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    B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2022

    APAC's largest B2B marketing conference focused on pipeline, revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement!

97 Excellent reviews from past participants

APAC's largest B2B marketing conference focused on pipeline, revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement!

Now in its seventh year, APAC’s largest gathering of B2B CMOs and marketing leaders will again be held at the Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney on the 4-5 May 2022.

600+ B2B CMOs and marketing leaders will gather to to discuss our roles as business leaders driving revenue and growth, with a firm seat at the leadership table while ensuring we personally stay relevant as modern marketers.

Tickets and sponsorship are sold out every year so please secure your spot early!

  • We’re seeing a large skills gap today in B2B marketing, and it’s conferences like these that help fill that gap as this is the only place they’re going to get this kind of education`` - Carlos Hidalgo – Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Expert (USA)

2022 will feature 70+ B2B marketing leaders including:

  • jeremy nicolas telstra b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Jeremy Nicholas

    Alignment to business strategy - what you can and can't control
  • deon newman ibm_ b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Deon Newman

    Global CMO - Cloud and Systems
    How a 110 year old brand stays true to core values, yet stay flexible to take on challenges like marketing in the highly competitive hybrid cloud space
  • sotis dramalis servicenow b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Sotis Dramalis

    VP Marketing APJ
    Accelerating growth through targeted investments across APJ – from brand to demand to loyalty
  • diane gates ashurst b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Diane Gates

    Global CMO
    Global transformation of marketing, comms and brand - driving strategic direction in prof serv.
  • Renee howie AMP CMO b2b marketing leaders conference sydney australia forum

    Renee Howie

    Leading brand, marketing, digital and analytics in BFSI – Balancing B2B & B2C
  • rebecca warren CBA b2b marketing_leaders conference sydney

    Rebecca Warren

    GM Marketing - Business & Institutional
    Leading strategy, transformation and change management
  • Marc joshi qic b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Marc Joshi

    GM Marketing & Comms
    Impacts of COVID, geo-politics and ESG at one of Australia's largest institutional investors
  • gina mccartney REAGROUP b2b marketing leaders conference_sydney

    Gina McCartney

    GM CX & Commercial Effectiveness
    B2B CX strategy, roadmap, vision, funding, data and tech, stakeholders, resources and ROI
  • justin smith b2b marketing_leaders conference sydney

    Justin Smith       

    Global CMO
    SDR/ISR/BDM – 28% YoY growth moving SDRs from sales to marketing 
  • bryce_blacker_juniper_b2b marketing leaders conference sydney australia forum

    Bryce Blacker

    Head of Marketing APAC
    Strategy beyond the frenetic cycle of quarterly targets
  • laura snyder okta b2b marketing leaders_conference_sydney australia forum

    Laura Snyder

    APAC Demand Centre Director
    Building an APAC Demand Centre focused on new customer growth
  • jethrograinger marsh roche b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Jethro Grainger-Marsh

    Head of Marketing, Strategy & Solutions
    Building the inside-sales function as part of new go-to-market strategy
  • tori starkey class b2b_marketing leaders conference sydney

    Tori Starkey

    Head of CX, Marketing, Education & Analytics
    Developing data driven CX leadership
  • rochelle tognetti deloitte b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Rochelle Tognetti      

    CMO & Partner
    Building personal brand and purpose during the “great resignation”
  • belinda parvan veamsoftware b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Belinda Pervan

    VP Marketing APJ
    Balancing global, region and country needs to drive growth
  • bev burgess b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Bev Burgess

    World authority and "founder" of ABM
    Author: "A Practitioner's Guide to Account Based Marketing"
  • Louise Eyres vanguard b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Louise Eyres

    Establishing Vanguard Australia’s first stand alone marketing function and moving from B2B to B2B2C focus
  • mark brown konica minolta b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Mark Brown

    GM Marketing
    Discussing B2B marketing in Manufacturing
  • karyn _turbill nextDC b2b marketing leaders conference sydney australia forum

    Karyn Turbill

    Building high-performance, data-driven teams
  • Josette Addinall Schneider_b2b_marketing_leaders_conference_sydney australia forum

    Josette Addinall

    VP Marketing, Communications and DCR
    Driving digital-first marketing transformation through data, technology, people and process
  • david borean NEC b2b marketing leaders conference sydney australia forum

    David Borean

    VP Brand & Customer Experience
    Mapping content to long, complex buyer journeys across APAC
  • jpcnicoucnetsuitecb2b_marketing_leaders_conference ydney australia forum

    JP (Jean-Philippe) Nicou

    VP Marketing JAPAC
    Hyper growth – marketers as owners of, and setting business growth targets
  • scott coombes google b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Scott Combes

