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    B2B Marketing Leaders Forum ASIA 2022

    Asia's largest B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, leadership and personal career advancement


Where B2B marketers become revenue generating machines, secure larger budgets and a stronger voice in the C-suite!

Asia’s largest B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement.

In August 2019, 250 of ASIA’s B2B CMOs and marketing leaders gathered in Singapore to learn the latest strategies, technologies and leadership techniques for turning  their departments into revenue generating machines, become (and remain) modern marketers and advance their careers as individuals.

Now in its fourth year, ASIA’s largest gathering of B2B CMOs and marketing leaders will in 2020 be held at the PARKROYAL on Pickering in Singapore on the 17 – 18 August 2022

  • We’re seeing a large skills gap today in B2B marketing, and it’s conferences like these that help fill that gap as this is the only place they’re going to get this kind of education`` - Carlos Hidalgo – Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Expert (USA)

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Speakers at the 2021 virtual Forum included:

  • Mitch Young CEO service now asia speaking at b2b marketing conference

    Mitch Young

    President – APJ
    CMO/CEO Alignment - Establishing credibility with the CEO
  • Sotis Dramalis cmo servicenow asia speaking at b2b marketing conferece

    Sotis Dramalis

    VP Marketing – APJ
    Speaking the language of the CEO - what does commercial acumen as a CMO look like?
  • Karina Gan, Global CMO Growth Markets Accenture speaking at b2b marketing conference in Asia

    Karina Gan

    Global CMO Growth Markets
    Career advice for APAC CMOs and B2B marketers
  • Bhupess Lall, CMO APAC SAS B2b Marketing conference in asia

    Bhupesh Lall

    VP Marketing APAC
    Aligning brand awareness and demand generation in APAC
  • Natalie Truong Mercer cmo Marketing Conference b2b

    Natalie Truong

    CMO Asia, Middle East and Africa & Partner
    A CMO's guide to B2B Marketing Attribution
  • Robin Seow, head of enterprise marketing at singtel to speak at b2b marketing conference in asia

    Robin Seow

    Head, Global Enterprise Marketing
    Focus on Enterprise Marketing – large deals, long, complex buying centers and journeys
  • deepali naair IBM asia conference b2b singapore

    Deepali Naair

    CMO India and South Asia
    Integrated media strategy that produces a healthier full funnel journey
  • Ljubica Radoicic autodesk revenue marketing conference b2b asia

    Ljubica Radoicic

    Revenue Marketing Director, APAC
    How to start and scale your revenue marketing transformation
  • Joanne Woo, head of marketing abb speaking at b2b conference in asia

    Joanne Woo

    Global Head of Marketing – ABB Process Industries
    Inspirational and Personal Leadership
  • Kerry Scotland CMO Verizon speaking at b2b marketing conference on abm in asia singapore

    Kerry Scotland

    Head of Marketing APAC
    ABM - Insights driven strategic ABM at scale in APAC
  • Basia Borysewicz cmo intel asia speaking at b2b marketing conference

    Basia Borysewicz

    Marketing Director JAPAC
    Managing HQ – Regional & local interplay
  • Bryce Blacker, Cmo APAC at juniper networks to speak at b2b marketing conference in asia

    Bryce Blacker

    Head of Marketing APAC
    The Future of Demand Gen – pipeline development and acceleration
  • sisca margaretta head of apac marketing experian singapore conference marketing

    Sisca Margaretta

    Brand to demand to loyalty and advocacy
  • Christiana Wu head of marketing Asia preqin speaking at b2b marketing conference

    Christiana Wu

    VP, Head of Marketing APAC
    Gaining local autonomy, flexibility and control of campaigns and content
  • Yvette Templar AWAC APAC b2b conference asia

    Yvette Templar

    VP Marketing, APAC
    Balancing long-term brand building and short-term demand generation
  • Michelle Tan TUVSUD asia servicenow-b2b marketing conference

    Michelle Tan

    Global Martech Manager
    Customer-centric marketing through data, experiences and technology
  • Luca Destefanis marketing director APAC IBM B2B Marketing Asia conference

