B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2018 | 14-16 May 2018 | Sydney | Australia

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16 May 2017
Day 2
17 May 2017
Day 3
18 May 2017

Welcome and opening remarks from the MC

Todd Wheatland King Content Isentia B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia Pacific 2017Todd Wheatland
Global Head of Strategy, King Content | An Isentia Company (Former Global CMO and VP Marketing, Kelly Services)
Todd Wheatland

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Producing highly creative B2B Marketing campaigns – global viral marketing and clever PR strategy that deliver ROI

  • Overview and objectives of the “Epic Split” and the “Look Who’s Driving” campaigns
  • The new media landscape - understanding the content and distribution strategy behind the campaigns
  • How high-level thought leadership creates loyalty, generates leads and influence purchase decisions
  • The effect of boosted internal pride and confidence - giving the Volvo Trucks sales people a new conversation starter
  • Key outcomes, ROI and recognition from the campaigns
Ingela-Nordenhav-CMO-volvo-b2b-marketing-conference-sydney-australia-2017-TrucksIngela Nordenhav
Global Marketing and Communications Director, Volvo Trucks (Sweden)
Ingela Nordenhav


International Keynote: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader – How to Succeed by Building Customer and Company Value

Despite endlessly saying they want to be more customer focused, many firms don’t have a marketer in the top team. Too few CMOs make it to CEO, and marketers’ reputation with CEOs is mixed.

This year we’ll kick off with the world’s largest authority on Marketing Leadership, Former McKinsey Partner, Thomas Barta. Author of the first ever book on Marketing Leadership, based on the largest ever research study into marketing leadership, he provides answers to the important question “What makes an effective and successful marketing leader and how do marketers achieve a stronger voice in the C-suite?

Thomas will show how to:

  • Make an impact at the highest level and align marketing with the company’s priorities, as seen by the CEO and CFO
  • Inspire your non-marketing colleagues (Sales, Customer Service) to meet customers’ needs better than the competition, maximizing the value creation zone (‘V-Zone’), the crucial overlap between your customers’ needs and the company’s needs
  • Build a winning marketing team, becoming a ‘leader of leaders’, and
  • Focus on inspirational goals so you can inspire others to serve customers better.

This presentation will show that marketing leaders must understand the big issues, focus on the bottom line, and dare to get the best people involved. The aim? More influence within the company, a better career, and more fun!

Thomas Barta Marketing Academy Leadership B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017Thomas Barta
World Leading Expert on Marketing Leadership (Former CMO, McKinsey and Kimberly-Clark)
Thomas Barta

Keynote: The future of marketing as an innovative strategic business growth driver

  • Driving customer centricity, strategy and growth at NAB Business
  • Customer centricity - understanding the strategic role of B2B marketing leaders in a customer focused organisation
  • How to give CMOs a stronger voice in the C-suite and effectively communicate the contribution of marketing activities to business results
  • Finding new growth opportunities by driving customer advocacy
  • Managing technology, innovation and strategy for growth
suzana ristevski, cmo, general manager business bank, marketing and customer strategy, NAB at conference in sydney 2017Suzana Ristevski
General Manager, Business Bank Marketing & Customer Strategy, NAB
Suzana Ristevski


Keynote: Transforming marketing to enable business growth

  • The transformation journey to a fully digital marketing team
  • Aligning marketing, sales, channels and services for growth
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM), digital, data and cx-design to drive growth
  • Value creation through successful adoption of breakthrough technologies for business benefit
Ray Kloss CMO Cisco speaking b2b marketing forum Sydney Australia 2017Ray Kloss
Director of Marketing Australia and New Zealand, Cisco
Ray Kloss


CCO Keynote: The role of Marketing in the Customer Experience – How Vocus starts the customer experience with the campaign and delivers personalised, experience-led and compelling customer experiences for their B2B clients

“It’s all about true north, and if it’s not a business priority, we’re not doing it,”
  • Lifting the customer game with the CX function and the critical role of Marketing – turning CX insights into actionable strategy
  • Embracing growth-hacking and on-boarding techniques of start-ups as a way of building innovation Customer Experiences and true incremental growth
  • Why cracking attribution and contribution of marketing spend is one of the biggest challenge facing marketers
Jon Amery CMO vocus B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017Jon Amery
General Manager, Marketing and Customer Experience, Vocus Communications
Jon Amery

Customer Centricity Panel: The customer culture imperative: customer-centric cultures that consistently predict enhanced, sustainable business results

“86% of CMOs and senior marketing executives believe they will own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020.”

