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Leaders Forum APAC 2018
14-16 May 2018 / Sydney / Australia / #B2BMktgAPAC
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Where B2B marketers become revenue generating machines, secure larger budgets and a stronger voice in the C-suite!

Do you want to turn your marketing department into a revenue generating machine, become a modern marketer and advance your career?

You’re not alone! In May 2018, 300 CMOs and B2B Marketers will gather in Sydney at the 3rd annual B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2018 to learn the latest strategies, technologies and leadership techniques for turning their marketing departments into revenue generating machines, secure larger budgets and a stronger voice in the C-suite!

“We’re seeing a large skills gap today in B2B Marketing, and it’s conferences like these that help fill that gap as this is the only place they’re going to get this kind of education

 – Carlos Hidalgo – B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Guru (U.S.)

Conference Brochure B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2018 Sydney Australia


Can you help 300 B2B Marketers turn their departments into revenue generating machines?

If you provide thought leadership, technologies or strategies that can help B2B marketers turn their departments into revenue generation machines we’d love for you to become one of our partners in 2018.

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Our 2018 Expert Advisory Panel:

Natalie Feehan, CMO, MYOB at b2b marketing conferences in Australia 2017

Natalie Feehan

Executive General Manager - Group Marketing, MYOB
suzana ristevski, cmo, general manager business bank, marketing and customer strategy, NAB at conference in sydney 2017

Suzana Ristevski

General Manager, Business Bank Marketing & Customer Strategy, NAB
Jon Amery CMO vocus B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017

Jon Amery

General Manager, Marketing and Customer Experience, Vocus Communications
Sian Chadwick VP Marketing American Express B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017

Sian Chadwick

Vice President, JAPA Merchant Marketing and Business Insights, American Express
Ray Kloss CMO Cisco speaking b2b marketing forum Sydney Australia 2017

Ray Kloss

Director of Marketing Australia and New Zealand, Cisco
Mitchell Mackey CMO Ansell Healthcare b2b marketing conference Australia 2017

Mitchell Mackey

APAC Marketing Director, Ansell Healthcare
Ljubica Radoicic CMO Aconex sydney australia 2017 b2b marketing

Ljubica Radoicic

Marketing Director APAC, Aconex
Nick Reynolds Lenovo B2B Marketing CMO Conference Sydney Australia 2017

Nick Reynolds

CMO - Asia Pacific, Lenovo


The two day conference is designed to help 300 B2B marketers benchmark their existing strategies, take advantage of new technologies and innovative solutions. They will share and learn from each other about effective strategies, tactics and creative ideas for turning their departments into revenue generating machines and advancing their careers as individuals.

In-depth Learning Sessions

On the second day of the conference, expert session leaders will provide 40min in-depth learning sessions in smaller break-out rooms with focus on Marketing Automation (beginner and advanced), Sales and Marketing Alignment, Content Marketing and ROI, Analytics and Dashboards, Digital Strategy and Transformation and creating Customer Centric Cultures.   



On the third day of the forum, Wednesday 16th May, expert workshop leaders will host full and half day training courses separately bookable or add-ons to the conference. Focus will be on Content Strategy, Marketing Automation (beginner and advanced), Digital Marketing Strategy, Analytics, Dashboards and ROI, LinkedIn Management and Social Selling, Leadership and more.

Our Past Speakers include:

Strategy, Technology and Leadership - What you'll learn in 2018!

Our team speak with CMOs and B2B Marketers every day about their challenges and this is what you told us you want to master:

  • How can I provide clear ROI measurements and accountability of revenue generating activities?

  • How do I create a B2B Marketing Content Strategy that clearly show the link to bottom line results?

  • Which technology innovations shall I explore and how do I use them to gain competitive advantage?

  • Marketing automation – revenue engine or email spam machine?

  • How can I better align (or integrate?) our sales and marketing departments.

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) – learn how you can collaborate with your sales team to generate more revenue from the right people.

  • How do I use marketing analytics to measure marketing initiatives and continuously improve performance. What metrics shall I include on my dashboard ?

  • How do I design and implement a personalised, consistent, friction-free and compelling omni-channel customer journey for my corporate clients?

  • How can I align my Data, Technology and Strategy and implement Predictive Marketing techniques and provide a better customer experience?

  • Marketing Leadership: What makes an effective and successful marketing leader and how do marketers achieve a stronger voice in the C-suite? 

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Key Themes and Challenges

Analytics & ROI

In order to maintain credibility and budgets CMOs must quantify the contribution of marketing to revenue. However, 46% of Australian B2B marketers say measuring ROI is their biggest challenge. Learn how to increase sales and prove your contribution to the bottom line of the business using data and analytics.

Mastering MarTech

Many B2B marketers are struggling to keep up with the pace of change due to an overwhelming number of new marketing technologies and a large choice of potential vendor partners. In order to get the most out of technology, marketers must combine best-in-class solutions with proven implementation strategies.


Effective content marketing is the key to attract and retain customers through compelling, multi-channel storytelling. However, less than a third of marketers actually have a documented content strategy and only 55% of marketers know what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like. Hear B2B content strategy success stories and the holy grail of content marketing, from content to the bottom line.


Learn how CMOs are aligning sales and marketing into high performance machines, how to put sales in the driver’s set of content marketing, how marketing automation has been used for complex high-value business opportunities and how data-driven marketing is used to optimise the demand funnel and revenue.

Growth Marketing

Discover what marketers can learn from Silicon Valley type B2B start-ups that achieve hyper growth through data science, funnel and culture but with limited marketing budgets.


A seamless multichannel customer experience, at every single touchpoint is paramount to running a customer centric business. Learn how customer centricity is changing everything from content strategy to sales and customer support.

Marketing Leadership

The road to marketing as a strategic business growth driver – What makes an effective and successful marketing leader and how do marketers achieve a stronger voice in the C-suite

B2B Marketing Outlook

Explore the challenges and opportunities for B2B marketing leaders in 2017. Understand the evolving role of the marketing leader, how to align marketing goals with business goals and revenue, understand how digitisation unlocks the value in balance sheets while driving productivity, revenue, growth and new customer acquisition.

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