Thank you to our 2023 speakers

  • Lisa Sim Palo Alto B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Lisa Sim

    VP Marketing JAPAC
    Priorities for 2024 and beyond – still the year of doing more with less?
  • Jadanne Dare KPMG B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Jadanne Dare

    Career advice for emerging marketing leaders
  • Lisa Henderson AON B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Melbourne 2023

    Lisa Henderson

    Managing Director (Former CMO)
    From CMO to CEO - Earning the trust of your CEO to deliver on business objectives
  • George Pappas

    CEO (Former CMO)
    The CMO who got promoted to CEO - after initiating and driving a company wide total digital transformation
  • sian-chadwick-cmo-anz-bank-b2b-marketing-conference-australia

    Sian Chadwick

    GM Marketing Australia
    Leadership and internal stakeholder management
  • Trent-innes-siteminder-xero-marketing-conference-melbourne

    Trent Innes

    Chief Growth Officer (Former MD, Xero)
    Accelerating global growth and scale at one of Australia's tech unicorns
  • Cambell Holt-Head of Growth-Seek-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melbourne-2023

    Cambell Holt

    Head of Growth (Former CMO)
    How to build a growth function to double revenue
  • Eric Greene

    AI Architect
    AI - Revolutionise your marketing strategies with generative AI
  • Michelle Stewart-Global CMO- Device Technologies-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melboure-2023

    Michelle Stewart

    CMO/CFO & Stakeholder Alignment
  • ben-arthur-cfo-device-technologies-b2b-marketing-leaders-forum-melbourne-2023

    Ben Arthur

    How to establish credibility with the CFO by speaking their language
  • anthony-emmanouil-cmo-macquarie-technology-group-b2b-marketing-conference-cx.jpg

    Anthony Emmanouil

    CX - From a challenger telecom brand to billion-dollar company by re-imaging and consistently elevating customer experiences
  • Glenn flower-Head of marketing-NEXT DC-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Sydney-2023

    Glenn Flower

    Strategic thinking, opportunity identification, leadership & supporting teams
  • Georgia Swanson-Global Director-Strategy & Growth- NCS-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-APAC 2023

    Georgia Swanson

    Global Director, Strategy & Growth, NCS Next
    Innovative thought leadership as a brand building strategy
  • Stephen Ball-Marketing Director, Chief of Staff-APJ-VMWARE-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melbourne-2023

    Stephen Ball

    Marketing Director, Chief of Staff, APJ
    Performance Marketing for S&M alignment and a seat at the leadership table
  • Ella Tassi-CMO-Bennelong Funds Management-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melboure-2023

    Ella Tassi

    Stretching small teams, budgets & resources further
  • Katie O'Malley-Head of Marketing & Comms-BESIXWatpac-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melbourne-2023

    Katie O’Malley

    Head of Marketing & Comms
    Sustainability and ESG Marketing in B2B Construction
  • Nicole Mathias-Browne-CMO-Mercer Super-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melbourne-2023

    Nicole Mathias-Browne

    CMO - Mercer Super
    Digital transformation, analytics and rebuilding teams in Mercer Super
  • Jessica-turnbull-cmo-sendle-b2b-marketing-conference-australia

    Jessica Turnbull

    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Focus on smaller teams and resources - taking on Australia Post as a challenger brand
  • David Frangiosa-Head of Marketing APAC-Megaport-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melbourne-2023

    David Frangiosa

    Head of Marketing APAC
    Deep-dive and practical advice for sales & marketing alignment
  • megan willams cmo hsf-herbert smith freehills b2b marketing conference australia

    Megan Williams

    Head of Marketing, APAC
    B2B marketing in professional services
  • Elly Bloom NAB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Melbourne 2023

    Elly Bloom

    Executive Marketing, Business & Private Bank
    Media & advertising channels and platforms that deliver for B2B brands
  • Jenny-Docherty-ecase-cmo-marketing-conference-melabourne

    Jenny Docherty

    Head of Marketing, Health Metrics
    Brand & Creativity – the gateway to aligning the business to the customer
  • susan-rudolph-cmo-bmc-marketing-conference-melbourne

    Susan Rudolph

    Head of Marketing, BMC Software
    Doing more with less” - the new norm in today’s marketing landscape
  • Craig-mills-ibm-marketing-b2b-conference-australia

    Craig Mills

    Head of Demand Generation JAPAC
    JAPAC demand gen - activating digital direct channels
  • Divya Gupta-Head of Digital Revenue APAC-Maersk-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melbourne-2023

    Divya Gupta

    Head of Digital Revenue APAC
    Data-driven digital demand and revenue growth
  • Kitty Zhao-Head of Marketing Adhesive Technologies-ANZ-Henkel-B2B-Marketing-Leaders-Forum-Melboure-2023

    Kitty Zhao

    Head of Marketing Adhesive Technologies, ANZ
    Stretching limited resources further in manufacturing
  • Lara-Barnett-cmo-logicalis-b2b-marketing-conference-australia

    Lara Barnett

    Head of Marketing
    Practical teach-me-how-to build effective GTM strategies
  • Carol O’Hanlon ABM Lead at FM Global

    Carol O’Hanlon

    ABM Lead, FM Global Insurance
    Strategic Account Based & Enterprise Marketing (ABM)
  • chantelle lane cmo bapcor marketing conference melbourne

    Chantelle Lane

    GM Marketing
    Content Strategy - that cuts through the noise
  • suzanne-pelezari-cmo-abm-csg-melbourne-b2b-marketing-conference

    Suzanne Pelizzari

    Head of APAC Marketing & Global Director ABM
    Strategic, integrated GTM framework critical in aligning teams & resources to deliver on business objectives
  • Caylee-Pharaoh-Head of-Marketing-Localsearch

    Caylee Pharoah

    Head of Marketing
    B2B marketing's role as a revenue driver
  • alex-mahon-ai-marketing-localsearch

    Alex Mahon

    Head of AI and Automation
    Leveraging AI & Automation to drive business transformation
  • zoe-hayden-cmo-fifo-capital-b2b-marketing-conference

    Zoe Hayden

    Head of Marketing
    Stretching small teams, budgets & resources further
  • Matt Houltham CMO Glow B2B marketing conference

    Matt Houltham

    Content Strategy - that cuts through the noise
  • Christopher Savage

    Business Growth Specialist
    Invest in yourself - How to keep yourself at the edge, relevant, effective, wanted and thriving
  • stuart-green-hat-b2b-marketing-conference-melbourne

    Stuart Jaffray

    Managing Director
    From Demand Generation to Demand Capture
  • Vanessa Lyons TNB b2b marketing conference

    Vanessa Lyons

    Media & advertising channels and platforms that deliver for B2B brands
  • Janine Pares TSM B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC

    Janine Pares

    Founder and MD
    Aligning sales and marketing around the customer to deliver an integrated GTM, accelerate performance and efficiency
  • Kristy Kelly B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Kristy Kelly

    Managing Director
    Helping B2B marketers secure larger budgets and a firm seat at the leadership table
  • Emma Roborgh B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Emma Roborgh

    Founder & CEO
    Turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines