5 ways your company can think like Atlassian

Atlassian’s Dominic Price shares the approaches and thinking that have been critical to the enterprise software company’s success. When it comes to remarkable business stories, Atlassian’s is right up there. It has experienced hyper-growth on limited budgets to establish itself as a real global player. Dominic Price, Atlassian’s Head of Product Development, R&D and Work […]

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Want incredible CX? Marketing and HR must be in lockstep

Schneider Electric’s Chris Quinn says the focus on customer centricity has blurred the lines separating the CMO and HR Director. Over the past couple of years, customer-centricity has become a central driver of every department inside every company. The emphasis for truly customer-centric organisations is on creating a positive, cohesive experience at every touchpoint from […]

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How much do you really care about your customers?

Linden Brown from MarketCulture Strategies explains the importance of valuing the businesses that buy from you. Want to know the real reason customers leave you? You might be surprised. Often, it’s not the product or the processes. Up to 70 per cent of the time, it’s down to the service they receive. “The research is […]

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