CX for Success Workshop

Tuesday 25 May 2021 - 8.30am - 5.00pm

How Customer Experience can transform your business


What is CX for Success?

In the last five years, customer experience has become increasingly important. Why? Because consumers have surplus choice, and they are voting with their money & loyalty. So how do you genuinely bring the customer into your organisation and shift from push to pull?

This workshop will go through the fundamentals – and how you can begin to bring the customer into your organisation to become more relevant.

Equally relevant to B2B or B2C, these steps offer process, and tools, illustrated with case studies and examples, with peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities.

Why is it worth your time?

The CX Gap has been well documented – in a Bain & Co study, 80% of CEO’s believed they were delivering great customer experience, yet only 8% of their customers agreed. CX is the new battleground – where customers will be won or lost. Understanding how to integrate CX into your business is critical for all marketers and business leaders in ensuring they are set up to win with customers.

This course brings together all of the fundamental pieces that will give you real clarity on how to get started
with customer experience on your business. With practical tools that can be applied the next day – you will be
confident in starting your own CX journey.

CX for Success

Course Creator & Facilitator

Rowena Millward is a globally recognised corporate leader with experience in global, Asia Pacific. Rowena has also spent many parts of her career leading transformations for organisations including Johnson & Johnson & Seven West Media & and has extensive consulting experience across diverse B2B and B2C categories.


  • Procter & Gamble
  • Coca Cola
  • Berri
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Vision Care
  • Nestle

Rowena Millward joined the MacMORGAN business as Managing Partner in 2014. Rowena is a globally recognised marketing, CX & commercial leader with roles for Procter & Gamble, Berri, and Coca Cola, which were then followed by 16 years with Johnson & Johnson in Australian, U.S.A, and Asia Pacific.  Rowena left J&J as Vice President Asia Pacific
Visioncare to join MacMORGAN in 2014.

At MacMORGAN, Rowena has been responsible for leading transformational customer experience for Seven West Media, one of Australia’s largest sales operation, from structural, competency, and client relationships, through strategic leadership, annual planning, and integration of their broad range of high quality media platforms and assets.

Rowena has also led CX business development for MacMORGAN with clients includingTabcorp, MTAA Super, Clorox, ABC Broadcasting, Aspen Pharmaceuticals, RB & ANZ and has been a driving force in developing the MacMORGAN learning
offering with CX Excellence, and our CX transformation 100 Day plan.