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B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia Emma Roborgh CMO Leaders Forum APAC
Emma Roborgh
Founder & CEO
Carlos Hidalgo B2B Marketing Conference SYD
Carlos Hidalgo
Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation & Change Management Specialist

Building brands from the inside out: the power of people and culture.

How great brands are established through culture and why delivering on your brand purpose starts (and ends) with your employees.

Company culture is not only relevant to recruitment and building your employer brand, it can also pose an inimitable opportunity to initiate and lead significant brand transformation.

Hear from MYOB’s Natalie Feehan, EGM of Marketing and Direct Sales, who will discuss how to leverage employees as your brand’s biggest advocates and deliver on your brand promise.

With over fifteen years in the Australian technology sector, Natalie has extensive experience in driving greater brand preference. She is a passionate advocate for building better workplace culture through diversity and inclusion and a crowd favourite at B2B Marketing Leaders Forum.

In this session Natalie will cover how to build a brand people love, including:

    • Leading brand transformation through culture
    • The employee’s role in creating an authentic culture
    • Marketing’s role in articulating, communicating and feeding strong culture
    • Examples and opportunities to live your brand

Enterprise Growth Marketing: The essential shift from product-first to customer-first

Productivity software company Slack has enjoyed spectacular initial success – zero to 10 million daily active users within six years. Forbes described the company as the fastest growing enterprise software company ever!

In January, Slack appointed experienced B2B marketer Julie Walker to lead its marketing efforts in APAC.

The former engineer had spent 16 years in the United States as a marketing leader at large B2B organisations such as HP and Agilent Technologies. After returning to Melbourne, Julie spent five years as CMO at print management software PaperCut. Over that time, PaperCut achieved 10-times annual growth and reached businesses in 170 countries.

In this presentation, Julie will share how she transforms entrepreneurial product-centric companies to a customer-first approach and how she’s growing the Slack business in the Enterprise Market in APAC.

Julie Walker
Head of Marketing, APAC


Earlier this year it was announced that Domain’s Melina Cruickshank jumped ship to rival REA Group to take on the Chief Audience and Marketing role. With the two being fierce competitors this was described by many as a bold move. 

During this fire-side chat Melina will share how important data journalism is to building new audiences and how personalisation is key to ensuring customers don’t become a data point.

Melina Cruickshank
Chief Marketing Officer







Each discussion is moderated by a B2B marketer who will first share their own story and then pose questions to the table, giving delegates an opportunity to share experiences, discuss issues, learn about other’s pitfalls and success stories and benchmark with peers. And most importantly, get to know each other!

* Subject to availability. Popular topics will fill up quickly. Delegates who have already registered will get first choice of sessions.

11:00 - 11:40


As one of Australia’s largest B2B organisations, up until a year ago Australia Post didn’t have a dedicated B2B Marketing Function or Strategy.

A year ago, Rebecca set out building the B2B marketing function for all B2B segments, from micro to Enterprise and Government customers, based of deep customer experience and insights driven by data-led marketing.

In this session she’ll share how she and her team are using a data-first approach focused on commercial outcomes before mapping out the martech requirement and roadmap needed to support their individual customers.

Rebecca Burrows General Manager, Segment Development & Marketing Australia Post B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Rebecca Burrows


Customer Journey Mapping has become a favourite tool for visualising every experience your customers have with you.

In this session we’ll discuss how:

  • You create them and what is the best way to use them
  • What is customer journey mapping and how do you do it?
  • How to research your customer journey map.
  • How to use and execute on your customer journey map.
  • Examples of customer journey maps.


Aligning you content strategy with business strategy

Having spent over 10 years in B2B content marketing, most recently as Editor in Chief at MYOB before joining Origin last year, Stefanie will share how  you align you content strategy with business strategy and:

  • Tangibly demonstrate value from your content programs
  • How to use content to progress conversations during long sales cycles
  • How to broaden content marketing reach with social amplification or budget constraints
  • Collaboration – aligning content developers across the business to produce a unified and customer-centric
    approach to storytelling.
Moderated by: Claire Austin, Content Specialist Lead, ANZ, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Stefanie Di Trocchio
Digital Content Director


Clearly showing the business how marketing is going to deliver revenue

This session is for both global organisations with smaller local teams, as well as medium-to-large local businesses with limited marketing resources.

