Bhupesh Lall CMO Autodesk B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019

Bhupesh Lall

Bhupesh Lall leads Autodesk’s marketing strategy through field, channel and digital marketing activities across the Asia Pacific & Japan region. A mechanical engineer by background, with an MBA in international business, Bhupesh is very passionate about cutting edge technologies and their application towards sustainability and green design. For more than 20 years, Bhupesh has worked closely with customers, academicians and students in the manufacturing, architecture, engineering & construction and media & entertainment industries, constantly learning and sharing best practices in the fields of design and make. Throughout his career, Bhupesh has been an active coach and mentor and prides himself on having built high performance teams. Bhupesh is currently based in Singapore and has lived and worked in Europe, US and Asia.

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International Keynote: CX, Retention & Loyalty. Keeping customers for life in a subscription-based business

In a subscription-based business, the sale is never complete and revenue comes from loyal customers over time.

Instead of waiting for multi-year renewal cycles to come around again, the big difference with subscription and consumption models is that B2B marketers now need to consistently nurture their customers and receive recurring revenues rather than one-time ...