Our first 2019 B2B marketing expert speakers include

  • Renee McGowan CEO Asia Mercer B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Renee McGowan

    CEO Asia, Mercer
    CMO to CEO: CMOs at the leadership table and beyond – sharing her personal career journey
  • Amit Sinha Roy CMO Tata Communications Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Amit Sinha Roy

    VP Marketing, TATA Communications
    Sales & Marketing Alignment Customers, Competitors and Industry - Closing the insight-to-action gap
  • Anne Llewelyn Standard Chartered Bank B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Anne Llewelyn

    MD, Global CMO, Corporate, Institutional & Commercial, Standard Chartered
    Marketing leadership, performance management and leadership engagement
  • Carla Johnson Speaker Author Storyteller B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Carla Johnson

    Author of eights books, one of the top influencers in B2B, digital and content marketing in the US
    Marketing drives business, don't just support it.
  • ljubica radoicic marketing director apac hexagon ppm b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019

    Ljubica Radoicic

    Marketing Director APAC,
    Hexagon PPM
    SMB: Creating the marketing revenue engine with limited resources
  • Frank Trevino CMO Exodus Space Corporation and Partner Tinman Kinetics B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Frank Trevino

    CMO, Exodus Space Corporation and Partner AI Strategy, Tinman Kinetics
    AI and the Future of Business - Welcome to the Innovation Economy
  • Leslia Beckman Marketing Director Malwarebytes B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Leslie Beckman

    Asia Pacific Marketing Director, Malwarebytes
    SMB: Growth marketing across Asia Pacific
  • Fiza Malhotra CMO Space Matrix B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Fiza Malhotra

    Global CMO, Space Matrix
    SMB: Digital Marketing Growth in Asia with limited budget and resources
  • Chris Street CMO ST Telemedia Global Data Centres B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Chris Street

    CMO, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres

Last year's B2B marketing expert speaking in Singapore included:

  • Tricia Weener Global CMO HSBC Commercial banking hong kong at B2B marketing conference in siingapore asia

    Tricia Weener

    Global CMO,
    HSBC Commercial Banking
    Inspiring Marketing Leadership - a personal leadership journey
  • Ingela Nordenhav Global CMO Volvo Trucks in Singapore Asia at marketing conference 2018

    Ingela Nordenhav

    Global CMO,
    Volvo Trucks
    The CMO behind one of the world’s best known B2B video content plays – 88 Million YouTube views
  • Wendy Johnstone CMO Microsoft B2B Marketing Conference Singapore Asia 2018

    Wendy Johnstone

    CMO and COO APAC,
    Building high performing marketing teams (at IBM, EMC, Salesforce and Microsoft)
  • Mariam Al-Foudery CMO Agiligy Logistics B2B marketing conference Singapore 2018 Asia

    Mariam Al-Foudery

    Group CMO,
    CEO/CMO alignment; becoming the optimal provider of advice to the CEO
  • Karina Gan Managing director Growth marketing accenture malaysia b2b conference singapore asia 2018

    Karina Gan

    Managing Director, Marketing, Accenture
    Managing growth and talent across Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Turkey & Russia
  • Thomas Barta Marketing Leadership B2B CMO Conference Singapore Asia 2018

    Thomas Barta

    Author: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader
    Marketing Leadership — Build your influence as a marketer
  • Carlos Hidalgo from Visum CX speaks at B2B Marketing conference in Singapore Aisa 2018

    Carlos Hidalgo

    B2B CX Strategy Specialist,
    B2B CX Strategy and Journey Mapping - The most influential B2B Marketer in North America
  • Mahmoud Dasser Chief Marketing Officer Telecom Malaysia TM B2B Conference Asia 2018

    Mahmoud Dasser

    CMO, TM ONE,
    Telekom Malaysia
    Creating Telekom Malaysia's first B2B marketing department and brand “TM ONE”
  • Susan Jain CMO IBM at b2b marketing conference in Singapore asia september 2018

    Susan Jain

    CMO Middle East, IBM
    Corporate and regional interplay - Managing HQ requirements while meeting unique needs of each local country in Asia Pacific
  • Wendy Walker CMO Intuit Data Driven Analytics B2B Marketing Conference Singapore Asia 2018