Ljubica will share how she’s changing the “cost-centre” role and perception of marketing to a genuine revenue driver. She’ll explain how she achieves this through a comprehensive and holistic change management program across strategy, teams, culture, operations and programs by stretching her limited resources across the APAC region. She’ll share success stories, lessons learned and good practices.

She’ll also discuss and share a copy of her “B2B Marketing Playbook” that supplements the marketing plan and clearly shows the business how marketing is going to deliver revenue. The Playbook covers the ‘’What, Why, Who and How’’ and is an exclusive gift for session attendees.

ljubica radoicic cmo hexagon ppm b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Ljubica Radoicic
Marketing Director APAC


The World of ABM and why it’s so hot!

It’s no secret Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become the number one priority for many organisations because of the recognised worth it brings to a company’s targets. A quote from Pepper and Rogers resonates – “When two marketers are competing for the same customer’s business, all other things being equal, the marketer with the greatest scope of information about that particular customer … will be the more efficient competitor.”

With a background as a data scientist, analytics pre-sales consultant, Natalie has been working with large strategic accounts for over 20 years. Then landing a role as a Product Marketer and developing her career Marketing, she was tasked with a new initiative to set up the APAC ABM framework – she jumped at the idea.

The first thing she did was to get Account Based Marketing Certified by ITSMA in the US, the pioneers behind the concept of Account-Based Marketing.  And so the adventure begins and her story has turned into a global modern marketing success making an impact in B2B business.

During this interactive group session she’ll share:

  • What is really meant by Account  Based Marketing – The R, R,R & R goals
  • The difference between Strategic ABM and Demand Gen ABM
  • The rolling plan to a global ABM strategy
  • The seven-step process to successful Strategic ABM
  • Why it is even more important to do customer research, account intelligence and stakeholder profiling with ABM
  • The Pilot that saw every sales manager begging for ABM
  • Sales Alignment and cross function collaboration
  • Adding analytics to account intelligence and buying intent
Natalie Mendes
ABM Program Manager- Asia Pacific
11:50 - 12:30


Too much data – not enough insights! What do you or don’t you know about your data?

  • Building a successful data-science team: team structure, roles, responsibilities
  • Applying data models and data points to add value to customers and for identifying segments within your customer data
  • Working with the enablers of the Data Services teams to bring data to life – surfacing and making company wide data accessible
  • How to act on insights that truly benefit your customers and help guide your customers down their decision making journey
  • Useful applications of AI and machine learning in running data sets
  • How applications from B2C models are helping inform and add value to B2B customers
  • The tech platforms necessary to manipulate large quantity of data
Isaac Smith
EM Audience (Modelling) & Analytics
Leigh Broderick
Senior Customer Analytics Manager


The CMO as owner of Customer Experience – The road to customer centricity

B2B buyers are expecting the same level of service and experience that they’re getting with consumer brands, so how can B2B marketers drive CX business transformation and deliver personal and friction-free multichannel B2B customer experiences, at every single touchpoint

  • How, as a B2B marketer you can initiate and lead the change and build an integrated customer, employee and brand experience?
  • How to measure the customer experience and improvements (customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy).
  • The importance of collecting customer feedback at different touchpoints across the customer journey.
  • Leveraging data and technology to understand customers’ behaviour, friction points for faster resolution.
  • The customer centric culture – how to mobilise colleagues who don’t report to you through cross-collaboration and avoiding cross-functional silos


The great content marketing brain (and budget) drain

B2B marketing organisations invest a significant proportion of their budget into content strategy and creative execution, however, getting that shiny new asset produced is the easy part. The bigger questions is – do your salespeople and customers actually engage with your content? Join this session to explore some of the most common
content questions that B2B marketers get asked, and that often go unanswered, including:

  • Ensuring sales use the right content, for the right opportunity, at the right time
  • Keeping content always up-to-date, on-brand, and brand compliant
  • Eliminating time spent by creating unused assets
  • Creating more effective, insights-driven sales materials
  • Understanding average page views, the length of time readers spend on content and what content drives the most engagement
  • Measuring how much revenue the content effort is driving.


In this group session, we’ll discuss re attribution, analytics, ROI, dashboards and data driven marketing.