    Head of Public Sector Marketing JAPAC - Cloud
    Data, insights & data-driven decisions plus targeting public sector
  • jade meara F5 b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Jade Meara

    Head of Marketing ANZ
    ABM, demand generation and growth – “securing new logos”
  • Daniel McDermott Mimecast b2b marketing melbourne conference

    Daniel McDermott

    Sr Marketing Director, APAC
    ABM: Targeting ideal customer profile (ICP) accounts at scale
  • Janelle Cook

    Head of Marketing and Communications
    Building brand and managing transformation, change and growth in professional services
  • julienne harry lendlease b2b marketing leaders conference sydney australia

    Julienne Harry

    General Manager - Digital Experience
    Enabling data and tech for lifetime customer experience
  • lena peacock frasers property b2b marketing leaders conference sydney australia

    Lena Peacock

    Leading Industrial Marketing
    Discussing B2B marketing in property, construction & real-estate
  • bree bunzel dropbox b2b marketing leaders conference sydney australia forum

    Bree Bunzel

    Global Head of Customer Marketing
    Post-sale campaigns for improving engagement, drive loyalty, generate growth opp. and activate customer advocates
  • salim sebkhi b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Salim Sebkhi      

    Head of Commercial & Channel Growth Marketing
    Engagement as a new focus for demand
  • tom bates tyro b2b marketing_leaders_conference sydney

    Tom Bates

    Head of Digital
    Building high performing digital strategy and teams
  • jen norrie docusign b2b marketing_leaders confer nce sydney

    Jen Norrie

    Leading Customer Marketing in APAC
    Customer marketing strategy for growth and advocacy
  • ljubica radoicic autodesk b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Ljubica Radoicic

    Revenue Marketing Director APAC
    Spearheading revenue marketing and growth – moving from SMB to Enterprise focus
  • tamika uniti b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Tamika Sercombe

    GM Marketing & Channel
    Partner/Channel Marketing – Maximising value to, through, with and for channel partners.
  • suzanne pelizzari CSG b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Suzanne Pelizzari

    Head of APAC Marketing
    Long-term strategy; helps you stop and think, take back control and connect the dots across your silos
  • James Kissell fujitsu B2B Marketing LeadersMelbourne Conference

    James Kissell

    Global Director Vertical Marketing & Member Global ABM Board
    Reporting to a global HQ, how do we gain local autonomy, flexibility and control
  • lillie b2b marketing leaders conference_sydney DELL

    Lillie Heathwood

    Marketing Director ANZ
    The art of data-driven marketing
  • mari kauppinen the marketing practice b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Mari Kauppinen

    MD (Former Head of Enterprise Marketing & Channel IBM)
    ABM, demand gen & growth
  • Vicky Katsabaris qualitrics b2b marketing leaders conference sydney 2022 australia

    Vicky Katsabaris

    Director of Experience Management Solutions & Strategy
    The power of brand for great customer, employee, and product experiences
  • bobbi mahlab b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Bobbi Mahlab

    Founder and Chair
    20 years of B2B content marketing & comms across financial services, healthcare, tech, engineering
  • Simon McEvoy Omobono 2022

    Simon McEvoy

    Head of Strategy
    Creating all the interactions that build an outstanding experience.
  • James Taylor Kingpin Communications 2022

    James Taylor

    Commercial Director
    Actionable Intelligence & Measurable Results for B2B Tech Brands
  • Tim Johnston ON24 CMO Future FOcus

    Tim Johnston

    Head of Marketing APJ
    Digital fatigue - cutting through the digital clutter
  • katie turner talent recruitment b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Katy Turner

    GM Talent & Recruitment
    Helping B2B marketers secure the best talent and roles
  • kristy albers b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Kristy Albers

    General Manager
    Helping B2B marketers secure larger budgets and a firm seat at the leadership table
  • emma roborgh b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Emma Roborgh

    Founder & CEO
    Turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines

20 reasons to attend - your ROI!

Topics that will be covered at APAC’s largest B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, leadership and personal career advancement!


Increasingly B2B marketers are owning aggressive growth targets which present a great opportunity to firmly cement that respected seat at the leadership table.

During the new, growth focused track we’ll be discussing strategies that enable marketing to be the engine room for growth for the business. Weather it’s growth through existing customers and ABM or demand gen and securing new logos or pipeline acceleration and campaigns that drive faster conversion.  We’ll be discussing marketing’s involvement in identifying growth segments and opportunities and how to gain greater accountability for, and embracing growth as our North Star.