    Wendy Walker

    Head of Marketing | Global Expansion, Intuit
    Building brands and driving growth with data-driven decision making
  • Harish Agarwal Prudential VP Marketing b2b conference singapore asia 2018

    Harish Agarwal

    VP & Head of Marketing,
    Prudential Singapore
    Managing Digital Marketing and Brand Transformation in B2C & B2B
  • Sandeep Pal CMO Head Marketing Citrix B2B Conference Singapore September 2018

    Sandeep Pal

    Regional VP Marketing APJ,
    The implications of marketing transformation on sales & marketing alignment
  • aura-Ashton-Founder-CMO-Xunama-Singapore-Conference-2018-ASIA

    Laura Ashton

    CMO, Board Director, Founder,
    Invest in yourself - Getting ready for the boardroom
  • Danielle Uskovic CMO LinkedIn B2B Marketing Conference Singapore Asia 2018

    Danielle Uskovic

    Marketing Director APAC,
    Building thought-leadership and personal brands through social selling
  • John Antos VP Marketing ADP B2B Conference CMO Singapore Asia 2018

    John Antos

    VP Marketing APAC,
    The magic formula of localisation – Getting the benefits of a regional centre of excellence approach while providing locally relevant messages
  • Gabriel Garcia CMO Expedia b2b marketing conference singapore asia 2018

    Gabriel Garcia

    Global Head Mobile Apps Marketing & Head of Marketing APAC,
    Data utilization and technology in driving decisions through cross-channel marketing
  • Kimberly Nelson JLL marketing operations martech b2b conference singapore asia 2018

    Kimberly Nelson

    Director of Marketing Operations, JLL
    Building the martech stack that drives business impact, efficiency and ROI
  • Szeki sim Brand CMO SGInnovate B2B Marketing Conference singapore asia

    SzeKi Sim

    Head of Brand,
    The two year journey of launching the SGInnovate Brand
  • Prasana Prapoo Global Head Marketing Brand AIG Global Services

    Prasana Prapoo

    Global Head of Marketing,
    AIG Global Services
    Getting global buy-in for Customer Experience and NPS
  • VC John Accenture VP Marketing B2B Conference Singapore 2018

    VC John

    Regional VP Marketing - BFSI - APJ, MEA,
    Customer Experience - Accounting for regional nuances
  • Lee yap yee cmo bureau van dijk moodys analytics marketing conference singapore 2018

    Lee Yee Yap

    Marketing Director APAC,
    Bureau van Dijk
    Award winning Demand Generation
  • Catherine Swee CMO, CX, Customer Experience NICE b2b marketing event singapore asia 2018

    Catherine Swee

    Head of Marketing APAC,
    CMOs as owners of Customer Experience & Centricity
  • Tolga Pekel, CMO Lafarge Malaysia at B2B marketing conference in Singapore Asia 2018 on Customer Experience

    Tolga Pekel

    VP Marketing & Strategy, CMO, LaFarge
    Customer centricity & discovery programs
  • Gabriel-Tsavaris-Commercial-Director-Challenger-B2B-Marketing-Conference-Singapore-Asia-2018

    Gabriel Tsavaris

    Commercial Director,
    Challenger Inc.
    Commercial insights & B2B buying dynamics in the digital era
  • Adam-Coroner domo marketing b2b conference singapore cmo aisa

    Adam Cordner

    Senior Solution Consultant,
    Data-driven marketing – Deliver insights and value at the speed of now
  • Peter Gearin, editor and publisher marketorium for b2b marketers in asia pacific

    Peter Gearin

    Managing Editor,
    The content publishing platform of the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum
  • todd wheatland content marketing strategy b2b marketing conference in singapore asia 2018 MC

    Todd Wheatland

    Author, Speaker, Strategist, Marketer
    Event MC
  • emma roborgh founder and ceo b2b marketing leaders forum conference for cmo in singapore asia 2018

    Emma Roborgh

    Founder & CEO,
    B2B Marketing Leaders Forum
    Turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines