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B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia Emma Roborgh CMO Leaders Forum APAC
Emma Roborgh
Founder & CEO
Carlos Hidalgo B2B Marketing Conference SYD
Carlos Hidalgo
Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation & Change Management Specialist


A Silicon Valley CMO Guide to Customer Experience Transformation and Growth Hacking

Transforming customer experience and accelerating growth by bringing a silicon valley start-up mindset to a 145-year-old B2B IT company

Having led seven and sold four Silicon Valley startups and worked for five Fortune 1000 companies like HP, eBay, Sybase (now SAP), Symantic and now Unisys, Ann has earned the reputation as a game changing CMO skilled at business and marketing transformations.

Two years ago she joined 145 year old Unisys, which hadn’t seen growth since 2003, to lead their re-invention and Customer Experience Transformation. Since then, Unisys has delivered four consecutive quarters of growth with Unisys Australia seeing its regional Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased by 79%.

In this session Ann will share:

  • Marketing’s role in digital and CX transformation
  • How as a B2B marketer, you can build an integrated customer, employee and brand experience
  • How marketing can initiate and lead business transformation
  • What does a world-class B2B marketing initiated CX programme look like?
Ann Sung Ruckstuhl SVP CMO Unisys B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019

Keynote: Brand and the connected customer strategy – driving business transformation

With 12 independent, mainly geo focused brands including AAMI, GIO, APIA and Shannons, Suncorp has embarked on a journey of transforming its brand strategy and connecting the many brands into the one Suncorp Group brand.

By moving to a customer focused, rather than product focused strategy, Suncorp is delivering a personalised, consistent, friction free and compelling omni-channel customer experience for their B2C and B2B clients.

In this session, Mim will share how Suncorp is bringing brands together to better fulfil customer needs:

  • The shift from the orientation around products, to an orientation around the journeys of customers
  • Connecting the brands and their architecture to the Suncorp ecosystem and value system and what that means to their customers
  • The importance of clear Customer Value Propositions (CVPs) for each brand to avoid brands cannibalising each other
  • The new Go-to-market strategies with the Group Brand and the importance of clear segmentation models for each brand
  • The CX piece in the digital transformation and the introduction of digital self-service options, working to better unify the digital experience
  • The leadership team and working with head of distribution channels – Creating a seamless channel integration that allows you to exploit engagement opportunities
Mim Haysom CMO EGM Brand B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Mim Haysom
CMO / Executive General Manager Brand & Marketing

Experience Leaders – behaviours and lesson learned from high performing experience businesses

As enterprises re-evaluate the success of their corporate mission to focus more on how well we know and serve the customer, the implications of re-configuring organisations to become more digitally agile and experience focused can be profound.

As Marketing leaders we have an opportunity to lead this change and to design the organisation, the team, and the version of ourselves, that will best thrive in this new world – the Experience Business.

Adobe’s mission is to change the world through digital experiences, leading the way in shaping the future of marketing and the experience business.

Join us to explore:

  • Key enablers of the Experience organisation
  • Behaviours of high performing Experience businesses
  • The maturity path to Experience excellence
  • Lessons from Experience leaders in leading change
Murray Howe Head of Industry Strategy B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Murray Howe
Head of Industry Strategy




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Leading agile transformational change

Whether it’s implementing new marketing team structures, driving company wide CX programs or digital transformation initiatives, driving change and innovation is becoming an essential skill required by today’s CMOs.

Having just completed arguably the world’s largest Agile-at-scale transformation, and the first Telco on the planet to go “all-in”, Mark will share how after 7 months of organisational design, July 2018 saw the launch of IT, data, product, marketing and CX teams working as cross functional, end-to-end Squads to improve the focus on the customer and speed of delivery.

Mark Redgrave
B2B CMO and Tribe Lead


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Salesforce at B2B marketing conference in Sydney and Singapore 2019 and australia

How to market at a hyper-growth start-up

How do start ups build sustainably high growth with limitedmarketing budget?

