Analytics, Dashboards and ROI

Adam Cordner Senior Solutions Consultant B2B Marketing Leaders Forum 2017
Senior Solution Consultant, Domo
15 May 2018

Analytics, Dashboards and ROI

Answer any business question…from your phone

Every marketer has received the dreaded text or email asking for a report (by COB) on that one obscure, or perhaps not so obscure, but oh-so-complex part of their business. That moment of panic, of dropping tools, of begging analysts and re-diverting resources is a painfully familiar scenario for most seasoned marketers. Whether you need that information immediately to answer someone else’s question, or whether you need it to drive a high performance marketing culture and greater strategic alignment within your organisation, the reality is that the days of gut instinct marketing, vanity metrics and intangible ROI are over. Just as society has become contingent on instant gratification, so too is our professional world evolving to be more mobile, real time and on demand.

Join Adam Cordner of Domo for a 40 minute workshop that will share best practice examples of how marketing leaders from around the world are harnessing the power of their data to answer their most important business questions, from any device, at the speed of now.

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