Our First Confirmed 2020 Speakers

  • Mark Phibbs Cisco b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2020

    Mark Phibbs

    VP Marketing, APJC
    Predictive Insights – the Nirvana of B2B Marketing
  • Natalie Troung Mercer b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2020

    Natalie Truong

    CMO Asia
    Sales & marketing alignment, revenue focus and managing HQ
  • Jodie Sangster

    From CEO ADMA to B2B CMO at IBM
  • Carlos Hidalgo

    CX Strategy, B2B Demand Gen Specialist
    Forum MC: The most influential B2B Marketer in North America
  • Andy Lark

    Former CMO CBA, Xero, Foxtel
  • Alistair MacIntyre-Currie B2B Marketing Leaders Conference 2020 | 7-8 October | Singapore

    Alistair MacIntyre-Currie

    VP Marketing, APJ
    Driving demand, building pipeline and accelerating the sales cycle.
  • Yvette Templer

    VP Marketing & Communications Group APAC
  • Nikki Taylor

    Marketing Growth Strategy Director, Asia Pacific
  • Madhavi Kate

    Head of Marketing, Asia, Energy and Resources, Head of Marketing Middle East
  • Rachelle Berges

    Vice President Marketing - APAC
  • Davinia Khong

    Senior Marketing Leader, Asia Pacific
  • Emma Roborgh

    Founder & CEO
    Turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines

Thank you to our 2019 Speakers:

  • Renee McGowan CEO Asia Mercer B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Renee McGowan

    CEO Asia
    CMO to CEO: CMOs at the leadership table and beyond – sharing her personal career journey
  • Tim Yeaton Global CMO RedHat B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Tim Yeaton

    Global CMO
    The role of the CMO as a business leader first, marketer second and the CEO’s trusted advisor
  • Rachael Powell Chief Customer People and Marketing Officer Xero B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Rachael Powell

    Global Chief Marketing, Customer and People Officer
    Customer Experience: The CMO as Head of Customers and HR/Employee Experience
  • Carla Johnson Speaker Author Storyteller B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Carla Johnson

    Author of 8 books, USA's top influencer in B2B, digital & content marketing
    Re-think B2B Marketing
  • Frank Trevino CMO Exodus Space Corporation and Partner Tinman Kinetics B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Frank Trevino

    CMO & Partner AI Strategy
    AI (artificial intelligence) and its impact on business and marketing
  • Robin Seow

    Head of Global Marketing- Group Enterprise
    Managing scale and business growth while meeting unique needs of each local country in Asia Pacific
  • Liz Fendt

    Global CMO
    Re-evaluating marketing structures & talent retention. The global, regional and local balance
  • Elaine Wu

    Head of Global Enterprise Marketing
    Getting executive buy-in to secure budgets for your marketing initiatives
  • Cassius Taylor Smith Executive Director Colliers International B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Cassius Taylor-Smith

    Head of Marketing & Communications, Asia
    How to outperform growth goals in Asia
  • Jayson Williams Head of Marketing & Business Development Deacons B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Jayson Williams

    Director of Marketing & Business Development
    B2B Marketing in Hong Kong and China: Directing Marketing at Hong Kong’s oldest largest law firm
  • Wendy Walker Salesforce B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Wendy Walker

    Snr. Director Marketing APAC
    Driving change through inclusive marketing on a local, regional and global scale
  • Amit Sinha Roy CMO Tata Communications Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Amit Sinha Roy

    VP Marketing
    Sales & Marketing Alignment Customers, Competitors and Industry - Closing the insight-to-action gap
  • Saurabh Singhal

    Executive Director, Head of Regional Wealth Marketing
    Customer Experience & Marketing
  • Bhupesh Lall CMO Autodesk B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019

    Bhupesh Lall

    CX, retention & loyalty transformation: Keeping customers for life in a subscription-based business
  • Mariam Al Foundrey

    Group CMO
    B2B E-commerce – Moving B2B business through digital channels
  • Tommy Zheng

    Marketing Director
    Growing the "Singapore business brand" digitally with limited budget and resources globally
  • Nayyar Ehsan