Airbnb’s first employee in Australia in 2012, Eva expanded her marketing remit across APAC before bringing her
experience in growth back to Australian small business parcel delivery start-up, Sendle. No stranger to hyper-growth, Sendle has had 36 straight months of 15% month-on-month growth as a major disruptor of Australia Post.

In this session she’ll share her incredible story of growing Airbnb in APAC and the lessons learnt that she’s now bringing to Sendle’s expansion.

She’ll share:

  • How to identify the pain points, develop solutions, and products
  • Build a cult-like following from both your internal team and external audience
  • Find community connection and a greater than fair share of advocacy
  • So what if you get sued?
Eva Ross


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Mapping out the path to a future CMO role

In 2018 Kate was awarded both CEO Magazine’s Marketing Exec and Young Exec of the Year Finalist and included in the top #CMO50 most innovative marketers by CMO magazine.

In this session she’ll share her personal advise for navigating the path and setting yourself up to a future CMO role.

She’ll share the importance of:

  • How building a personal brand across the accounting community has assisted in accelerating company growth
  • How she established the marketing graduate programme recruiting ‘millennials’, passing on skills, knowledge,
    experience, advice, and coaching
  • The importance of understanding technology
  • Advise for working with sales and other stakeholders
  • Demonstrating resilience, passion and drive while continuously learning and evolving.
Kate Massey CMO JCurves Solutions B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Kate Massey


The Art of Budgeting - From allocation to attribution: Making transformational marketing investments

As former CMO of CBA, Xero, Foxtel Andy will in this session share how he uses budgets to drive marketing, transformation and get the stakeholders on board.

He’ll share:

  • Planning from allocation to attribution
  • Why most marketing investments don’t work
  • Delivering and demonstrating value – creating the marketing dashboard and reporting
  • Optimising marketing workflows
  • Insourcing, outsourcing and optimising the marketing supply chain
  • Critical marketing infrastructure decisions
  • Aligning the team around spend
Andy Lark
Former CMO CBA, Xero, Foxtel


Creating the marketing revenue with limited resources

This session is for both global organisations with smaller local teams, as well as medium-to-large local businesses with limited marketing resources.

Ljubica will share how she’s changing the “cost-centre” role and perception of marketing to a genuine revenue driver. She’ll explain how she achieves this through a comprehensive and holistic change management program across strategy, teams, culture, operations and programs by stretching her limited resources across the APAC region. She’ll share success stories, lessons learned and good practices.

She’ll also discuss and share a copy of her “B2B Marketing Playbook” that supplements the marketing plan and clearly shows the business how marketing is going to deliver revenue. The Playbook covers the ‘’What, Why, Who and How’’ and is an exclusive gift for session attendees.

ljubica radoicic cmo hexagon ppm b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Ljubica Radoicic
Marketing Director APAC


Social & content marketing

As former Chair of ADMA’s 30Below, back in 2012 Anna helped create a living community of over 2000 members to help young marketers share thoughts, ideas, experiences and to learn and network.

Anna has had the exciting challenge of building the content & social strategy and team at Prospa from the ground up. In this session Anna will share some key learnings and tips on:

  • Building an early business case and getting the business on board
  • The importance of delivering value fast
  • How to leverage customer capital
Anna Bohler Head Marketing-Content-Social Prospa B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Anna Bohler
Head of Customer Marketing, Content & Social


CMO Panel

  • What are your most important marketing objectives and how are you realigning your marketing budgets and activities to
    achieve these?
  • The emotional pains and the challenges around building and executing your budget
  • Portfolio Management – moving budget between teams and the impact on resources and people
  • Team Performance Management
  • The perception of CMOs as revenue and growth drivers – we’re are we at?
  • The future of the CMO vs Chief Growth Officer and other new titles.


