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    8-9 MAY 2024 | Sydney | Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf | 9th Annual

    B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2024

    APAC's largest B2B marketing conference focused on pipeline, revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement!

    8-9 MAY 2024 | Sydney | Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf | 9th Annual
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Join us in Sydney in May at APAC's largest B2B marketing community and conference focused on pipeline, revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement!

Developing and growing B2B marketers as business leaders driving profitable company growth!

Now in its ninth year, APAC’s largest gathering of B2B CMOs and marketing leaders will again be held at the Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney on the 8-9 May 2024.

600+ B2B CMOs and marketing leaders will gather to to discuss our roles as business leaders driving revenue and growth, with a firm seat at the leadership table while ensuring we personally stay relevant as modern marketers.

Due to limited venue capacity the event sold out of tickets in 2021, 2022 and 2023 – Book early

  • We’re seeing a large skills gap today in B2B marketing, and it’s conferences like these that help fill that gap as this is the only place they’re going to get this kind of education`` - Carlos Hidalgo – Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Expert (USA)

  • Marketing stand for growth, or they stand for nothing`` - Thomas Barta

You will learn from over 70 B2B marketing experts speaking

Our first confirmed speakers for 2024!

  • Jenelle McMaster Ernst and Young B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Jenelle McMaster

    Deputy CEO Oceania
    Change happens – Authentic leadership & leading through change. From a former Australian Army Captain and Prison Psychologist
  • Suzana Ristevski NAB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Suzana Ristevski

    CMO, Executive Group Marketing
    Securing board roles, mentorship & the benefits of a B2B marketing background
  • Chele Dore Herbert Smith Freehills B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Chele Dore

    Global CMO & Chief Client Officer
    Leading high performing global teams of 180 across 20 countries in Professional Services
  • Latane Conant 6sense B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Latane Conant

    Global CMO & CRO, B2B Author & Podcaster
    From CMO to CRO - leading all GTM functions including marketing, sales, customer success, & partnerships
  • Dom Price Atlassian B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Dominic Price

    Work Futurist,
    The Future of Work!
  • Luke Clifton Macquarie Technology Group B2B Marketing Leaders- orum

    Luke Clifton

    Group Executive & Managing Director Macquarie Telecom
    The creator of #SoUnTelco. From a challenger telecom brand to billion-dollar tech company
  • Anthony Emmanouil Macquarie Technology B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Anthony Emmanouil

    CX - From a challenger telecom brand to billion-dollar tech company by re-imagining customer experiences
  • Trent Innes Siteminder B2B Marketing LeadersForum

    Trent Innes

    Chief Growth Officer
    Xero's former Managing Director now accelerating global growth and scale at one of Australia's tech unicorns
  • Fiona Low Worley B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Fiona Low

    Group Director & VP Global Marketing
    Driving Brand, Creativity & Transformation in Engineering Consulting
  • Dean Chadwick MYOB B2B-Marketing Leaders Forum

    Dean Chadwick

    The future of the CMO function in driving profitable business growth
  • Jo Reilly Australian Super B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Jo Reilly

    Head of Marketing & Member Growth
    Balancing B2B, B2C and B2B2C in Financial Services
  • Debra Sutton Walkme B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Debra Sutton

    Regional VP Marketing APAC, and Interim Country Manager ANZ
    From CMO to leading ANZ as Interim Country Manager
  • David Heyworth VOCUS B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    David Heyworth

    Head of Marketing
    Complex, multichannel GTM strategy with limited budget and resources - Aligning internal stakeholders around brand promise and the "Customer Compass"
  • Karen Ganschow Aware Super B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Karen Ganschow

    Head of Data Sciences
    Data-driven customer experience - creating great member experiences by leveraging data for insights and action
  • Andrea deVincentiis HSBC HK B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Andrea de Vincentiis

    Head of B2B Marketing APAC
    Leading B2B teams across Asia - what's the formula for localisation?
  • Miranda Carter Downer B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Miranda Carter

    Head of Marketing & Communications
    B2G – Marketing into Government, Defense, Health & Education
  • Natalie Truong EY B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Natalie Truong

    CMO Oceania
    CMO/CEO Alignment – How to build great teams and cultures that support business objectives
  • Aarti Suri Adyen B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Aarti Suri

    Head of Marketing, APAC
    Strategic ABM – Sales & Marketing alignment to accelerate sales across 25 strategic accounts
  • Kristy Jones Iron Mountain B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Kristy Jones

    Head of Marketing, APAC
    From ANZ to Global – how strategic insight & positioning from ANZ influenced the GTM for global markets
  • Kalyn New ROLLER B2B Marketing Leaders Fourm

    Kalyn New

    VP of Marketing
    Global hyper growth - how Melbourne based tech start-up is accelerating global scale
  • Amee Evans Sydney Airport B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Amee Evans

    Head of Marketing, Sydney Airport
  • Stuart Matthewman IR B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Stuart Matthewman

    Demand transformation - the what/how/results of the project that saw 50% pipeline uplift and 70% revenue growth
  • Tobias Johnstone REA B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Tobias Johnstone

    GM, Content and Growth
    Launching a B2B challenger brand through data-driven content strategy and storytelling
  • Cindy Slaven Navantia B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Cindy Slaven

    CMO & Chair ESG Strategy
    B2G – Pursuing growth and building partnership when marketing into Government
  • Hamish Blake SafetyCulture B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Hamish Grant

    Product led hyper growth - The magic formula behind one of Australia's fastest growing tech companies
  • Jadanne Dare KPMG B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Jadanne Dare

    Career advice for emerging marketing leaders
  • Eva Ford Murphy ABB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Eva Ford-Murphy

    Global Head of External Communications
    Top of funnel brand, reputation, content and thought-leadership in manufacturing
  • Sophie Neate ABB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Sophie Neate

    Global Head of Digital Marketing & Content
    Full funnel, multi-channel. The approach when driving commercial outcomes in manufacturing
  • Sera Awad Tyro Payments B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Sera Awad

    Head of Marketing
    Transforming marketing – structure, value prop, brand, GTM & growth strategy
  • Holly Popovic oobe B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Holly Popovic

    Head of Marketing & Digital
    Elevating CX for the CIO: Unleashing VoC programs and immersive experiences as strategic imperatives
  • Danielle De Amicis SAS B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Danielle De Amicis

    Head of Marketing, ANZ
    Focus on expansion - revenue marketing, demand generation & ABX when growing large enterprise & government accounts
  • Rachael Dickinson BT B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Rachael Dickinson

    Head of Marketing
    Leadership, internal stakeholder management and leading teams
  • Sushmita Nair AON B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Sushmita Nair

    Growth Marketing Leader & Chair, ESG Advisory
    Growth Marketing of Insurance in complex global, matrix organisations and regulated industries
  • Deborah Manning Autodesk B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC

    Deborah Manning

    Senior Director Global Demand Center
    Global demand centre expansion – scaling strategy, capabilities, responsibilities and KPIs
  • Nicole Gemmel Adobe B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Nicole Gemmell

    Head of Strategic Campaigns, APAC
    Integrated GTM – connecting teams, channels and activity around the customer
  • Nicolas Rincon Tyro Payments B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Nicolas Rincon

    Data & Analytics Marketing Lead
    From zero to marketing data hero! Building automated, real-time dashboards tracking budgets, spend and performance metrics
  • Fraser McNaughton Grant Thornton B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Fraser McNaughton

    CMO & ICON President
    The digitally enabled professional services firm – Driving and building digital capability
  • Andrew Everingham capitale B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Andrew Everingham

    Founder & CEO
    Forum Chair and MC - Creating executive engagement
  • Kristy Kelly B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Kristy Kelly

    Managing Director
    Helping B2B marketers secure larger budgets and a firm seat at the leadership table
  • Emma Roborgh B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Emma Roborgh

    Founder & CEO
    Turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines

What you'll learn in 2024!

What you'll learn at APAC’s largest B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, leadership and personal career advancement!


For our most senior marketers there will be specific sessions and invite-only networking activities dedicated for you

We’ll be discussing marketers as business leaders driving profitable company growth

Strategic thinking, opportunity identification, leadership, supporting teams and examples of how marketing structures influence the effectiveness of your marketing

How to build great teams and cultures that support business objectives. How to nurture a high performance environment sustained over long periods of time, managing change, resilience and burn-out

CMO/CEO and internal stakeholder alignment

Authentic leadership & leading through change. From a former Australian Army Captain and Prison Psychologist

The art of budgeting – from allocation to attribution: making transformational marketing investments

Securing board roles


As you aspire to the next step in your marketing career, you’ll hear actionable advice and strategies to help you build your roadmap to career success

Personal leadership and career advice and paths for emerging B2B marketing leaders

Taking a strategic approach to building your personal marketing brand

The importance of keeping up with change, self-education and staying relevant

Developing your commercial mindset, building business acumen and financial literacy

Advice for working with sales and other stakeholders

How you transition from peer into a leadership position

Which skill sets are most in demand to boost your career as a future CMO. The areas and experiences crucial to build now, to set the foundations for personal growth

The importance of mentoring and how to secure a mentor


Marketing as a business leadership function, and how to get there

Having a long-term actionable strategy is crucial to help you move beyond the frenetic cycle of quarterly targets and tactical tasks, to build a plan which delivers sustainable results and gets you out of the hamster wheel.