As marketers we need to deliver friction-free, personalised, customer experiences at every touchpoint with our brand that are relevant and exceeds our customers expectations.

A great customer experience involves many departments including marketing, sales and customer service. So how can marketing own the customer experience with so many people that won’t report directly to you?

Already the owners of customer experience within their organisations, these CMOs will share their experiences on:

  • How marketers are becoming gatekeepers of customer experience in their businesses and how to prepare for a customer-centric future
  • How to mobilize colleagues who don’t report to you through cross-collaboration and avoiding cross-functional silos
  • Organisational change management and giving the CMOs the power to drive change - Getting Executive buy-in across the organisation
  • Organisational change management
  • Measuring customer centric cultures
Paul Robson, President of Adobe Asia Pacific is speaking on Customer Centricity at B2B Marketing Event in Sydney Australia 2017Paul Robson
President Asia Pacific, Adobe
Paul Robson
Lexie Denby, CMO and General Manager Marketing Business TAL at conference sydney australia 2017Lexie Denby
General Manager Marketing, TAL
Lexie Denby
Glenn Flower CMO Telstra Wholesale Customer Experience B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017Glenn Flower
General Manager Marketing, Telstra Wholesale
Glenn Flower
Linden Brown Customer Culture b2b marketing leaders conference sydney may 2017Dr Linden Brown
Chairman and Chief Value Officer, Creating Profitable Customer Centric Cultures, MarketCulture Strategies
Dr Linden Brown
Jennie McLaughlin CMO Ernst Young B2B Marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017Jennie McLaughlin
Partner, Advisory, Ernst & Young
Jennie McLaughlin


CASE STUDY: B2B Marketing Survival Tips – Salesforce for Marketers

To keep up with today’s educated buyers, modern marketers must learn how to engage in new ways at every stage of the buying cycle and across various channels - from awareness and acquisition to retention and advocacy.

But how do you effectively do this with technology so you're providing a more personalised customer experience with your brand and rise above the pack?

In this session learn how you can:

  • Personalise your communications with buyers to build deeper customer relationships
  • Optimise the Sales, Social, Mobile, Email and Advertising channels with Salesforce
  • Fill your pipeline with quality leads
Michael Roberts Salesforce b2b marketing conference Australia 2017Michael Roberts
Senior B2B Marketing Solutions Engineer, Salesforce
Michael Roberts


Case study: Using data as a weapon in Lenovo – the empowerment of marketers using analytics

“On average 70% of data within companies goes unused” - Forrester Research, Lenovo and SAP
  • ‘The truth is in the data’ →empowering Marketers with Data and gaining internal approval from managers and budget from controllers
  • Using data-driven decision making for delivering growth, productivity and profitability
  • Identifying and targeting decision-makers → complexity in decision-making and the importance of acquisition vs retention
  • Using a data-led approach across the APAC region, from multi-touch customer acquisition to re-directing budget to new marketing pillars & enhancing traditional marketing ROI
  • Creating relationships using social selling and the power of people buying from people
  • Analytics for proving the results of marketing investments, attribution of revenue and profitability over the customer lifecycle
Nick Reynolds Lenovo B2B Marketing CMO Conference Sydney Australia 2017Nick Reynolds
CMO - Asia Pacific, Lenovo
Nick Reynolds


INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: The Economics of Sales/Marketing/Product alignment

  • Gather evidence to share with senior management and the board about the tangible benefits of tightly aligning the organization’s revenue-producing functions
  • See key operating statistics from organizations that have driven alignment, and those that haven’t
  • Understand new key leading indicators of alignment that SiriusDecisions has identified
Paul Dolan sirius Decisions B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017Paul Dolan
Research Director APAC, SiriusDecisions (Former VP Marketing, Schneider Electric)
Paul Dolan



B2B Content Marketing – Show me the ROI! – through Data and Analytics

So you’ve got a documented content strategy and you’re creating amazing content at each touchpoint along the customer journey, great!