Ray Kloss CMO ANZ Cisco B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Ray Kloss
Director Marketing ANZ
sian chadwick CMO Westpac B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Sian Chadwick
Head of Business Experience
Michelle Stephenson Marketing Adobe B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Michelle Stephenson
Marketing Director, Australia & New Zealand


SMB Panel

In this session we’ll dig deeper into the CMO job at SMBs.

The panellists will share:

  • How they invest and spend their budgets – what they’re investing more, less in and how they get more budgets
  • Spend per channel: Branding/Creative, Website/Re-design, SEO/PPC, Social media, Advertising, Content, Events, Martech, PR and more
  • Getting business buy in for new projects/ initiatives
  • Stakeholder management
  • Focusing on the foundation of growth – the talent of your growth team


Joanna Greenham cmo marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Joanna Greenham
Global Marketing Manager
Jeremy Mead CMO Hyne Timber B2B Marketing Conference Sydney 2019
Jeremy Mead
National Sales & Marketing Manager
Emma Robinson CMO B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Emma Robinson



As you aspire to the next step in your marketing career, this panel of marketing leaders will share actionable advice and
strategies to help you build your roadmap to career success, in addition to insights and lessons learned from their own career journeys.

  • Which skill sets are most in demand to boost your career as a future CMO
  • The areas and experiences crucial to build now to set the foundations for personal growth
  • How to self-educate, keep up to date, stay relevant and grow your personal marketing brand
  • Developing your commercial mindset – always focus on growth and revenue.
Bruce Song Social Media Online B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Bruce Song
Head of Online Marketing and Sales
Kate Massey CMO JCurves Solutions B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Kate Massey
Andrea Rule LinkedIn Marketing Solutions-B2B-Marketing-Conference-Sydney-Australia-2019
Andrea Rule
Head of Enterprise Sales ANZ


Round-Tables B2B marketing conference sydney australia 2019



Each discussion is moderated by a B2B marketer who will first share their own story and then pose questions to the table, giving delegates an opportunity to share experiences, discuss issues, learn about other’s pitfalls and success stories and benchmark with peers. And most importantly, get to know each other!

* Subject to availability. Popular topics will fill up quickly. Delegates who have already registered will get first choice of sessions.

13:30 - 14:10


What: No more MQLs?!

In 2016 when Natalie joined Mercer, MQL’s generated was roughly 200 and the sales acceptance rates of MQLs were only 6%.
Despite this, HQ demanded more MQLs from marketing and they weren’t measuring conversions, pipeline or lead rejections.

In 2017 Natalie threw away the lead scoring model and put together the sales and marketing handshake. She promised HQ she’d double the conversion and revenue (and she delivered on her promise).

In 2019 she’s taking it even further and throwing away MQLs altogether. A lead is no longer a lead until it’s been accepted by the sales team.

By popular demand, Natalie is back at this year’s forum to share her insights and strategies for creating successful sales/marketing handshakes and this is your chance to ask questions.

  • How aligned are you with your sales team?
  • Do you have shared objectives, goals and KPIs of revenue and pipeline?
  • Are sales satisfied with the quantity and quality of the marketing leads?
  • Do you have a mutually agreed service level agreement with a mutually agreed definition of a sales/marketing lead, mutually agreed lead management and scoring process in the funnel?
  • Does the business understand how you measure leads?
  • Does your reporting make sense to the business?
natalie truong cmo mercer b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Natalie Truong
CMO Asia & Head of B2B Marketing Pacific
Kevin Wordon
Kevin Wordon
Group Session MC and Head of Customer Strategy
Session sponsored by:


The tools needed to turn marketing from cost to revenue centre

An integrated CMS, CRM and Marketing Automation stack is imperative to get the closed loop reporting you need to prove marketing’s contribution to revenue.

But what’s next; Analytics, ABM, Social Media Management, B2B e-commerce

In this session we’ll share our stacks, best practice, pit-falls and learnings.