During this session we’ll dig deep into demand generation in APAC with two case studies followed by interactive group discussions.
We’ll learn how fast growing San Fran based Identity as a Service (IDaaS) company Okta are building the APAC Demand Centre, one of three globally. We’ll be discussing the scaled services provided, the processes, roles and KPIs. We’ll be sharing examples of demand gen programs for local and vertical requirements.
Next we’ll hear how Cisco is building upon it’s global demand centre capability through analytics and insights to create a new indicator for campaign targeting: customer engagement. By measuring customer engagement with Cisco, competitors and 3rd party content, Cisco’s marketers can provide much richer insights into both purchase propensity and warning signals to sales.


Having a long-term actionable strategy is crucial to help you move beyond the frenetic cycle of quarterly targets and tactical tasks, to build a plan which delivers sustainable results and gets you out of the hamster wheel.

Having a strategic plan to inform tactical execution is critical if we’re expected to hit increasingly aggressive targets with less resource.

In this session we’ll discuss how a defined long-term strategy helps you take back control of your agenda, align your marketing priorities to commercial business goals, think critically about your customers, your competitive landscape, and develop value propositions to cut through the noise, resonate and drive demand in market.

In short – we’ll show how strategy (in all its forms) helps you stop and think, take back control and enables you to connect the dots across your silos, brings stakeholders along on the journey, define the messages, activity and channels which will generate success, and say no to those which won’t – adjusting and optimising along the way, putting you in the driver’s seat to achieve growth.


Understand marketing’s role in building customer-centric cultures that consistently predict enhanced, sustainable business results.
We’ll be discussing the CMO’s role in building CX capability, structure and culture and how to influence departments and generating impact without direct authority, the power of brand for great customer, employee, and product experiences, the role of data and tech to support CX strategies and ROI models organisations are using to drive CX.


Account Based Marketing (ABM), where treating individual accounts as markets in their own right is finally gaining huge momentum in APAC.
Meet the “Founder” of ABM, Bev Burgess is coming from the UK to share her 20 years’ experience in ABM, both as a keynote and in a one day ABM workshop post conference.
In addition you’ll be learning from ABM experts sharing their advice and lessons learnt from their implementations of both Strategic ABM & ABM at Scale Programmatic ABM programs. We’ll also be discussing Account Based Experience (ABX) and how to target your ideal customer profile (ICP) accounts at scale.


In order to make any kind of data-driven decisions, derive insights and slice and dice your data it has to first be clean, stored in one place, with a 360 view of the customer, a scenario most marketers and businesses very rarely see.

So, what do you or don’t you know about your data?

How do you act on insights that truly benefit your customers and help guide them down the decision making journey?
What if you don’t have a data science team, how can you as a marketer develop the data-insights and curiosity mindset?


Learn how to develop your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Persona and Customer Journey Maps that visualises every experience and touchpoint, both digital and physical your customers have with you.

Understand how to tap into the organisation’s insight, experience and data to map out the customer journey and learn how to execute on your journey maps.

Review examples of unexpected customer journeys and what you can learn from them.


Learn how to build high performing digital teams internally, responsible for delivering business results through capability building and growth marketing principles.
We’ll be discussing the benefits of going from agency model to full inhouse digital team, team structure and roles, the full-funnel digital strategy and roadmap, channel selection and performance.
He’ll also share diversification – budgets and strategy for datadriven testing and analysis for continuous improvements, digital trends and examples of global campaigns.
You’ll also learn how to combat digital fatigue and drive scale and accelerate pipeline and revenue by having an always-on digital demand gen engine.


For B2B marketers within the IT/Tech industry, having teams of Sales Development or Inside Sales Reps qualifying leads and MQLs before they’re passed over to Account Managers as part of a their lead management process is a well established process and function.

During this discussion we’ll hear how to build this function and how lead management and pipeline qualification is defined and managed with focus on aggressive growth targets and new go-to-market strategy. How do we create and support sales alignment in digital mid and lower funnel and how can we drive pipeline acceleration to speed up the sales process?
The speakers will be sharing examples of their mutually agreed and clearly defined sales and marketing lead management processes and lead definitions.


To maintain credibility and budgets, marketers must be able to quantify marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue. Yet, over 50% of marketers in APAC don’t have a ROI or pipeline contribution target.

What earns marketing a seat at the leadership table is knowing your ROI, pipeline and revenue contribution and being able to walk into a board room and report and defend your data

Learn the skills, processes and tech needed to set up attribution, ROI and reporting frameworks for communicating the value of marketing to the businesses – aligning metrics to business financials.

We’ll also be discussing attribution models and how to manage attribution during very long, complex sales cycles.