But how do you effectively track that content and its effectiveness on your audience? How can you determine whether or not your content is helping you make sales?

Jason, a worldwide celebrated B2B content marketer is coming to Australia for the first time to share how he manages LinkedIn’s content marketing machine.

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to build the business case for content marketing internally and get buy in from the c-suite
  • Measure content marketing ROI success in business terms that can be shared with the CEO and CFO
  • How to build teams and structure to maximize demand generation content
  • How to create a Demand Generation Strategy from a buyer-centric perspective and use advanced analytics to continually optimize and improve program results
Jason Miller LinkedIn Content Social Media sydney australia marketing 2017 eventJason Miller
Group Manager, Global Content and Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn
Jason Miller

Keynote: Modern marketers as the change agents within organisations – driving change in people, culture and the entire organisation.

Andy Lark CMO Xero CBA B2B Marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017Andy Lark
CEO, Group Lark (Former CMO Xero and CBA)
Andy Lark

The Greatest Content Strategy Ever

Just when you thought Red Bull Stratos couldn’t be topped, welcome to a case study that is truly larger-than-life. In fact, we firmly believe, the greatest example of acquisition and retention content marketing ever created. Together we’ll reverse-engineer this example and explore the many lessons that can be applied to solve common business problems through content strategy and consistent execution.
Christie Poulos King Content B2B data analytics conference 2017 australiaChristie Poulos
Creative Services Director, King Content | An Isentia Company
Christie Poulos
Phil Brown Head of Strategy King Content Speaking B2B Workshop Content Marketing conference 2017 australiaPhil Brown
Head of Strategy (Sydney), King Content | An Isentia Company
Phil Brown

International Keynote: Transforming Strategic Content Creation: Marketing at a Profit

We’ve all seen the recent headlines: Content Marketing isn’t for everyone. Businesses Struggle with Digital Content. Content Marketing is more expensive, or takes too long.Well, the truth is – those headlines are mostly true. But they don’t have to be. Marketers can transform content marketing into something much clearer, and actually something that helps the company become more profitable. Let’s reboot, reset and peel back the covers of what’s actually going on with successful content marketing approaches in today’s digital enterprise.Let’s take a hard look at the actual business strategy of content marketing and how we might fix content marketing and get to real, demonstrable, and profitable value to our business
content marketing workshop with robert rose from CMI in Sydney Australia in May 2017Robert Rose
Co-Founder & Chief Content Adviser, Content Marketing Institute (Former VP Marketing, CrownPeak Technology)
Robert Rose

Cocktail Function – Book Signing

Welcome and opening remarks from the MC

Todd Wheatland King Content Isentia B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia Pacific 2017Todd Wheatland
Global Head of Strategy, King Content | An Isentia Company (Former Global CMO and VP Marketing, Kelly Services)
Todd Wheatland


Keynote presentation: MYOB’s brand transformation – from household desktop software brand to online tech company

  • The re-education of the market of the transformation to a fast moving innovative tech and cloud-based company
  • Using video as part of the brand refresh - MTV personality Kate Peck and the fourth edition of the ‘Future of Business Report
  • The importance of brand and cultural alignment
Natalie Feehan, CMO, MYOB at b2b marketing conferences in Australia 2017Natalie Feehan
Executive General Manager - Group Marketing, MYOB
Natalie Feehan

Keynote: Application of behavioural economic principles to data-driven communications activities

  • The establishment of a team of data scientists to implement agile multi-variant testing of communications through data and insights
  • How to affect behavioural change in customers’ decision-making process
  • Unpacking behaviour opportunities and blockages and apply behavioural economic principles to datadriven communications activities
  • The ‘interception model’, where all touchpoints are aligned and taking an agile test and learn approach
  • Getting internal staff on board the change journey, adjusting their focus and working together
Georgina Williams Marketing CMO AustralianSuper b2b conference sydney 2017Georgina Williams
Former Group Executive Marketing and Corporate Affairs, AustralianSuper
Georgina Williams

Case Study: Business customer acquisition through content, research and the community

In this session you'll learn:
  • Five years on - the Shop Small campaign – the movement aimed at galvanising a nation
  • Understand the strategy, content and distribution platforms behind Shop Small, and how these have evolved over time
  • How content builds trust and engagement, and drives business outcomes.
Sian Chadwick VP Marketing American Express B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017Sian Chadwick
Vice President, JAPA Merchant Marketing and Business Insights, American Express
Sian Chadwick



Account-Based Marketing Strategy – How to secure your status as a revenue generator with ABM

“92 percent of B2B marketers recognize the value of ABM and see it as a “must have” business strategy” - SiriusDecisions (U.S.)
  • Learn how you can collaborate with your sales team to generate more revenue from the right people
  • Engaging target accounts across multiple channels in a personal, relevant way
  • How to evolve content marketing strategy for an ABM world
  • The people, resources and technology that you need to consider to succeed
  • Understanding what and when to measure so you can optimise programs
Bill Binch Managing Director APAC Marketo speaking b2b marketing leaders forum Account Based ABMBill Binch
Managing Director APAC, Marketo
Bill Binch

Case Study: Managing MarTech – Integrating front end sales and marketing with back end solutions for a friction free customer journey

  • Integrating the CMS, Marketing Automation, and CRM with the back-end ERP for customer experience as the primary driver of competitive advantage
  • Five years of Account Based Marketing (ABM) to tackle strategic customer engagement
  • How to engage in on-going relevant dialogue when you have 16 people involved in the buying decision process
  • Providing easy to understand analytics for business users
Mitchell Mackey CMO Ansell Healthcare b2b marketing conference Australia 2017Mitchell Mackey
APAC Marketing Director, Ansell Healthcare
Mitchell Mackey

Case Study: Even B2B businesses need brand love – putting a stop to an email spam engine

  • How a global KPI “MQL” scoring system created a marketing automation spam engine
  • The creation of the local sales and marketing handshake
  • The importance of communication and support of the global CMO and local CEO in driving local change
Natalie Truong B2B Marketing Mercer b2b marketing conference Australia 2017Natalie Truong
Head of B2B Marketing – Pacific, Mercer
Natalie Truong

Keynote: How client collaboration and a client-centric culture drive brand awareness and 20% business growth in Professional Services

  • Establishing marketing as a partner (and not a support function) for driving growth and revenue in Prof Services
  • Understanding the key elements for driving a client centric culture that grows the business
  • The client centric team - understanding the key interfaces for nurturing opportunities
  • The importance of effective systems, processes and data quality
  • Regional growth – one way doesn’t fit all – understanding cultural differences in Asia
Professional Services Marketing, John Clay CMO Arup at Conference in Sydney Australia 2017 MayJohn Clay
Principal, Head of Marketing and Communications, Arup Australasia
John Clay



NEW for 2017! Expert session leaders will provide 40 minute mini workshops for deep-dive, in-depth learning. These will be held in boardroom style settings for maximum peer-work and interactions. You will need to pre-register for one of the following four sessions.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: The driving catalyst for organisational change.During this session, we'll share insight into driving digital transformation in a ‘traditional’ business model. We will provide strategies to build a framework that allows your organisation to implement, evolve and drive success with Marketing Automation.Featuring, Glenn Flowers, GM Marketing Telstra Wholesale will share how Telstra Wholesale united their organisation for digital transformation with Marketing Automation as the key pillar.You will also take away three actionable strategies from two additional award winning B2B companies on driving increased ROI while automating your processes and better aligning with your sales organisations.Room: Soho
Hosted by:
Nick Dennis
Director, Solutions Consulting, Oracle Marketing Cloud
Nick Dennis
Glenn Flower CMO Telstra Wholesale Customer Experience B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017Glenn Flower
General Manager Marketing, Telstra Wholesale
Glenn Flower

Aligning Sales & Marketing for Revenue Growth including ‘Fire-Side’ Chat with e3Learning on how they used Integrated Automation to Get There!

