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Thank you to our speakers for 2024!

  • Jenelle McMaster Ernst and Young B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Jenelle McMaster

    Deputy CEO Oceania
    Change happens – Leadership & leading through change. From a former Australian Army Captain and Prison Psychologist
  • Sankar Narayan

    CEO and MD
    Leading transformation at one of Australia's tech unicorns
  • Suzana Ristevski NAB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Suzana Ristevski

    CMO, Executive Group Marketing
    Securing board roles, mentorship & the benefits of a B2B marketing background
  • Kerry Cunningham 6sense B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Kerry Cunningham

    Former VP Principal Analyst at SiriusDecisions/Forrester Research & Thought Leadership
    The future of B2B Marketing - the road to 2030!
  • Chele Dore Herbert Smith Freehills B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Chele Dore

    Global CMO & Chief Client Officer
    Leading high performing global teams of 180 across 20 countries in Professional Services
  • Dom Price Atlassian B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Dominic Price

    Work Futurist,
    The Future of Work!
  • Luke Clifton Macquarie Technology Group B2B Marketing Leaders- orum

    Luke Clifton

    Group Executive & Managing Director Macquarie Telecom
    The creator of #SoUnTelco. From a challenger telecom brand to billion-dollar tech company
  • Anthony Emmanouil Macquarie Technology B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Anthony Emmanouil

    CX - From a challenger telecom brand to billion-dollar tech company by re-imagining customer experiences
  • Fiona Low Worley B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Fiona Low

    Group Director & VP Global Marketing
    Driving Brand, Creativity & Transformation in Engineering Consulting
  • Dean Chadwick MYOB B2B-Marketing Leaders Forum

    Dean Chadwick

    The future of the CMO function in driving profitable business growth
  • Katreena Tyson CommBank B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Katreena Tyson

    GM Marketing - Business Bank and IB&M
    Brand & Creativity in B2B - how to get internal support and budget for long-term brand build vs short-term demand generation
  • Jo Reilly Australian Super B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Jo Reilly

    Head of Marketing & Member Growth
    Brand and creativity in B2B, B2C and B2B2C
  • Hamish Blake SafetyCulture B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Hamish Grant

    Product-led hyper growth - the magic formula behind one of Australia's fastest growing tech unicorns
  • Debra Sutton Walkme B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Debra Sutton

    GM APAC (former VP Marketing APAC)
    From VP Marketing APAC to leading APAC as General Manager
  • David Heyworth VOCUS B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    David Heyworth

    Head of Marketing
    Complex, multichannel GTM strategy with limited budget and resources - Aligning internal stakeholders around brand promise and the "Customer Compass"
  • Karen Ganschow Aware Super B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Karen Ganschow

    Former Head of Data Sciences
    Data-driven insights to action. The four-year journey of transforming data-enabled insights and enabling actions
  • Alex Lloyd Advanced Navigation B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Alex Lloyd

    Head of Marketing
    Brand and creativity in B2B and the impact of AI
  • Andrea deVincentiis HSBC HK B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Andrea de Vincentiis

    Head of B2B Marketing APAC
    Leading B2B teams across Asia - what's the formula for localisation?
  • Miranda Carter Downer B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Miranda Carter

    Head of Marketing & Communications
    B2G – Marketing into Government, Defense, Health & Education
  • Natalie Truong EY B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Natalie Truong

    CMO Oceania
    CMO/CEO Alignment – How to build great teams and cultures that support business objectives
  • Aarti Suri Adyen B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Aarti Suri

    Head of Marketing, APAC
    Strategic ABM – Sales & Marketing alignment to accelerate sales across 25 strategic accounts
  • Kristy Jones Iron Mountain B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Kristy Jones

    Director of Marketing, APAC
    From ANZ to Global – how strategic insight & positioning from ANZ influenced the GTM for global markets
  • Kalyn New ROLLER B2B Marketing Leaders Fourm

    Kalyn New

    VP of Marketing
    Global hyper growth - how Melbourne based tech start-up is accelerating global scale
  • Jo Beat OFX B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2024

    Jo Beat

    Global Head of Brand & Product Marketing
    Brand positioning, strategy, and creativity
  • Stuart Matthewman IR B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Stuart Matthewman

    Beyond Leads: How we redefined growth with a holistic Go-to-Market approach
  • Alexis Sitaropoulos Afterpay B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Alexis Sitaropoulos

    Director, Go-To-Market & Head of B2B Marketing
    Brand & Creativity - B2B vs B2C
  • Tobias Johnstone REA B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Tobias Johnstone

    GM, Content and Growth
    Launching a B2B challenger brand through data-driven content strategy and storytelling
  • Cindy Slaven Navantia B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Cindy Slaven

    CMO & Chair ESG Strategy
    B2G – Pursuing growth and building partnership when marketing into Government
  • Jordan Reizes Nutanix B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2024

    Jordan Reizes

    VP Marketing JAPAC
    Leading B2B teams across Asia - what's the formula for localisation and managing HQ?
  • Tom Humphries Oracle B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Tom Humphries

    VP Marketing JAPAC
    Priorities for 2024 and beyond – still the year of doing more with less?
  • Jadanne Dare KPMG B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Jadanne Dare

