B2B Marketing Leaders

Forum APAC 2018
14-16 May 2018
Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf | Sydney, Australia

Where B2B marketers become revenue generating machines, secure larger budgets and a stronger voice in the C-suite!

Do you want to turn your marketing department into a revenue generating machine, become a modern marketer and advance your career?

You’re not alone! In May 2018, 300 CMOs and B2B Marketers will gather in Sydney at the 3rd annual B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2018 to learn the latest strategies, technologies and leadership techniques for turning their marketing departments into revenue generating machines, secure larger budgets and a stronger voice in the C-suite!

“We’re seeing a large skills gap today in B2B Marketing, and it’s conferences like these that help fill that gap as this is the only place they’re going to get this kind of education

 – Carlos Hidalgo – Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Expert (US)

Meet your 2018 B2B Marketing Expert Speakers:

Tricia Weener Global Head Marketing HSBC Commercial Banking B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Tricia Weener

Global Head of Marketing, HSBC Commercial Banking (Hong Kong)
Kelly Watkins Global CMO Slack B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Kelly Watkins

Head of Global Marketing, Slack (USA)
ndrew Knott CMO NAB marketing B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Andrew Knott

Susan Jain CMO IBM Asia Pacific B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Susan Jain

CMO Asia Pacific, IBM (Singapore)
Mark Phibbs Marketing Cisco CMO B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Mark Phibbs

VP of Marketing APJ, Cisco (Singapore)
David Redhill Global CMO Deloitte Consulting B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

David Redhill

Global CMO, Partner, Deloitte Consulting
Kate Burleigh B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Kate Burleigh

Former Managing Director and Former CMO Intel Australia & New Zealand
Julienne Harry Global Group Digital Marketing Manager Lendlease B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Julienne Harry

Global Group Digital Marketing Manager, Lendlease
Nicki Raistrick Digital Fletcher Building Manufacturing B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Nicki Raistrick

Group General Manager Digital, Fletcher Building (New Zealand)
Rebecca Malzacher Regional Marketing Director Australasia International SOS B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Rebecca Malzacher

Regional Marketing Director Australasia, International SOS
Chris Quinn Marketing Digital Customer Experience Schneider Electric B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Chris Quinn

VP Marketing Communications and Digital Customer Experience - Pacific, Schneider Electric
Narelle Turner Marketing Broadspectrum B2B Conferences Sydney Australia 2018

Narelle Turner

Executive General Manager, Development Planning & Marketing, Broadspectrum
Brett Hannath Regional Marketing McAfee B2B Event Sydney Australia 2018

Brett Hannath

Vice President, Regional Marketing McAfee (USA)
Penny Elmslie Head Marketing Australia Xero B2B Conference Sydney 2018

Penny Elmslie

Head of Marketing Australia, Xero
Deeps De Silva Marketing Dropbox B2B Conferences Sydney Australia 2018

Deeps De Silva

Head of Marketing APAC & Japan, Dropbox
Daniel McDermott Marketing PEXA B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Daniel McDermott

Head of Marketing, Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)
Tim Lyons CMO QSR International marketing business event Sydney Australia 2018

Tim Lyons

CMO, QSR International
Danielle Uskovic Digital Social media marketing lenovo B2B Business Conferences Sydney Australia 2018

Danielle Uskovic

Head of Digital & Social, Lenovo Asia Pacific
Stuart Matthewman Global Head Demand Generation B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Stuart Matthewman

Global Head of Demand Generation, IR
Natali Talevski Marketing Operations Analytics Measurement B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Natali Talevski

Global Marketing Operations Manager, IR
Bobbi Mahlab Content Marketing Agency B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Bobbi Mahlab

Managing Director, Mahlab
Carla Johnson Customer Experience B2B

Carla Johnson

Chief Experience Officer, Type A Communications and Chair, Board of Advisors, ANA's Business Marketing Association (USA)
Carlos Hidalgo Customer Experience Demand Generation Strategy B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018

Carlos Hidalgo

Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Expert, VisumCx (USA)

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The two day conference is designed to help 300 B2B marketers benchmark their existing strategies, take advantage of new technologies and innovative solutions. They will share and learn from each other about effective strategies, tactics and creative ideas for turning their departments into revenue generating machines and advancing their careers as individuals.

In-depth Learning Sessions

On the second day of the conference, expert session leaders will provide in-depth learning sessions in smaller break-out rooms with focus on Building your MarTech stack, Analytics and Dashboards, Content Strategy & ROI, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Digital Strategy and Transformation and Customer Experience


On the third day of the forum, Wednesday 16th May, Carlos Hidalgo will facilitate a full day workshop on CUSTOMER INSIGHTS & JOURNEY MAPPING.

Strategies, Technologies and Leadership you'll learn in 2018!

Marketing Leadership

The road to marketing as a strategic business growth driver?

CMOs who clearly demonstrate marketing’s contribution to company growth and revenue will claim a seat at the leadership table.
Hear from the likes of IBM, Cisco, Intel and International SOS on their strategic initiatives to achieve a stronger voice with the C-suite.

Analytics & ROI

How do I use marketing analytics to measure marketing initiatives and continuously improve performance?

46% of Australian B2B marketers say measuring ROI is their biggest challenge. Yet, to maintain credibility and budgets, CMOs must quantify the contribution of marketing to revenue. Learn from IR and Domo how your team can prove contribution to the business, and ultimately turn marketing into a legitimate revenue generator.

Mastering MarTech

How can I build the right B2B marketing technology stack to drive business impact and gain competitive advantage?

Many B2B marketers are struggling to keep up with the pace of change due to an overwhelming number of new marketing technologies and a large choice of potential vendor partners. In order to get the most out of technology, marketers must combine best-in-class solutions with proven implementation strategies.

Digital Transformation

Leverage digital transformation to support your customer journey for strategic business growth.

Your customers are constantly navigating multi digital platforms. To win customers, organisations need to create innovative digital experiences. Digital transformation is not just a buzz word but a reality that can seem complex and daunting. Lendlease and PEXA share their strategic digital transformation initiatives and key insights.


Delivering on the promise of CX – the road to customer centricity.

A personal and friction-free multichannel customer experience, at every single touchpoint is paramount to running a customer centric business. Carlos Hidalgo from VisumCX takes us on his journey to demonstrate ROI from your CX program.


How do I create a content strategy that delivers tangible results to the business?

Brands as publishers: effective content marketing is key to attract and retain customers through compelling, multi-channel storytelling. Learn how Mahlab helped Engineers Australia create and commercialise their content brand and strategy.


How can I better align our sales and marketing departments?

Learn how CMOs are aligning sales and marketing into high performance machines, how to put sales in the driver’s set of content marketing, how marketing automation has been used for complex high-value business opportunities and how data-driven marketing is used to optimise the demand funnel and revenue.


Effective change management leadership skills to guide your organisation through transformational journeys.

The increasingly larger role of marketing leaders today to take ownership of Customer Experience along with leading Digital Transformation increasingly involves managing change and internal politics.
Schneider Electric, QSR international, PEXA and Broadspectrum share processes and advice to help you guide your organisation effectively.

Growth & Innovation

Creating a culture of innovation to foster growth.

What does a 100 year old manufacturing company have in common with the
fastest growing business application company in history?

Both Fletcher Building and Slack have company cultures embracing innovation that generates measurable revenue growth – learn how it can be applied to any business, big or small.

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