This break-out is not a theory session but more so a discussion on the strategy and practicalities of lining up Sales and Marketing for a common cause – Revenue Growth. Andrew will draw on a real-world case study experience with Summer and focus on the following take-aways:
  • What is alignment and how it helps
  • The process of aligning Sales and Marketing
  • Why inter-connected marketing automation and CRM systems are mandatory
  • What we have learnt – the DO’s and DONT’s
  • Outcomes to expect (if you get it right)

Green Hat is a marketing consulting agency 100% dedicated to B2B. We provide customer lifecycle solutions integrating digital, data, content and automation. Our client list includes B2B blue-chip clients such as IBM, Tabcorp, USG Boral, e3Learning and Henkel.

e3Learning is part of the City and Guilds Global group, a global leader in online training and workforce management. With compliance and training being fundamental to the success of all organisations, e3Learning provides the learning tools that builds confidence in your business and the advanced platform to host courses and reporting.

Room: The Loft
  Hosted by:
Summer Garcia
Head of Sales, e3Learning
Summer Garcia
Andrew Haussegger Greenhat speaking b2b marketing leaders forum sydney australia 2016Andrew Haussegger
Managing Director, Green Hat
Andrew Haussegger

Content Marketing & ROI

The Yin and the Yang of Content Marketing ROISure you recognise the long-term value of content marketing, but at the same time, you need leads – now. The good news is, a strategic content approach can help you build meaningful, life-long customer relationships – AND capitalise on the latest data and technology to deliver on immediate lead-gen and sales results.In this hands-on session, two of Australia’s leading strategists will introduce you to a KPI framework that leverages both short- and long-term results to drive meaningful business outcomes.Room: Main Conference Hall
Hosted by:King Content a partner at the B2B Marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2016
SiobhanHodgson Head of Engagement Global King Content Speaking B2B Workshop Content Marketing conference 2017 australiaSiobhan Hodgson
Head of Engagement (Global), King Content | An Isentia Company
Siobhan Hodgson
Phil Brown Head of Strategy King Content Speaking B2B Workshop Content Marketing conference 2017 australiaPhil Brown
Head of Strategy (Sydney), King Content | An Isentia Company
Phil Brown

Building a Customer Centric Culture

What is required to reinvent Marketing as the strategic leader of the business?
  • There must be a focus on culture around the customer across the business
  • There needs to be a tangible cross-functional measurement/KPI
  • There needs to be a focus on retaining customers not just gaining new ones
  • Marketing must engage C-level and all parts of the business, including the board through a customer culture
Dr Linden Brown who’s worked with the CEOs at Telstra, Ericsson, Ergon Energy, Fairfax Media and many more will deliver an interactive workshop that outlines the disciplines of How Marketing can build a Customer-Centric Culture and raise the level of Marketing at the Leadership table.

Room: Suite 55
Hosted by:Marketculture Australia B2B Marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017
Linden Brown Customer Culture b2b marketing leaders conference sydney may 2017Dr Linden Brown
Chairman and Chief Value Officer, Creating Profitable Customer Centric Cultures, MarketCulture Strategies
Dr Linden Brown
Sean Crichton-Browne Customer Culture B2B marketing leaders conference sydney may 2017Sean Crichton-Browne
Global Partnerships & Customer Engagement
Sean Crichton-Browne


NEW for 2017! Expert session leaders will provide 40minute mini workshops for deep-dive, in-depth learning. These will be held in boardroom style settings for maximum peer-work and interactions. You will need to pre-register for one of the following four sessions.

Analytics, Dashboards and ROI

Do you want to turn your marketing department into a revenue generating machine, secure larger budgets and a stronger voice with the CEO and CFO?

