B2B marketing expert speakers from last year

Strategies, Technologies and Leadership - for turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines

  • Danielle Bond

    Global CMO
    Preparing for marketing after the Pandemic
  • julie walker cmo slack b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2021

    Julie Walker

    Head of Marketing APAC
    The practicalities of running Strategic ABM
  • Trisca Scott-Branagan

    Marketing Executive and Industry Advisor
    Getting the most out of your marketing and advertising investment
  • Melina Cruickshank

    Chief Marketing Officer, REA Group
    Hyper personalisation - the importance of high value customers
  • Natalie Feehan

    Executive GM, Group Marketing
    The balance between brand and revenue investments - Building your "Board Friendly" brand strategy
  • Bernice Muncaster Director Marketing DXC Technology b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2021

    Bernice Muncaster

    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Brand and Team Transformation - Change Management – IT/SW/Cloud Group Discussion
  • Jarther Taylor

    Chief Marketing Officer, KPMG Australia
    Delivering differentiating cross-channel experiences in professional services
  • Kate Hawke

    Head of Marketing/ Manager, Jemena
    Elevating the perception of marketing through value and insight
  • John Walker

    Head of Marketing and Customer Experience
    Customer Experience in B2B2C and Manufacturing
  • Natalie Truong

    CMO Asia & Head of B2B Marketing - Pacific
    B2B Marketers – we must change the conversation! Sales & marketing alignment, revenue focus and managing HQ
  • Rebecca Burrows

    GM Marketing, Business & Government
    Data Led Transformation - data first approach focused on commercial outcomes
  • Isaac Smith

    EM - Audience (Modelling) & Analytics
    Data Insights & Science – What do you or don’t you know about your data
  • Natalie Mendes ABM Director SAS speaking on Account Based Marketing in Sydney Australia 2020 conference

    Natalie Mendes

    ABM Program Manager- Asia Pacific
    The World of ABM and why it’s so hot!
  • Richard Anderson

    Group Chief Marketing Officer
    Leading sales operations, sales and marketing alignment
  • Susan Rudolph

    Head of Marketing, BMC Software
    The CMO as a business leader first, marketer second
  • Chantelle Lane

    Head of B2B Marketing Business & Government
    The great content marketing brain (and budget) drain
  • Glenn Flower

    Chief Marketing & Product Officer, 5G Networks
    Getting the most out of small teams and minuscule budgets
  • Stefanie Di Trocchio

    Digital Content Director, Origin
    Aligning your content strategy with business strategy
  • Amber Keogh

    Head of Marketing & Transformation Projects
    Leading market presence and growth through business transformation in Construction
  • Leigh Broderick

    Senior Customer Analytics Manager
    The power of insight driven direct marketing programmes
  • Zora Hoare

    Head of Customer & Employee Experience
    Enhancing customer experience whilst driving commercial goals
  • Janelle Gostelow

    Marketing Manager, Customer Engagement
    B2B Persona & Journey Mapping. Creation and Execution
  • Kevin Wordon

    Head of Customer Strategy, Marketo an Adobe Company
    Attribution, analytics, ROI, dashboards and data driven marketing
  • Polina Komendantova

    Marketing Campaign Lead, APAC
    The Revenue Marketing Playbook - Creating the marketing revenue engine with limited resources
  • Emma Fawcett

    Managing Director SMB, News Corp Australia
    Transform your marketing strategy
  • Gemma Anderson

    Head of Performance and Growth
    Transform your marketing strategy
  • Brendan Kyle

    Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
    Sales and Marketing Alignment