Thank you to our speakers from 2023:

  • Eric Greene

    AI Architect
    AI - Revolutionise your marketing strategies with generative AI
  • Michelle Stewart-Global CMO- Device Technologies-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melboure-2023

    Michelle Stewart

    CMO/CFO & Stakeholder Alignment
  • Georgia Swanson-Global Director-Strategy & Growth- NCS-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-APAC 2023

    Georgia Swanson

    Global Director, Strategy & Growth, NCS Next
    Innovative thought leadership as a brand building strategy
  • Ursula-Righam-Head of Global B2B Influencer Marketing-SAP-b2b-Marketing-Conference-Singapore-2023

    Ursula Ringham

    Head of Global B2B Influencer Marketing
    Global B2B influencer marketing How to jump start and scale a global B2B influencer marketing program
  • Bhupesh-lall-vp-marketing-sas-asia-conference-b2b-singapore

    Bhupesh Lall

    VP Marketing APJ
    Leading a challenger brand for APJ growth
  • Latane Conant-CMO-6Sense-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Latane Conant

    B2B Author, Podcaster & Global CMO
    Account Based Revtech Strategy
  • Howie Lau-Managing Partner-Corporate-Developement & Partnerships-NCS-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Howie Lau

    Managing Partner, Corporate Development & Partnerships
    Building demand for brand
  • Ian Tan-VP Marketing-Property Guru Group-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Ian Tan

    VP Marketing, Marketplaces
    GTM - Strategy & Leadership
  • Pete-Nuchanatanon-marketing-grab-b2b-event-singapore-asia

    Pete Nuchanatanon

    Head of Product Marketing
    Delivering impact in customer experience
  • Sujoy Sen-CMO-Kyndryl Asia-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Asia-2023

    Sujoy Sen

    Chief Marketing Officer, Asia
    The rise of ABX in buyer and account experience
  • Nathanial Mclay-MD-Device-Technologies-b2b-marketing-conference-singapore-asia-2023

    Nathaniel Mclay

    CMO/CEO & Stakeholder Alignment
  • Iris Chan-Head of Demand & Growth, APAC-Autodesk-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Iris Chan

    Head of Demand and Growth, APAC
    Transforming APAC demand generation into a Centre of Excellence (CoE) model for pipeline acceleration and growth
  • Ross-Gearing-Regional Head of Marketing, APAC-Maersk-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Ross Gearing

    Regional Head of Marketing APAC
    Developing thought-leadership through content marketing & social selling
  • Saurabh-Singhal-Head of Marketing-DBS Bank-b2b-marketing-conference-asia-singapore-2023

    Saurabh Singhal

    Group Head of Marketing and MarTech, Institutional Banking
    CX-technology enabled customer experience
  • Oliver Choi-VP, Brand & Marketing Lead, APAC-Barclays-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Oliver Choi

    VP, Brand & Marketing Lead, APAC
    B2B Marketing in banking and financial services
  • Stacy Seah-CMO APAC-Microsoft-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Stacy Seah

    Navigating & leading marketing teams through change
  • Michelle Cockrill-Head of Marketing & Comms-APAC-BNP-Paribas-Securities-Services-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023 (2)

    Michelle Cockrill

    Head of Marketing & Comms APAC
    High performance marketing and communications to drive sustainable business success
  • christopher-quinn-vp-marketing-apj-schneider-electric-b2b-marketing-leaders-forum-asia-2023.jpg

    Christopher Quinn

    VP Marketing APJ
    Engagement as the new focus for demand
  • Stephanie Dechamps-Head of Marketing-APJ-Boomi-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Singapore-2023

    Stephanie Dechamps

    Head of Marketing, APJ
    Lifecycle Marketing – From Demand, BDR, Sales & Partner to Revenue
  • Siew Ting Foo - HP - B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Singapore 2023

    Siew Ting Foo

    Global Head Brand and Insights
    Women in leadership, mentoring & advice for emerging leaders
  • Li-Ling Yong-Senior Director, Marketing-APJ-Service Now-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Li-Ling Yong

    Senior Director, Marketing-APJ
    Cutting through to the ‘unreachable’ CXO exec buying party
  • Jezmynn Koh VP Marketing, Fujitsu Asia Pacific

    Jezmynn Koh

    VP Marketing APAC
    GTM - Marketing as a business leadership function, & how you get there
  • Scott Combes-Head of JAPAC Public Sector Marketing-Google Cloud-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Scott Combes

    Head of JAPAC Public Sector Marketing
    ABM at scale, intent data, content and engagement
  • Ariff Kamal-Global Head SEO-Standard Chartered Bank-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Ariff Kamal

    Global Head of SEO
    AI – Practical example of AI use in marketing
  • Zoe Ng Henkel - B2B Marketing Leaders Forum ASIA Singapore 2023

    Zoe Ng

    APAC Head of Marketing
    Leadership, leading teams, women in leadership & advice for emerging leaders
  • Dawn Westerhout-Head of Marketing & Comms APAC-KPMG-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Dawn Westerhout

    Head of Corporate Affairs & Marketing, APAC
    B2B Marketing in Professional Services
  • Sue-Ann Wilson-Head of Business Development and Marketing APAC-Clyde & Co-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Sue-Ann Wilson

    Head of Business Development and Marketing, APAC
    B2B Marketing in Professional Services
  • Robyn Johnston-Associate Director, Marketing - International Coverage, FIG & Tech-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Robyn Johnston

    Associate Director, Marketing - International Coverage, FIG & Tech
    Content that cuts through the noise
  • Mansi Chopra - Marketing Director- B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Singapore 2023

    Mansi Chopra

    Global Marketing Director
    Accelerating growth: marketing in a hypergrowth startup with global teams
  • Babul Balakrishnan-Global Head of Customer Care-Thunes-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Babul Balakrishnan

    Global Head of Customer Care
    Delivering impact in customer experience
  • Belinda Pervan

    VP Marketing APJ
    Women in leadership & the importance of mentoring
  • Daniela De Martini-Global Channel Marketing Manager-Johnson Controls-Hitachi-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Daniela De Martini

    Global Channel Marketing Manager
    Driving targeted demand across the globe
  • Nicholas Kontopoulos- VP of Marketing, APJ-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Nicholas Kontopoulos

    VP of Marketing, APJ
    Driving transformation & change
  • Lindsay Kiley - Head of Marketing APAC - Intersystems - B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Singapore 2023

    Lindsay Kiley

    Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific
    Tightly aligned sales & marketing go-to-market plans
  • TEJASWINI TILAK VP Marketing APAC -Digital Realty- B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Singapore 2023

    Tejaswini Tilak

    Vice President, Marketing, Asia Pacific
    GTM - Strategy & Leadership
  • Kishore Modak-General Manager, HPE APJ Marketing-HPE-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Kishore Modak

    General Manager, HPE APJ Marketing
    ABM at scale, intent data, content and engagement
  • Sonal Shah-Head of B2B Marketing - Global Growth Markets-PayPal-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Sonal Shah

    Head of B2B Marketing - Global Growth Markets
    Data & analytics support for optimised results
  • Sophia Ong-Branding, Communications & Marketing Lead-Singapore Post-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melbourne-2023

    Sophia Ong

    Branding, Communications & Marketing Lead
    Driving experience through digital
  • Jaslyin Qiyu-Head of Client Marketing & Digital Capabilities-Citibank Singapore-B2B-Marketing-leaders-forum-asia-2023

    Jaslyin Qiyu

    Head of Client Marketing & Digital Capabilities
    Attribution, reporting & ROI
  • Premchand Akella-Director of Marketing APAC-vmware-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Prem Akella

    Director - Southeast Asia and Korea Marketing
    Balancing your GTM under constrained conditions
  • Rumi Hardasmalani-Associate Director Marketing & Comms-Colliers-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Rumi Hardasmalani

    Associate Director, Insights, Marketing & Communications APAC
    Content that cuts through the noise
  • Rachel Milford-Partner-Marketing & Communications-APAC-Control Risks-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Rachael Milford

    Partner, Marketing & Communications, APAC
    B2B Marketing in Professional Services
  • Vivian Pan-VP International Marketing-Matterport-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Vivian Pan

    VP International Marketing
    Connect brand, data, and technology for growth
  • Min Erh Mah-JAPAC Marketing Director-Cortex & Prisma Cloud-Palo Alto Networks-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Min Erh Mah

    JAPAC Marketing Director, Cortex & Prisma Cloud
    B2B Marketing in IT/Tech/SAAS/Cloud
  • Abigail Crosby-MD-Merkle-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Abigail Crosby

    Managing Director
    How to build high performing B2B experiences
  • Mavis Liew - Forrester - b2b-marketing-conference-singapore-asia-2023

    Mavis Liew

    Executive Partner & Principal Analyst
    Building a high performing B2B marketing organisation in APAC
  • Lily Carlyon-Head of Strategy & Performance-Mahlab-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-ASIA-2023

    Lily Carlyon

    Head of Strategy & Performance
    Driving targeted demand across the globe
  • andrew-haussegger-ceo-green-hat-b2b-marketing-leaders-forum-singapore-2023

    Andrew Haussegger

    Co-Founder & CEO
    B2B customer lifecycle marketing
  • Kristy Kelly B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Kristy Kelly

    Managing Director
    Helping B2B marketers secure larger budgets and a firm seat at the leadership table
  • Emma Roborgh B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Emma Roborgh

    Founder & CEO
    Turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines