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    9-10 NOVEMBER 2022 | Crown | Melbourne


    Melbourne's largest B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, leadership and personal career advancement!

    9-10 NOVEMBER 2022 | Crown | Melbourne

Melbourne's largest IN-PERSON B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement!

The 3rd annual B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Melbourne will be held in-person on the 9-10 November 2022.

300+ B2B marketing leaders will gather to discuss our roles as business leaders driving revenue and growth, with a firm seat at the leadership table while ensuring we personally stay relevant as modern marketers.

Tickets for the Sydney Forum in May sold out six weeks before the event so please secure your spot early!

  • We’re seeing a large skills gap today in B2B marketing, and it’s conferences like these that help fill that gap as this is the only place they’re going to get this kind of education`` - Carlos Hidalgo – Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Expert (USA)

Learn from 40+ B2B marketing leaders speaking:

Rated one of the best marketing conferences in the world by Forbes Magazine, there is no other marketing conference where you’ll have the opportunity to learn from over 30 B2B CMOs on:

  • Sweta Mehra - ANZ - b2b marketing leaders forum

    Sweta Mehra

    Building an in-house, accredited marketing academy at ANZ
  • angela kent phocas b2b marketing leaders Melbourne

    Angela Kent

    Global CMO
    Understand how you build constructive cultures in marketing teams
  • Jo Reilly Melbourne 2021 Australian Super B2B Marketing

    Jo Reilly

    Head of Brand & Marketing
    B2B marketing in banking, financial services and insurance.
  • Andy Lark Former CMO b2b marketing conference melbourne australia 2022

    Andy Lark

    Former CMO CBA, Xero, Foxtel
    Why funnels are f*@d - getting marketing investment right
  • Diane Gates Ashurst b2b-marketing melbourne conference

    Diane Gates

    Global CMO
    Global marketing transformation with focus on elevating the Ashurst brand globally
  • Kate Young - ANZ - B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2022

    Kate Young

    Head of Customer Centricity & Capability
    Building an in-house, accredited marketing academy at ANZ
  • Andrew Braun netwealth b2b marketing melbourne conference

    Andrew Braun

    General Manager Marketing
    The content strategy based on creating industry-wide respected research that established Netwealth as the challenger brand to the big banks
  • garrett macdonald b2b marketing melbourne conference

    Garrett MacDonald

    Global CMO
    Partner/Channel Marketing - Drive better engagement and fuelling marketing performance with partners
  • amy read, cmo rea group b2b marketing conference melbourne

    Amy Read

    General Manager - Customer Marketing
    A strategic approach to Customer Marketing
  • Karen Dumville

    Global Head of Marketing Operations
    Marketing operations & data-driven transformation
  • Amy Goodes Bendigo bank b2b marketing melbourne conference

    Amy Goodes

    Head of Marketing - Business and Agribusiness
    From corporate strategy to marketing transformation at Bendigo Business Bank
  • carolyn agnobar b2b marketing leaders Melbourne

    Carolyn Agombar

    Head of Demand Marketing APAC
    Demand Generation across APAC - From acquisition to increasing customer engagement and share of wallet from existing customers
  • Ljubica Radoicic autodesk b2b marketing melbourne conference

    Ljubica Radoicic

    Revenue Marketing Director APAC
    Revenue Marketing - Learn how to start and scale your revenue marketing transformation that will get you established  as an authority on revenue generation, with a firm seat at the leadership table
  • Joanne woo ABB b2b marketing leaders Melbourne

    Joanne Woo

    Global Head of Marketing – Process Industries
    Driving Transformation - Leading teams and organisations through change
  • caroline raj, head of marketing anz, servicenow speaking at b2b conference in melbourne, australia

    Caroline Raj

    Senior Marketing Director
    Leveraging NPS as a secret source in B2B marketing
  • Trisca Scott-Branagan cmo speaking at b2b marketing conference in melbourne

    Trisca Scott-Branagan

    Building brand and driving revenue growth
  • David Nicholls PPG-B2B -Marketing Asia Virtual Forum

    David Nicholls

    Sales and Marketing Director
    B2B2C – Managing field sales and company owned retail network, Bunnings and diverse B2B businesses
  • Belinda Charleson digicert b2b marketing melbourne conference

    Belinda Charleson

    Global Channel Marketing Director
    Partner/Channel Marketing – Maximising business value with partners
  • Daniel McDermott Mimecast b2b marketing melbourne conference

    Daniel McDermott

    Director Marketing ANZ
    Content Marketing – Convincing HQ to pilot a local, non-branded newsroom to drive demand and inbound leads
  • James Kissell fujitsu B2B Marketing LeadersMelbourne Conference

    James Kissell

    Global Director Vertical Marketing & Member Global ABM Board
    ABM – Vertical marketing, insights, segmentation and personalisation
  • bobbi mahlab b2b marketing leaders conference sydney

    Bobbi Mahlab

    Founder and Chair
    20 years of B2B content marketing across financial services, healthcare, tech, engineering and associations
  • Mari Kauppinen the marketing practice speaking on abm at asia conference for b2b cmo

    Mari Kauppinen

    Managing Director APAC
    ABM - How to get started, organisational pre-requisites and how to set up for future scale from scratch

12 reasons to attend - your ROI!