In the US, the focus on customer marketing has seen a huge uptake in the last couple of years as a critical function needed for businesses to retain, engage and grow customers in a more strategic way.

During this session we’ll share the creation, execution and measurement of post-sale campaigns and programs designed to improve the quality and quantity of customer engagement, drive loyalty, generate growth opportunities and activate customer advocates.

You’ll learn how to build a customer marketing function, customer advocacy program, customer roundtables programs and customer awards programs.
We’ll also discuss metrics such as customer lifetime value (CLV), engagement, advocacy and voice of customer (VOC).


Learn how to map content to the end-to-end buyer journey and how to optimise messaging for omnichannel strategy, how to use content to progress conversations during long selling cycles and customer journeys and the best distribution strategies for content amplification.

We’ll be sharing ABM case studies focused on supporting ABM programs and keeping up with their content demands. The importance of storytelling when tapping into unique buyer committee pain points, predictive content marketing analytics for forecasting your B2B content calendar, the methodologies, measurement models and data used to prove the effectiveness of content efforts and how it drives business and revenue.


In this session we’ll focus on communicating value to, through, with and for channel partners and/or brokers.

Today’s partners typically work with 5–25 vendors at any given time. The constant flow of information coming in from these vendors can be disruptive, overwhelming, and confusing.

Vendors who understand how to better engage and align marketing with their channel ecosystem are the ones winning the customers’ mindshare.
We’ll discuss revenue contribution, partner engagement, partner led demand creation, marketing contribution, ROI and how to drive better engagement and fuelling marketing performance with partners.


With “The Great Resignation”, culture and purpose has become more important than ever to retain talent. We’ll be discussing creating nurtured environments focused on purpose and values, managing your team’s careers,
connecting employees to brand and mission.
Marketers are asked to constantly do more, with less, provide growth without budgets for new resources, how to avoid burnout and becoming busy-bored, for teams and self.
We’ll also be discussing skills development, recruiting for values vs skills and generalist vs specialist skills for both CMOs and emerging leaders.

Career advice and paths for emerging leaders, the importance of building your personal brand, how to build business acumen and financial literacy, the biggest skills shortages in B2B marketing and how you transition from peer into a leadership position.


During the brand track, we’ll discuss ways your content can be informed by data whilst being driven by human emotion.

We’ll be discussing connecting staff to our brand and our mission, brand positioning, strategy and measurement, the role of brand in sustainable revenue and business growth, from brand to demand to loyalty and advocacy, the balance between brand and revenue investments (and the budget allocation split) and how you build your “board and CFO friendly” brand strategy – ensuring they understand how brand investments create growth over time. How to measure brand health, brand measurement tools and metrics and how great brands are established through culture and why delivering on your brand purpose starts (and ends) with your employees.


Global to region to countries, during this session we’ll be discussing managing relationships and expectations in an increasingly global and centralised workplace.
Reporting to a global HQ, how do we gain local autonomy, flexibility and control by breaking down internal silos and opening barriers between head office and local office and ensuring HQ understands local market dynamics so we can focus on driving an APAC agenda.
We’ll also discuss some of the biggest challenges faced when marketing into the vast amount of very different individual countries in Asia and the constant need to balance local customer and sales demand vs the efficiencies and scale provided by a more regional focus, and the magic formula of localisation – finding the balance when providing locally relevant messages and the global brand challenge when localising.


During this session we’ll be focusing on sales and marketing alignment when targeting Enterprise. We’ll be discussing the collaboration between sales and marketing when
targeting very large accounts, with very long, complex sales cycles involving a large amount of stakeholders during the buying process.
During this session we’ll also briefly cover tender processes and “Bid and Contract”.


During this session we’ll be discussing targeting SMBs, micro businesses and sole traders and the most effective ways and channels to get broad reach.
We’ll also be discussing loyalty in this space, what keeps smaller business customers loyal? What’s working in terms of formal programs?


During this interactive group session we’ll focus on the specific challenges of marketing into Australia’s federal and state government agencies such as governance, compliance, complex procurement, approval and funding. How to increase market share in priority government accounts and clusters through ABM, creating communities and executive engagement, scaling through partners and industry associations, using a tightly integrated campaign approach to broaden reach and brand awareness and the importance of working in close alignment with sales.


The purpose of this session is for you to meet with your peers, maybe even your competitors to share the challenges specific to B2B marketers in your industry.

Choose from:

  • B2B Marketing in Banking/Financial Services
  • B2B Marketing in Manufacturing
  • B2B Marketing in IT/Tech/SaaS/Cloud/Security
  • B2B Marketing in Professional Services
  • B2B Marketing in Property/Construction/Real-Estate

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