You will learn:

    • How to set up attribution that works so teams can communicate the value of marketing to their business.
    • How to report on marketing metrics that matter – pipeline, revenue, ROI, brand awareness, lead conversion, pipeline performance, campaign ROI, first touch attribution and more.
    • How to use and understand your data and how to interpret what you’re seeing to help build strategy


  • Insights and strategies for creating successful sales and marketing SLAs
  • Lead qualification and handover processes – Do you have a mutually agreed service level agreement with a mutually agreed definition of a sales/marketing lead, mutually agreed lead management and scoring process in the funnel?
  • Working with SDRs and ISRs
  • Do you have shared objectives, goals and KPIs of revenue and pipeline?
  • Does the business understand how you measure leads?
  • Does your reporting make sense to the business?



1:30 - 2:30


In this group discussion we’ll examine the role Marketers can play to lead the examination of customer &
culture and how to align these in a way that enhances relationships with customers.

  • Considering the dilution of trust of consumers or buyers with institutions – can we measure trust?
  • What do we as marketers need to do to help our organisations tell the story of what our culture is about and what that means for both employees and customers, both internally and externally?
  • Marketing’s fundamental role in creating alignment between marketing, sales and customer
  • Often in B2B firms ‘customer’ does not exist or sits within sales, how can marketing lead and own the voice of the customer
  • Alignment of KPIs across marketing, sales and customer to drive alignment
  • Engaging your people internally

For this round table discussion bring your own perspectives and an appetite for robust debate for the table.

Trisca Scott-Branagan
Head of Marketing Institutional, ANZ
Richard Anderson
Group Chief Marketing Officer


Transformation and Change Management

In 2016 US based CSC acquired Australia’s largest independent and publicly-owned IT services company UXC. UXC had overtime acquired 11 Australian IT brands with a combined 3000 customers in ANZ.

While Bernice was in the middle of integrating these 11 brands into CSC, 2 additional acquisition occurred plus CSC and HP merged and created the new Global brand “DXC Technology”.

During this one hour IT/SW/Cloud focused industry session, Bernice will first share her war stories and learnings from:

  • Locally consolidated the 13 Australian brands into new DXC practices under a global Masterbrand whilst establishing a new brand in a mature and highly competitive market
  • Managing the acquired marketing teams and martech stacks
  • Understanding and changing the varied perceptions of the marketing discipline across 13 different businesses, where many marketers were operating simply as sales support and others extremely siloed
  • Balancing both local and global HQ brand expectations

Her session will be followed by 40min discussions so please bring your own perspectives and appetite for robust debate for the table.

Bernice Muncaster
Director of Marketing and Communications


Building brand and managing transformation, change and growth in Professional Services

Back by popular demand, Jarther spoke at our first ever Forum while GM Business Marketing at Telstra. With over 20 years in marketing professional services, including IBM-Professional Services, CEO of Martech services Datarati and Adjunct Lecturer- MBA at UNSW Business School, Jarther will during this one hour workshop-style session discuss:

  •  The importance of brand and positioning in an undifferentiated industry
  • Engaging your people (engineers, lawyers, accountants etc) as your brand ambassadors and thought-leaders
  • The digitally enabled professional services firm – Driving and building digital capability within your organisation
  • The “sales” and marketing alignment and relationship in professional services
  • Advancing the marketing department as credible, growth and revenue driver for the business

This is a group session so be ready to pose questions, share experiences, learn about others’ pitfalls and success stories and benchmark with peers in the Professional Services industry.

Jarther Taylor
Chief Marketing Officer


Rated AFR’s 100 Most Innovative Companies two years running, Amber heads up Hendry’s marketing and transformation projects.
Amber and truck market leader Isuzu Truck’s Head of Marketing and Customer Experience John will during this session discuss:

• The CMO’s role in driving change and engagement – ensuring alignment between people, culture & brand
• Driving cultural change internally and within the client experience
• Customer experience and digital customer engagement in B2B2C

This is a group session so bring your burning questions and share your knowledge and best practices with your peers.

John Walker
Head of Marketing and Customer Experience
Amber Keogh
Head of Marketing & Transformation Projects


Getting the most out of small teams and minuscule budgets

With HQ located in Melbourne – 5G Networks has been operating in rapid growth mode, having acquired five technology businesses over the past 18 months. This exponential growth has presented some exciting challenges, with staff numbers jumping from 20 to 200 and revenue from $5 to $50+ million. The business provides data connectivity, cloud, data centre and managed services to Australia’s mid corporate and regional business markets.