    Career advice for emerging marketing leaders
  • Eva Ford Murphy ABB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Eva Ford-Murphy

    Global Head of External Communications
    Top of funnel brand, reputation, content and thought-leadership in manufacturing
  • Sera Awad Tyro Payments B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Sera Awad

    Head of Marketing
    Transforming marketing – structure, value prop, brand, GTM & growth strategy
  • Sophie Neate ABB B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Sophie Neate

    Global Head of Digital Marketing & Content
    Full funnel, multi-channel. The approach when driving commercial outcomes in manufacturing
  • Holly Popovic oobe B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Holly Popovic

    Head of Marketing & Digital
    VOC - Translate customer feedback into ROI and spearhead your customer experience innovation agenda
  • Danielle De Amicis SAS B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Danielle De Amicis

    Head of Marketing, ANZ
    Focus on expansion - revenue marketing, demand generation & ABX when growing large enterprise & government accounts
  • Rachael Dickinson BT B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Rachael Dickinson

    Head of Marketing
    Leadership, internal stakeholder management and leading teams
  • Sushmita Nair AON B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Sushmita Nair

    Growth Marketing Leader & Chair, ESG Advisory
    Growth Marketing of Insurance in complex global, matrix organisations and regulated industries
  • Deborah Manning Autodesk B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC

    Deborah Manning

    Senior Director Global Demand Center
    Global demand centre expansion – scaling strategy, capabilities, responsibilities and KPIs
  • Nicole Gemmel Adobe B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Nicole Gemmell

    Head of Strategic Campaigns, APAC
    Integrated GTM – connecting teams, channels and activity around the customer
  • Nicolas Rincon Tyro Payments B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Nicolas Rincon

    Data & Analytics Marketing Lead
    From zero to marketing data hero! Building automated, real-time dashboards tracking budgets, spend and performance metrics
  • Mandy Bowman Atlassian B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Mandy Bowman

    APAC ABM Lead
    Project ABM scale - creating organsiation wide alignment and optimising revenue potential
  • Ross Dembecki myob B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Ross Dembecki

    Head of Marketing Analytics & Performance
    Leading data analysis across marketing channels, process improvement, aligning marketing reporting and metrics across segments to improve performance across critical marketing KPIs
  • Michelle Dekkers TPG Telecom B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2024

    Michelle Dekkers

    Head of Customer Lifecycle Management
    Customer Lifecycle Engagement & Management
  • Fraser McNaughton Grant Thornton B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Fraser McNaughton

    CMO & ICON President
    The digitally enabled professional services firm – Driving and building digital capability
  • Kat Chia Telstra B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2024

    Kat Chia

    Principal Product Owner, Industry & Executive Engagement
    ABM, ABX & Focus on defensive buying groups
  • Stacey Beer Palo Alto B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Stacey Beer

    Head of ANZ Portfolio Marketing
    Priorities for 2024 and beyond – still the year of doing more with less?
  • Mari-Kauppinen-ITA-B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2024

    Mari Kauppinen

    Managing Director ANZ
    Advice for emerging leaders - the importance of mentoring and how to secure a mentor
  • James Toepfer Adobe B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2024

    James Toepfer

    Head of Campaign and Demand Marketing, Digital Media
    Learn the skills, processes and tech needed to set up attribution, ROI and reporting frameworks for communicating the value of marketing to the businesses – aligning metrics to business financials
  • Helena Radočaj Vinomofo B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Helena Radočaj

    Marketing Manager
    From acquisition channels to conversion, loyalty and referral – how to measure and optimise your CAC
  • Kat Warboys Hubspot B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Kat Warboys

    Marketing Director, APAC
    From acquisition channels to conversion, loyalty and referral – how to measure and optimise your CAC
  • Gianluca Bazzon Lumi B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Gianluca Bazzon

    Head of Performance Marketing
    From acquisition channels to conversion, loyalty and referral – how to measure and optimise your CAC
  • Ric Shadforth StateStreet B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Ric Shadforth

    Managing Director, Head of International Marketing
    Integrated Funnel – the locally tailored, content-driven campaign designed to deliver against different segments of the marketing funnel
  • Samantha Cunliffe Merkle B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Samantha Cunliffe

    Managing Director
    Being courageous: how to seize the unknown and create competitive advantage
  • Cara McLeod Mahlab B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2024

    Cara McLeod

    Chief Executive
    High-impact ABM - how Sales and Marketing teams can come together to accelerate the sales cycle
  • Janine Pares TSM B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC

    Janine Pares

    Founder and MD
    Aligning sales and marketing around the customer to deliver an integrated GTM, accelerate performance and efficiency
  • Andrew Everingham capitale B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Andrew Everingham

    Founder & CEO
    Forum Chair and MC - Creating executive engagement
  • Geoff Main Passionberry B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

    Geoff Main

    Head of Marketing
    Stretching smaller teams and budgets
  • Kristy Kelly B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2024

    Kristy Kelly

    Managing Director
    Helping B2B marketers secure larger budgets and a firm seat at the leadership table
  • Emma Roborgh B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2024

    Emma Roborgh

    Founder & CEO
    Turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines