry.

Panellists will share their main challenges and opportunities as B2B marketers in professional
services including:

  • Building brand and managing transformation, change and growth in an un differentiated industry
  • Engaging your people (engineers, lawyers, accountants etc) as your brand ambassadors and thought-leaders
  • The “sales” and marketing alignment and relationship in professional services – Challenging the seller-doer model
  • The digitally enabled professional services firm – Driving and building digital capability within your organisation
  • Providing an omni-channel experience in professional services
  • Advancing the marketing department as credible, growth and revenue driver for the business

This highly interactive session will end with round table discussions diving deeper into these topicswith your peers.

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