A former marketing head at Telstra Wholesale, Glenn has more than 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector across marketing and product management. This knowledge has been invaluable in accommodating different people, processes and technologies while growing a start-up culture with a marketing budget of less than $300,000.

In this interactive, extended group session, Glenn will focus on the many issues facing small marketing teams required to work with limited budgets.

Areas to be covered include:

  • Building delivery programs and digital foundations to support growth
  • Distributing people and resources effectively
  • Getting internal buy-in for and choosing the best fit-for-purpose marketing stack
  • Managing data hygiene when merging martech stacks during acquisitions
  • How he spends and gets the most out of his limited budget

Attendees are encouraged to bring questions as well as share their experiences or advice with others in this highly practical session.

Glenn Flower
Chief Marketing & Product Officer
2:30 - 3.00




At the beginning of the decade, the term “sales enablement” was nearly nonexistent. Today, Forrester research is calling sales enablement a “cornerstone practices in sales and marketing” and organisations have rolled out worldwide sales enablement programs with hundreds and thousands of employees involved. In fact, the number of people with ‘sales enablement’ in their titles has increased by more than 130 percent since 2016.

At the same time, B2B marketing organisations invest a significant proportion of their budget into content strategy and creative execution, however, getting that shiny new asset produced is the easy part. The bigger questions is – do your salespeople and customers actually engage with your content?

During this session we’ll explore some of the most common content questions that B2B marketers get asked, and that often go unanswered, including:

  • Ensuring sales use the right content, for the right opportunity, at the right time
  • Keeping content always up-to-date, on-brand, and brand compliant
  • Eliminating time spent by creating unused assets
  • Creating more effective, insights-driven sales materials
  • Understanding average page views, the length of time readers spend on content and what content drives the most engagement
  • Measuring how much revenue the content effort is driving.
Chantelle Lane
Head of B2B Marketing Business & Government
Sponsored by:


Natalie is known to the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum as not just an inspirational speaker but for always sharing real-life and practical examples and war stories.

One B2B marketer from our Sydney Forum in May this year said “We need more marketing leaders like Natalie like this as role models in the industry.”

During this session she’ll share:

  • Managing global HQ expectations and local Australian interplay
    • Agreeing on the right measurements
    • OMG – look at the buffet of campaigns
    • How to ensure you are not simply the execution department
  • Is your sales and marketing handshake in perfect alignment?
    • Are you speaking the same language?
    • Are you measuring the things that matter?
  • Moving from being the colouring-in department to strategic advisors
    • Turning your marketing department into a revenue team
    • What if you or your boss does not sit on the Executive leadership team?
    • Are you having the right conversations
Natalie Truong
CMO Asia & Head of B2B Marketing - Pacific


The CMO as a recognised driver of revenue and growth

There has been some recent press around the lack of trust CEOs are placing in CMOs to deliver on business objectives, revenue and growth.
Marketing leadership expert Thomas Barta sums it up as “Marketers must stand for growth, or they stand for nothing” .
During this CMO panel discussion we’ll discuss how CMOs that are business leaders first, and marketers second have established their
marketing departments as credible, reliable, driving sources for the business.

• Commercial acumen is not just understanding the P&L, or explaining marketing spend, it’s thinking about where the P&L can go, such
as into new business models, or partnerships that form new experiences C-suite and stakeholder collaboration
• The revenue marketing team as repeatable, predictable, scalable engines
• Revenue performance dashboards
• Brand vs revenue investment

Danielle Bond
Global CMO
Kate Hawke
Head of Marketing
Jarther Taylor
Chief Marketing Officer

The CMO as the agent of change and innovative leaders

Many B2B organisations have a desire to innovate in order to keep pace with both their customers and competition. However, in order to innovate, companies must first embrace change. While over the years, many B2B organizations have started to do different things, the reality is they must begin doing things differently.

In this closing keynote, marketing expert and author Carlos Hidalgo will discuss what organisations can do to change so they can drive innovation and deliver better results. He will encourage attendees to be change agents in their organisations and in so doing, be innovative leaders.

Carlos Hidalgo B2B Marketing Conference SYD
Carlos Hidalgo
B2B CX, ABM and Demand Gen Specialist


CMO B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019

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