    Director - Marketing, Brand & Communications
    Building brand and managing transformation, change and growth in Professional Services
  • Harikumar Rajasekhar VP, APAC Head of Digital & Social Media Comms Deutsche Bank B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Harikumar Rajasekharan

    VP, APAC Head of Digital & Social Media Comms
    Emerging Leaders: Career paths for B2B marketers
  • Rashish Pandey Director of Marketing Cisco B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Rashish Pandey

    Senior Director, Marketing, Asia-pacific, Japan & Greater China
    Bridging to the future- Driving and leading Marketing transformation
  • ljubica radoicic marketing director apac hexagon ppm b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019

    Ljubica Radoicic

    Marketing Director APAC
    SMB: Creating the marketing revenue engine with limited resources
  • Todd Bates Head of International Marketing B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Todd Bates

    Head of International Marketing
    B2B content marketing ROI & Analytics
  • Wendy McEwan Head of Marketing and Comms Knight Frank B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Wendy McEwan

    Head of Marketing APAC
    Building and managing personal and employee brands through social
  • Malte Weyhe

    Director APAC Marketing
    Leadership: Developing and mobilising high performing teams across Asia
  • VC John

    Regional VP Marketing BFSI - APJ, MEA
    Future career paths for B2B marketers
  • Filippo Stefanelli

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Focusing on the foundation of growth - the talent of your growth team
  • Siew Ting Foo

    CMO, Asia-Pacific & Japan
    The balance between brand and revenue investments
  • Eliza Koo

    Head of Marketing & Communications
    Small budgets and teams round table discussion - Ensuring every dollar works
  • Leslie Beckman

    Senior Director of Marketing, APAC
    From launching to scaling ABM
  • Jenn Villalobos

    VP & Head - Digital Business
    Digital, growth hacking and leading through change
  • Fiza Malhotra CMO Space Matrix B2B Marketing Conference Singapore 2019

    Fiza Malhotra

    Global CMO
    How SMBs are investing their budgets – Doing more with limited resources
  • Lynn Huang Freeman

    Senior Director of Marketing APAC
    Transforming Marketing for Manufacturing and Supply Chain in the Digitalization Era
  • Helen Kim Senior Director of APAC Marketing Redhat B2B Marketing Conference 2019

    Helen Kim

    Senior Director of APAC Marketing
    Social selling for Redhat's executive team - From idea to revenue contribution
  • Nandagopal Ethirajulu

    Marketing and Sales Excellence
    Channel/Partner Marketing - Delivering value to, through, with and for channel partners
  • Melissa Teoh

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Persona driven content through the sales funnel.
  • Scott Combes

    VP Marketing
    Key Insights when building your Martech
  • Harish Agarwal

    Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Experience and Segments
    Advice for getting started on your CX Journey
  • Maneesh Sah

    Head of Marketing, Asia
    A new marketer - discover how to inspire B2B sales with insight marketing
  • Stephanie Krishnan

    Research Director
    Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Freda Amir

    Regional Head of Marketing
    Growing brands in Asia, global brands for local markets and individual customers
  • Justine Arscott

    Senior Marketing Manager
    B2B Persona & Journey Mapping
  • Genevieve Tan

    Vice President of Client Services, Asia Pacific
    Managing Martech & Demand Generation
  • Richard Kulkarni

    MC - Content ROI & Analytics
  • Oliver Arscott

    Senior Content Manager, APAC
    B2B Content Marketing Group Discussion
  • Ada Ho

    Director, Marketing Planning & Operations, APAC
    Data Led Transformation
  • Joe Escobedo

    Tackling the why, how, where of B2B Content Marketing
  • Jefferson Wong

    Global Director Digital Strategy & Innovation
    CX transformation through digital experiences
  • Geraldine Kor

    Sales and Marketing Director, Asia
    Building a new B2B brand from scratch
  • Sharon Wu

    Head of Digital Marketing Asia Pacific and Japan
    IT & Software: Do you really know who your customer is?
  • Xiaofeng Wang

    Senior Analyst
    B2B Marketing in China