How a defined long-term strategy helps you take back control of your agenda, align your marketing priorities to commercial business goals, think critically about your customers, your competitive landscape, and develop value propositions to cut through the noise, resonate and drive demand in market.

Why marketing is the rightful leader and creator of GTM strategy, and how you and your teams can fulfil that role to deliver sustainable business growth

Principles of effective GTM planning with constrained teams and budgets

How to deliver to growth targets without increases in budgets and head count


Increasingly B2B marketers are owning aggressive growth targets which present a great opportunity to firmly cement that respected seat at the leadership table.

During the growth focused track we’ll be discussing strategies that enable marketing to be the engine room for growth for the business. Weather it’s growth through existing customers and ABM or demand gen and securing new logos or pipeline acceleration and campaigns that drive faster conversion.  We’ll be discussing marketing’s involvement in identifying growth segments and opportunities and how to gain greater accountability for, and embracing growth as our North Star.

How do we deliver growth without increased budgets and headcount


In order to make any kind of data-driven decisions, derive insights and slice and dice your data it has to first be clean, stored in one place, with a 360 view of the customer, a scenario most marketers and businesses very rarely see.

So, what do you or don’t you know about your data?

How do you act on insights that truly benefit your customers and help guide them down the decision making journey?
What if you don’t have a data science team, how can you as a marketer develop the data-insights and curiosity mindset?


Focus on B2G – Marketing into Federal, State, Government Agencies, Defense & Education and the specific challenges when pursuing growth and building partnership when marketing into Government such as:
• Understanding the complex procurement, “Bid & Tender” processes and how to get on panels
• Increasing market share in priority government accounts/clusters through Account Based Marketing
• Creating customer communities and prioritising executive engagement
• Scaling through partners and industry associations
• Building trust, credibility and understanding your customers
• Using a tightly integrated campaign approach to broaden reach and brand awareness
• The importance of working in close alignment with sales and marketing through stakeholder engagment
• Ensuring the internal cross-mapping of all bid opportunities across all internal departments
• The importance of ESG in government


To maintain credibility and budgets, marketers must be able to quantify marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue. Yet, over 50% of marketers in APAC don’t have a ROI or pipeline contribution target

What earns marketing a seat at the leadership table is knowing your ROI, revenue contribution and being able to walk into a board room and report and defend your data

Learn the skills, processes and tech needed to set up attribution, ROI and reporting frameworks for communicating the value of marketing to the businesses – aligning metrics to business financials

We’ll be discussing metrics such as CAC, CLTV, Conversion rates, Sales pipeline velocity, Churn rate, ROI by channel, Upsell & Cross-sale rates


Learn how to map content to the end-to-end buyer journey and how to optimise messaging for omnichannel strategy, how to use content to progress conversations during long selling cycles and customer journeys and the best distribution strategies for content amplification.

We’ll be sharing ABM case studies focused on supporting ABM programs and keeping up with their content demands. The importance of storytelling when tapping into unique buyer committee pain points, predictive content marketing analytics for forecasting your B2B content calendar, the methodologies, measurement models and data used to prove the effectiveness of content efforts and how it drives business and revenue.


Learn how to develop your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Persona and Customer Journey Maps that visualises every experience and touchpoint, both digital and physical your customers have with you.

Understand how to tap into the organisation’s insight, experience and data to map out the customer journey and learn how to execute on your journey maps.

Review examples of unexpected customer journeys and what you can learn from them.


During this track we’ll dig deep into demand generation in APAC with case studies followed by interactive group discussions.
From building APAC Demand Centres, we’ll be discussing the scaled services provided, the processes, roles and KPIs. We’ll be sharing examples of demand gen programs for local and vertical requirements.
Customer Engagement as new indicator for campaign targeting. By measuring customer engagement, competitors and 3rd party content, you  can provide much richer insights into both purchase propensity and warning signals to sales.


Brand positioning, strategy, and creativity – B2B marketing examples of both successes and failures

The balance between brand and revenue investments (and the budget allocation split)

How you build your “board and CFO friendly” brand strategy – ensuring they understand how brand investments create growth over time

Explaining the importance and benefits of brand investments to non-marketers and the value & impact of brand building from the CEO’s perspective

Measuring brand health, brand measurement tools and metrics

How great brands are established through culture and why delivering on your brand purpose starts (and ends) with your employees

How to not alienate a loyal customer base whilst driving new segments.