Topics that will be covered at Melbourne's largest B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, leadership and personal career advancement!


Learn from CMOs turned CEOs how you earn credibility and trust of your CEO, CFO and board to deliver on business objectives and speaking their language

Understand how you build constructive cultures in marketing teams – how you show up as a constructive marketer, growing as an engaging leader and growing an engaged team

Career advice and paths for emerging leaders, the importance of building your personal brand, how to build business acumen and financial literacy, the biggest skills shortages in B2B marketing and how you transition from peer into a leadership position.


Learn how to start and scale your revenue marketing transformation with practical advice to help you firmly establish marketing as an authority on revenue generation, with a firm seat at the leadership table

Understand how The Growth Engine Revenue Generation Value Chain™ will help you identify the drivers of revenue performance and its correlation to the four stages of marketing maturity; crawl, walk, run, and leap and tools and practices you need to move up the revenue marketing maturity stages


As the most exciting and revenue rewarding marketing and sales initiative in B2B marketing, ABM, where treating individual accounts as markets in their own right is finally gaining huge momentum in APAC

Learn how to get started, organisational pre-requisites and how to set up for future scale from scratch

How to build the business case for ABM, starting with a proof-of-concept and winning the support of the sales and senior stakeholders internally that ensures internal adoption

Account selection, account mapping and scoring – Learn how to identify and choose the right target accounts

Building the team – What sort of expertise you need in your organisation to enable a strong ABM strategy, plan and execution

Kick start your career in ABM – Personal career development and professional development


Understand how to establish customer marketing strategy as a critical function to retain, engage and grow revenue from customers

Learn the building blocks of a “Platinum Experience Program”

How to leverage customer engagement, advocacy and voice of the customer programs


Learn how to develop your Ideal Customer Profile, Persona and Customer Journey Maps that visualises every experience and touchpoint, both digital and physical your customers have with you

Understand how to tap into the organisation’s insight, experience and data to map out the customer journey

Learn how to execute on your journey maps

Review examples of unexpected customer journeys and what you can learn from them


Understand marketing’s role in building customer-centric cultures that consistently predict enhanced, sustainable business results

The CMO’s role in building CX capability, structure and culture: how to influence departments and generating impact without direct authority

Customer Centricity – alignment between customer value and commercial outcomes – does your board truly understand the customer connection?

The role of data and tech to support CX strategies and a 360 degree view of the customer


To maintain credibility and budgets, marketers must be able to quantify marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue. Yet, over 50% of marketers in APAC don’t have a ROI or pipeline contribution target

What earns marketing a seat at the leadership table is knowing your ROI, revenue contribution and being able to walk into a board room and report and defend your data

Learn the skills, processes and tech needed to set up attribution, ROI and reporting frameworks for communicating the value of marketing to the businesses – aligning metrics to business financials


In order to make any kind of data-driven decisions, derive insights and slice and dice your data it has to first be clean, stored in one place, with a 360 view of the customer

So, what do you or don’t you know about your data?

How do you identify segments and where is the balance between personalisation and scale?

How do you act on insights that truly benefit your customers and help guide them down the decision making journey

What if you don’t have a data science team, how can you as a marketer develop the data-insights and curiosity mindset?


Awareness and acquisition to increasing customer engagement and share of wallet from existing customers, how do you balance sales’ and the businesses focus on short term (monthly and quarterly) focus with building long term thought-leadership and focus on lifetime customer value?

How do we pivot digital engagement in crowded environments?

How do we create and support sales alignment in digital mid and lower funnel and how can we drive pipeline acceleration to speed up the sales process?

We’ll be sharing examples of what mutually agreed and clearly defined sales and marketing lead management process and lead definitions and the SDR/ISR functions


Learn how to convince HQ to supplement your content strategy with a pilot – local, non-branded newsroom to drive demand and inbound leads and generate strong thought-leadership in the local market – in a heavily content-cluttered marketplace

How to identify an “empty” content niche by analysing existing local content players, and how to own bespoke and industry-respected research reports

The strategy behind building for a local audience, but leveraging HQ intelligence while balancing local and global content to avoid cannibalising

The best distribution strategies for content amplification

The methodologies, measurement models and data used to prove the effectiveness of content efforts and how it drives business and revenue

Key metrics for content and how they tell a story on what to improve

Using content to progress conversations during long selling cycles and customer journeys


In this session we’ll focus on communicating value to, through, with and for channel partners. The right approach depends on the go-to-market strategy and the objectives a business wants to achieve

Today’s partners typically work with 5–25 vendors at any given time. The constant flow of information coming in from these vendors can be disruptive, overwhelming, and confusing

Vendors who understand how to better engage and align marketing with their channel ecosystem are the ones winning the customers’ mindshare

We’ll discuss revenue contribution, partner engagement, partner led demand creation, marketing contribution, ROI and how to drive better engagement and fuelling marketing performance with partners


During this interactive session we’ll share real life examples of brand campaigns and strategy and discuss the role of brand in sustainable revenue and business growth, from brand to demand to loyalty and advocacy

The balance between brand and revenue investments (and the budget allocation split) and how you build your “board and CFO friendly” brand strategy – ensuring they understand how brand investments create growth over time

Measuring brand health, brand measurement tools and metrics

How great brands are established through culture and why delivering on your brand purpose starts (and ends) with your employees

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