You’ll then need to be able to show marketers' contribution to company growth by demonstrating the ROI of marketing spend along with key metrics the C-suit cares about.In this 40 min deep-dive workshop you’ll learn:
  • What metrics you need to be able to show the CEO and CFO – case study of Customer’s monthly reporting dashboard
  • How to gain real-time insight and constantly monitor which programs are most effective and to make the right investment choices to achieve your sales goals
  • Diagnose, analyze and optimize your marketing mix, maximize the performance of your investment, to increase sales and marketing ROI.
Room: Suite 55
Hosted by: Domo Australia B2B marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017
Adam Cordner Senior Solutions Consultant B2B Marketing Leaders Forum 2017Adam Cordner
Senior Solution Consultant, Domo
Adam Cordner

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

How Revenue-Based ABM Strategies Can Rocket-Launch Your Marketing Career

Account-based marketing (ABM) is often misunderstood, poorly defined, and as a result poorly executed. ABM initiatives are also often high-risk – demanding significant levels of investment in people and money, but with very unpredictable revenue outcomes that are often impossible to attribute to a specific marketing tactic.But this doesn’t have to be the case!

In this session, I’ll show you how savvy marketers are leveraging revenue-based ABM strategies to not only deliver outstanding results, but boost their own careers in the process.Join me as I show you:

  • How to define ABM once and for all
  • The ‘secret success strategy’ most marketers overlook
  • The 5 ‘must do’ steps to a successful ABM program
  • How savvy marketers use ABM analytics to rocket-launch their careers

Room: The Loft
Hosted by:
Kosta Triantafillou Senior Solutions Consultant APAC Marketo speaking b2b marketing leaders forum Account Based ABMKosta Triantafillou
Sr. Solutions Consultant, Marketo
Kosta Triantafillou

Digital Transformation

The Evolution of the B2B MarketerThe biggest challenge for B2B Marketers today and for tomorrow is generating pipeline. In this break-out session we ask a critical question: how do you generate ROI through digital transformation within the attention economy?We will be focusing on three key pillars that revolve around an organisation’s core, and how this will go about shaping the marketer of tomorrow:
    • Building the Intelligence Layer: we're all data-driven marketers, but how much market intelligence is needed before you can approach a buyer, with or without an external intelligence system?
    • Crafting Creative Content: our industry is one the noisiest in the world, so how can you break through the noise and personalise your business’s content through innovative strategies that secure your buyer’s interest?
    • Engagement: Whether online or offline, what marketing channels are you utilising to effectively engage your audience, locally or across the region? What kind of channels does your buyer trust, and how can you target an individual effectively within the attention economy?
McCorkell & Associates is the leading B2B integrated marketing and advertising agency throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Room: Main Conference Hall
Hosted by: M&a Australia B2B marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017
Karen Powell Managing Director APAC M&a speaking b2b marketing leaders forum Digital TransformationKaren Powell
Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, McCorkell & Associates
Karen Powell

Content Marketing

Do you want your content marketing to deliver tangible results for your business?
Content isn’t a marketing tactic. It’s a strategic play that impacts all areas of an organisation. And, done well, will deliver strong business results.In this workshop, we’ll provide you with a framework to enable content to positively impact your business, and give you the takeaway tools and resources you’ll need to do it successfully.

You’ll gain:

  • An understanding of how to elevate your content marketing beyond marketing KPIs to deliver on your wider business strategy.
  • The right questions to ask in the exploratory phase, and how to identify those who should be involved.
  • How to define your content mission, audience insights and content pillars.
  • How to bring an audience-first – single customer mindset to your content.
  • The importance of governance. How to apply frameworks to ensure your strategy can be implemented and measured.
  • That storytelling remains at the heart of all good content marketing. How to ensure telling compelling stories doesn’t get lost in a quagmire of strategy, KPIs, process and measurement.
Illustrated by best-in-class case studies.

Room: Soho
Hosted by: Mahlab Australia B2B marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017
Lisa Bjorksten Mahlab workshop B2B marketing leaders forum sydney australia 2017Lisa Bjorksten
Head of Strategy, Mahlab
Lisa Bjorksten



Case Study : Immersive storytelling: Augmented B2B realities

VR and AR are fast becoming mainstream as a tool to deliver immersive and unique content experiences for brands.In this session you'll learn:
  • Explore this trend in the B2B context
  • Examine how it can be used in content marketing and lead generation via a local case study
  • How to get started in this space
Venessa Paech
Director, Content and Inbound, Green Hat
Venessa Paech

