Content Analytics

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Content Analytics

What is the return from your investment in content?

B2B Marketers have long been on the hunt for the elusive data that would prove the effectiveness of their content efforts. Without the kinds of analytics that prove content drives business, Marketing will be hard-pressed to prove its worth.

Marketing (and Sales) need to access data that proves when content is used, how it’s used, how it influences deals and the true ROI of each piece of content.

In this workshop you’ll learn how Getty Images use SEISMIC to:

  • Measure how much revenue is the content effort driving?
  • Understand how sales are consuming the content and which pieces work most effectively
  • Are the best performing pieces being used most often?
  • Understand average page views, the length of time readers spend on content, what content drives the most engagement and who drives the most interaction.

You’ll learn how (by using SEISMIC) you can determine the ROI of your organisation’s entire content engine and the value of a single piece of content.

It has always been a difficult task to prove the real return on content initiatives. Without hard data about how content drives revenue, it is impossible to determine if your organisation is making smart investments with its content.

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