  • Customer and business drivers for implementing your martech stack
  • Metrics used to define and measure impact and success
  • How fully integrated stacks are aligned with sales, marketing and service along the customer journey
  • Future vision and roadmaps

And the secret ingredient of integration and talent.

Matt Holst B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Matt Holst
Regional Director, Marketing Insights, Technology & Operations
Alex Gibson Verticurl Client Success Director B2B Marketing Conference Sydney 2019
Alex Gibson
Group session MC and Client Success Director
Session sponsored by:


Delivering a seamless and compelling customer journey through content, in line with the sales funnel.

  • Delivering a seamless and compelling customer journey through content, in line with the sales funnel.
  • Use of human emotion in corporate (B2B) content to get cut-through
  • Channel integration and building content with efficiency/for less $ (ie. how it can feed into demand generation)
  • Creating a compelling and cost efficient omnichannel content program, through partner collaboration
  • Driving strong customer engagement and cost efficiencies in content marketing
  • The measurement model (reach, relevance, effectiveness)
  • How moving away from top of funnel techie content to a more human, personal and humorous approach dramatically increased results.
Karen Fellus CMO Telstra Wholesale B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Karen Fellus
Group Manager, Brand, Marketing, Communications


KPIs/ROI, Metrics and Attribution

Part analyst, part techie, Natali has reimagined IR’s Marketing technology to make everything trackable, attributable and reportable.

In this group session, Natali will share her knowledge on attribution, analytics, ROI, dashboards and data driven marketing.

You will learn:

  • How to set up attribution that works so teams can communicate the value of Marketing to their business
  • How to report on Marketing metrics that matter – pipeline, revenue, ROI, brand awareness, lead conversion, pipeline performance, campaign ROI, first touch attribution and more.
  • How to use and understand your data and how to interpret what you’re seeing to help build strategy

Please bring in a list of your metrics that you measure and we’ll discuss and compare.

natali talevski cmo ir b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Natali Talevski
Global Marketing Operations Manager


Demand gen and funnel optimisation

In this campaign-case-study, Kate will share how the high-performing demand generation campaigns the team run last year, successfully increased the number of leads by 65 per cent, translating into a record-high sales pipeline growth of 49 per cent.

This resulted in 103 new ERP customers, a 30 per cent increase, and over 600 customers by leveraging repeatable success.

Bring your own campaign success stories and we’ll discuss and share learnings.

Kate Massey CMO JCurves Solutions B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Kate Massey
Chief Marketing Officer


Maximizing business value with partners

In this Channel Marketing session we’ll focus on communicating value to, through, with and for channel partners. The right approach depends on the Go-To-Market strategy and the objectives a business wants to achieve.

Today’s Partners typically work with 5–25 Vendors at any given time. The constant flow of information coming in from these Vendors can be disruptive, overwhelming, and confusing. Vendors who understand how to better engage and align marketing with their channel ecosystem are the ones winning the customers mindshare.

In this session we’ll discuss:

  • Revenue contribution
  • Partner engagement
  • Partner led demand creation, marketing contribution, ROI
  • Driving Better Engagement and fuelling marketing performance
    with partners
  • Providing a seamless partner experiences
  • Data-driven channel partner marketing
Mona Lolas CMO VisumCX Channel Partner CX Workshop Customer Experience Strategy Journey Mapping Sydney Australia 2019
Mona Lolas
Former Global Program Leader, VP Marketing, Managing Director


Building high performance teams

Innovation in technology is disrupting businesses. More than ever, today we need teams that are agile and adaptable and can support the fast changing business environment.

This session will focus on how to build high performance teams, which are diverse, inclusive and innovative by providing real life
examples and techniques that the industry can emulate for the future.
How to nurture a high performance environment sustained over long periods of time.
Managing change, resilience and burn-out.