Strategic, one-to-few and ABM at scale

As the most exciting and revenue rewarding marketing and sales initiative in B2B marketing, ABM, where treating individual accounts as markets in their own right is finally gaining huge momentum in APAC
Learn how to get started, organisational pre-requisites and how to set up for future scale from scratch
How to build the business case for ABM, starting with a proof-of-concept and winning the support of the sales and senior stakeholders internally that ensures internal adoption
Account selection, account mapping and scoring and building the team

How do you progress your ABM strategy?

How do you get the 1-to-1 engagement deeper and wider?

How do you get better C-level engagement with Enterprise customers?

Change management in an ABM world


How to deliver to growth targets without increases in budgets and head count

Budget negotiations with HQ – when competing with EMEA and the US for budget and impact

The best business case to your CFO for more budget

Zero-based budgeting to try new things and innovate

Marketing in SMALL businesses – marketing with tiny budgets and teams


The role of marketing in communicating and promoting the environmental, social and governance (ESG) attributes of your company’s strategy to investors, buyers and other stakeholders in alignment with corporate purpose and mission.

The role of marketing in driving ESG initiatives within your departments – what can you do to make an ESG impact?

ESG storytelling – examples of successes and mistakes


How do you measure full-funnel attribution with multi touchpoints?

How do you measure Enterprise pipeline acceleration?

How do you measure account engagement across all channels, digital and physical?

We’ll discuss attribution models and dashboard reports


Understand marketing’s role in building customer-centric cultures that consistently predict enhanced, sustainable business results.
We’ll be discussing the CMO’s role in building CX capability, structure and culture and how to influence departments and generating impact without direct authority, the power of brand for great customer, employee, and product experiences, the role of data and tech to support CX strategies and ROI models organisations are using to drive CX.


In this session we’ll focus on communicating value to, through, with and for channel partners and/or brokers.

Today’s partners typically work with 5–25 vendors at any given time. The constant flow of information coming in from these vendors can be disruptive, overwhelming, and confusing.

Vendors who understand how to better engage and align marketing with their channel ecosystem are the ones winning the customers’ mindshare.
We’ll discuss revenue contribution, partner engagement, partner led demand creation, marketing contribution, ROI and how to drive better engagement and fuelling marketing performance with partners.


We’ll discuss some of the biggest challenges faced when marketing into the vast amount of very different individual countries in Asia and the constant need to balance local customer and sales demand vs the efficiencies and scale provided by a more regional focus.

The magic formula of localisation – finding the balance when providing locally relevant messages and the global brand challenge when localising.

How do you best circumvent HQ control?

How do you get local autonomy to try new things?

Breaking down internal silos and opening barriers between head office and local office and ensuring HQ understands local market dynamics so we can focus on driving an APAC agenda.


Revolutionise your marketing strategies with generative AI  – A Roadmap for Forward-Thinking Marketing Leaders
We will unravel the dynamic world of Generative AI and its potential to revolutionise marketing strategies.
Learn how to construct an effective AI roadmap for your marketing initiatives, identifying and prioritising areas where generative AI can provide the maximum impact.

We’ll discuss potential challenges in adopting AI, such as data privacy and technology integration, and offer guidance on how to navigate these obstacles.
Learn how to leverage the power of AI, revolutionizing your marketing approaches and steer your organization towards the future.

You’ll learn from brands who are already leveraging these technologies to improve customer outcomes and marketing ROI


Industry Focused Tracks
As one of the forum highlights, join your industry peers for these one hour group discussions with your competitors and peers.

You’ll be discussing challenges and pressing topics that are most relevant to you and B2B marketers in your specific industry.

The industry round-table tracks this year will be catered specifically for B2B marketers within:

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • IT/Tech/SAAS/Cloud
  • Manufacturing/Construction
  • Professional Services


Stretching smaller teams and budgets

Not everyone has huge budgets and teams. This session is for both global organisations with smaller local teams, as well as medium-to-large local businesses with limited marketing resources (roughly yearly budgets of below $600k and with a team size between 1-6 marketers).

Stretching smaller budgets and resources further – where you can make the biggest impact with what you’ve been given
Budget planning and making friends with your CFO
What to outsource and what to get your hands “dirty” and learn to do yourself

The importance of team culture and accountability of every team member.
Getting business buy in for bigger budgets, new projects and initiatives
How small players compete for talent with the big brands offering huge salaries

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