Growth Panel – How fast growing start-ups do marketing with minimal budget

Many Silicon Valley type start-up companies are experiencing hyper-growth with very limited marketing budgets.
  • In this session we will look at their marketing strategies and growth-marketing framework
  • User acquisition through content marketing, affiliate marketing and partnership, viral marketing and UX/UI
  • Conversion optimization through search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics & A/B Testing, CRO & growth marketing tools, mobile marketing & retargeting, social advertising & paid search marketing
  • Retention through sustainable growth strategies, predictive analytics & attribution, growth marketing teambuilding, marketing & sales automation, account-based marketing
Ljubica Radoicic CMO Aconex sydney australia 2017 b2b marketingLjubica Radoicic
Marketing Director APAC, Aconex
Ljubica Radoicic
Linda Stanojevic CMO Chief Product Officer Sandstone Technology B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017Linda Stanojevic
Global CMO and Chief Product Officer, Sandstone Technnology (FinTech)
Linda Stanojevic
Luke Targett B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2017 16-18 May Sydney AustraliaLuke Targett
CMO, Prospa (FinTech)
Luke Targett
Zach Kitschke CMO Product Growth Canva speaking B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017Zach Kitschke
CMO, Product & Growth, Canva
Zach Kitschke
Chris Reed Black Marketing speaking at B2B marketing leaders conference in sydney australia 2017Chris J Reed
Global CEO & Founder "the only NASDAQ CEO with a Mohawk", Black Marketing
Chris J Reed

Closing Keynote: Managing a culture of innovation and continual improvement through leadership and international team autonomy at Atlassian

  • Innovation techniques to address the pressure to continually refine core product offerings when growing at supersonic speed
  • The future of work and the team playbook: unleashing the power of teams - diversity and inclusion, fostering talent, empowering innovation and creating a vibrant culture that enables teams to remain nimble, autonomous and focused.
  • Product-Marketing alignment – managing innovation and go-to-market strategies that delight internal and external customers
Dom Price Atlassian marketing conference sydney australia 2017Dominic Price
Head of Product Development, R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian
Dominic Price


The Robert Rose from Content Marketing Institute in the U.S is coming to Australia exclusively for the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2017.On the third day of the conference, Thursday 18 May (9am - 3pm), he'll conduct a in-depth workshop for a limited number of participants (capped at max 40 attendees for a personal learning experience).Book your ticket today as there will only be 40 tickets available and it will sell out.Book your ticket hereCONTENT CREATION MANAGEMENT: A MASTERCLASS DESIGNED TO TEACH A FRAMEWORK FOR THE OPERATION OF CONTENT MARKETING IN THE ENTERPRISE.Straight from his new book with Carla Johnson, Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing – Robert Rose will be teaching a workshop on developing Content Creation Management as a core skill within your business.We are moving into a new era of marketing – one where marketing’s role has expanded. Yes, again. Strategist, technologist, storyteller and creator of value; this is the marketing department of the next decade. Successful companies aren’t changing content to fit marketing’s purpose – they are actually changing marketing to fit a strategic content purpose. In short: we are building content as a product – as an experience – not as a campaign.While there are no templates in this new world, there are frameworks we can use to create our new process and be successful with it. In this workshop, we’ll look at the specifics of the Content Marketing Strategy and how it contributes to this very important process in the business:What you’ll learn:
  • Real progress to create or reboot content creation for owned media in your business.
  • Understand the differences, and the advantages, of deeply understanding audiences as opposed to buyers
  • Actual outline of a strategic business case and beginning of a content marketing plan
  • Methodology/approach to get to a compelling story that is deeper than your product/service
  • A new approach to measuring value with content marketing
If you’re a marketing, PR or communications professional that handles content marketing of your business, and if you’re looking to add or improve your current content marketing approach - then this workshop is for you.Book your ticket here - capped at 40 attendees and only 15 tickets left!
content marketing workshop with robert rose from CMI in Sydney Australia in May 2017Robert Rose
Co-Founder & Chief Content Adviser, Content Marketing Institute (Former VP Marketing, CrownPeak Technology)
Robert Rose
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