Joanne Schofield Director Marketing ANZ Rackspace B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019

Joanne Schofield

Marketing Director, ANZ
After a variety of IT&T marketing roles, Joanne entered the world of managed cloud services with Rackspace and has spent the last 5 years purposefully reinventing what Rackspace delivers to its customers – from servers in space to application modernization across the world’s leading clouds, the business model. Redefining who Rackspace’s new customer was and reshaping how we turn up for them was an 18 month journey. She’ll share the steps involved to bring this project to life including the challenges of identifying and pulling together the right eco-system of agencies, partners and tools, seeking internal buy-in, delivering the output and enablement of all ANZ employees (Rackers) to bring it to life.

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