Pamela Cass CMO VMware B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Pamela Cass
VP Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan
Round-Tables B2B marketing conference sydney australia 2019



Each discussion group is moderated by a B2B marketer who will first share their own story and then pose questions to the table, giving delegates an opportunity to share experiences, discuss issues, learn about other’s pitfalls and success stories and benchmark with peers. And most importantly, get to know each other!

* Subject to availability. Popular topics will fill up quickly. Delegates who have already registered will get first choice of sessions.

14:20 - 15:00

8. Sales & marketing alignment

Sales enablement and content ROI

Consumerised buying habits require B2B businesses to execute faster than ever before. Focus on increasing buyer engagement with a more precise and effective go-to-market engine that delivers the experience buyers require.

  • Keep value messaging consistent across the marketing, sales and service channels
  • Leverage insights on how teams, materials, training and news are performing
  • Scale personalized sales materials without using up marketing resources
Abigail Sweep AMP B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Manager, Sales & Account Management Effectiveness
Richard Kulkami Seismic VP Asia B2B Marketing Conference Sydney 2019
Session sponsored by:

9. Journey mapping

Journey mapping

Customer journey mapping has become a favourite tool for visualising every experience your customers have with you.

A true customer journey doesn’t end at the point of sale but continuous post sale towards a positive experience.

Join Glenn Cooksley, as he explains how SAI Global has approached customer marketing.

In this session he’ll discuss how:

  • What is customer journey mapping and how do you do it to encourage product adoption, product up-sell, upgrade opportunities and encourage product advocacy
  • Why you create journey maps the best way to use them
  • How to research your customer journey maps
  • How to use and execute on your customer journey map
  • Examples of customer journey maps
Glenn Cooksley SAI Global B2B Marketing Conference Sydney 2019
Glenn Cooksley
Director - Strategic Marketing & Innovation
Christine Crespo Pardot B2B Markeitng Conference Sydney 2019
Session sponsored by:


The rise and rise of B2B content marketing – the past, present, future

Having spent over 10 years in B2B content marketing Stefanie will share what she’s learnt along the evolution of content marketing

  • From blogging for SEO to documented content strategy and ROI
  • Collaboration – aligning content developers across the business to produce a unified and customer-centric approach to storytelling
  • Create exceptional content that will engage your audience and grow your business
  • Content for awareness, lead gen, nurturing, loyalty
stefanie di trocchio cmo origin energy b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Stefanie Di Trocchio
Digital Content Director


Data driven marketing – too much data, not enough insights

As marketers today we have more data sources coming our way than ever before.

But how do we use, and more importantly understand and interpret, the data coming in?
Which data sources should you be looking at and how do you interpret what you’re seeing and use it to build strategy?

In this session we’ll explain how B2B marketers:

  • Gain cross-channel visibility to see which channels, campaigns, and content best drive your KPIs
  • Optimise performance by making your data actionable with goals, pacing, alerts, chat– and more.
  • Centralise your marketing reporting across advertising, social, CRM– and anything else in your mix.
  • Create expert dashboards, reports and AI-powered insights to analyze marketing holistically
  • Bring in your data sources and challenges and we’ll discuss and advice.
Jo Gaines Salesforce Managing Director APAC B2B Marketing Conference Sydney 2019
Jo Gaines
GROUP SESSION MC and Managing Director APAC
Session sponsored by:


Insights to action - Scale account based marketing success

ABM and AI are converging and delivering actionable triggers to transform your customers’ experiences forever.

Learn why artificial intelligence and machine learning are crucial to future proofing your account based marketing strategy.

Amy will share her perspectives on why utilizing AI to make predictions on prospects’ buying patterns and using those predictions to inform content strategy has shown greater results in account-based marketing strategies.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why AI should inform and operationalize your ABM strategy
  • When centralised insights can enable a consistent content strategy by target account
  • How to close the loop on integrated ABM strategies to identify and replicate high performing tactics, while eliminating the low performing ones
Amy Zammit Head of Applications Marketing Oracle B2B Marketing Conference Sydney 2019
Amy Zammit
Applications Marketing Director
Ajay Subherwal ABM AI Marketeting account based b2b conference sydney australia 2019
Ajay Subherwal
Group session MC and Global ABM and Artificial Intelligence Leader (UK)
Session sponsored by:


Lessons learnt from leading agile transformational change

Whether it’s implementing new marketing team structures, driving companywide CX programs or digital transformation initiatives, driving change and innovation is becoming an essential skill required by today’s CMOs.

Following on from his morning session, Mark will go into more in-dept discussions on change management leadership with focus on the agile-at-scale transformation he’s just completed with SparkNZ.
He’ll share:

  • The challenges, processes and skills needed to guide an organisation through effective change
  • Advice for CMOs wanting to embark on change initiatives such as Agile

This is your chance to ask questions and share your own experiences in driving change.

Mark Redgrave
B2B CMO & Tribe Lead




B2B Content Marketing Case Study: How Salesforce uses content to deliver performance and communicate purpose

Salesforce is the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM), bringing companies closer to their customers in the digital age. The company is ranked #1 on Fortune’s World’s Best Workplaces list, and Forbes has ranked Salesforce one of the world’s most innovative companies for eight consecutive years.

Mahlab and Salesforce started working together in 2016, building an always-on, data-driven content program that aligns with Salesforce’s business and marketing objectives, as well as its core brand values. Through an audience-first approach, content delivers results on several objectives including brand awareness, raising the profile of Salesforce executives and its ANZ blog, lead generation and event attendance to major strategic events such as Salesforce World Tour Sydney.

As well as partnering on the always-on content program, Mahlab works with Salesforce’s broader marcomm team to identify cross-functional content opportunities and make the content work hard.

In this keynote, Mahlab and Salesforce will talk through how they have found a balance between creating content that drives results for the business, while also showcasing Salesforce’s values and purpose.

bobbi mahlab content marketing strategy agency b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Bobbi Mahlab
Managing Director
Brona Banville Content and Social Salesforce B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Brona Banville
Head of Content and Social, APAC


What if.... we can do better?

After having spent 17 years in the US, most recently as Global Chair for New York based marketing agency Edelman’s brand practice, Mark returned back to Australia in December last year to take up the role as CMO of one of Australia’s most successful tech-start ups.  SiteMinder provides technology servicing 30,000 hotels, ranging from major chains to small businesses such as bed and breakfasts.

While at Edelman, his global teams helped some of the largest and fastest growing companies transform & digitize their business, safe guarding them from disruption in their category.

He helped both B2C & B2B brands, and drove growth for companies like Amazon, HP, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Symantec, SingTel/Optus and more.

Mark will in this session share his experiences of brand, digital transformation and innovation and his experiences of working with both B2B and B2C brands in the US, Australia and world-wide.

Mark Renshaw CMO Siteminder B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Mark Renshaw


International Keynote: Build your influence as a marketer

In a global and digital world, what makes for an impactful and successful marketer?
Despite endlessly saying they want to be more customer focused, many firms don’t have a marketer in the top team. Too few CMOs make it to CEO, and marketers’ reputation with CEOs is mixed.

The world’s largest authority on Marketing Leadership, Former CMO and McKinsey Partner and Author of the first ever book on Marketing Leadership, based on the largest ever research study into marketing leadership, Thomas provides answers to the important question “What makes an effective and successful marketing leader and how do marketers achieve a stronger voice in the C-suite?
In this inspirational closing keynote, Thomas will challenge you to embrace your role in a totally new way.
He’ll share how:

  • Successful marketers connect what customers need and what the company needs
  • They claim their seat at the top table
  • They mobilize peers to create a great customer experience
  • They mobilize their teams to become leaders of leaders
  • And they mobilize themselves to inspire others
Thomas Barta Marketing Leadership Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Thomas Barta
World leading expert on marketing leadership
17:00 - 18:00


CMO B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
CMO B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019

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