    Luca Destefanis

    Marketing Director APAC, IBM Services
    Building a new brand and marketing function
  • colleen Baguley adobe abm marketing conference b2b asia

    Colleen Baguley

    Enterprise Marketing & ABM Lead
    Strategic and industry cluster ABM across APAC
  • Lynn Tan Demand generation Marketign b2b conference asia

    Lynn Tan

    Strategic Marketing & Demand Generation Manager APAC
    The Great Marketing Debate – human-to-human customer experience
  • Stephanie Silvester ADP Marketing director b2b conference ASIA

    Stephanie Silvester

    Senior Marketing Director APAC
    With AI and algorithms, will human-to-human interaction be dead in ten years?
  • Patrick Rona Cigna Head-brand-b2b-marketing conference asia

    Patrick Rona

    Director, Head of Brand & Thought Leadership, International Markets
    The role of brand in sustainable revenue and business growth
  • Heather Cook Seismic VP APAC -B2B Asia marketing conference

    Heather Cook

    Are sales and marketing needed to deliver a human experience? – Great debate
  • Will Griffith VP AJP Tealium B2B Marketing Asia conference

    Will Griffith

    VP & GM APJ
    Is the human-to-human customer experience already obsolete – Great debate
  • Janie Lim

    Senior Marketing Director APAC
    The Guide to B2B Marketing Attribution
  • Rachael Ferranti Global VP of Marketing Selling Simplified speaking at conference cmo in asia

    Rachael Ferranti

    Global VP of Marketing
    Demand Generation - Platform + People: Making demand gen work around the world
  • Tessa Khoo xero asia conference b2b singapore

    Tessa Khoo

    Marketing Director Asia
    The balance between organic and paid media marketing strategy
  • Cheri Keith on 24 speaking at ABM conference in Asia

    Cheri Keith

    Global Head of Strategy & Research
    The Future of Events: - Hybrid, in-person and virtual: reengineering your event mix
  • Geraldine Teo linkedin asia marketing b2b conference asia

    Geraldine Teo

    Senior Field Marketing Manager
    Integrated organic and paid media strategy for producing a healthier full funnel journey
  • vikram verticurl asia conference b2b singapore

    Vikram Kumar

    Senior Director, Strategy
    B2B eCommerce - Building a roadmap for accelerating sales
  • Karen Powell Managing Director_McCorkell B2B Marketing Asia conference

    Karen Powell

    Managing Director
    The Great Marketing Debate - Are humans needed to deliver a human experience?
  • Andrew Everingham - Capital-e-B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2021

    Andrew Everingham

    Forum MC - Creating executive engagement
  • Mari Kauppinen the marketing practice speaking on abm at asia conference for b2b cmo

    Mari Kauppinen

    Managing Director APAC
    ABM - Building a strategic ABM Centre of Excellence in Asia
  • Julia Clyne cmo wall street journal b2b marketing hong kong 2020

    Julia Clyne

    Head of Marketing Solutions, APAC
    Building your “board-friendly” brand strategy
  • Nicholas Kontopoulos Adobe Digital Media B2B Marketing Asia Virtual Forum

    Nicholas Kontopoulos

    APAC Regional Head of Growth Marketing, Adobe DX
    Accelerating sales, with ecommerce tactics
  • krishna verticurl asia conference b2b singapore

    Krishna Kumar

    Director Client Services
    Building a customer centric martech stack
  • Tim Till Ogilvy asia conference b2b singapore

    Tim Till

    VP Presales Consulting
    B2B eCommerce – is there a difference to B2C eCommerce?
  • Daniel Beach Verticurl B2B Marketing Asia Virtual Forum

    Daniel Beach

    Strategic Alliance Director, APAC
    Building a roadmap for B2B eCommerce
  • David Fallarme hubspot asia conference b2b singapore

    David Fallarme

    Asia Head of Marketing
    Organic media to deepen your brand’s relationship with your audience and continually engage them in an authentic way.

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