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Note that full day workshops are held on the 19th and the main conference on the 20-21 September

9:00AM - 4:00PM
Thomas Barta Marketing Leadership B2B CMO Conference Singapore Asia 2018
Thomas Barta

Author: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader

Workshop A: Marketing Leadership Masterclass

Thomas Barta is a world recognised expert on marketing leadership, Advisor at The Marketing Academy and Author: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader. He's a former McKinsey Partner and CMO at Kimberly-Clark.

In this full day masterclass, the day before the main conference he'll teach you how to build customer and company value!

About Thomas Barta:

  • Among the world’s most recognized marketing and customer leadership experts
  • Leadership Dean of the global CMO Fellowship Program, a McKinsey and Marketing Academy JV that prepares CMOs to become CEOs
  • Author of the #1 marketing leadership book: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader with Patrick Barwise
  • Former McKinsey partner
  • Organizational psychologist
  • Consulted and marketed for over 20 years, in 14 industries, in 45 countries for many of the world’s top organizations, including two dozen Fortune 500 firms
  • Conducted the largest global study, involving over 67,000 assessments, on what makes an impactful marketing and customer leader
  • Trained over 1,000 McKinsey leaders on impact without formal authority
  • Columnist for Marketing Week and Forbes
  • Has inspired thousands of executives worldwide — at firms including Adobe, Google, IBM, SAP, and the Financial Times

Tickets are capped at max 30 attendees for a personal learning experience.


9:00AM - 4:00PM
Carlos Hidalgo from Visum CX speaks at B2B Marketing conference in Singapore Aisa 2018
Carlos Hidalgo

B2B CX Strategy Specialist


Workshop B: B2B Customer Experience Strategy & Journey Mapping Workshop

Without understanding the various steps customers take from brand engagement to brand advocacy, it is impossible to develop a customer experience strategy.

Understanding customers, their motivations, the roles within the organisation that will interact with your brand, purchase your product or service, engage with customer support, and their end-to-end lifecycle is a must in order to provide a unified customer experience.

This Customer Experience Workshop will walk attendees through how to Enable, Equip and Empower Your organisation for Customer Experience and ensure that every customer touch point delivers on the promise of CX.

Attendees to the work shop will walk away with the following:

  1. Prescriptive elements on how to create a customer experience based on your corporate brand values
  2. How organisations can harness the power of their data, develop customer insights and translate that into CS delivery across all departments
  3. How to deliver content and a digital engagement that delights customers
  4. A view into customer experience maturity and how to turn customers into advocates

Carlos has 20+ years of experience in leading organizations who are dedicated to meeting the demands of their customers by enabling the delivery of exceptional customer experience. He is known as an innovative thought-leading B2B marketing practitioner and industry visionary. He is widely recognized for his expertise in strategic integrated marketing, Demand Process, Demand TransformationSM and Marketing Automation.

Carlos has been named one of the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management for the last five years and was named as a Who’s Who in BtoB Marketing in 2011 and 2012.


Tickets are capped at max 30 attendees for a personal learning experience.


8:30AM - 9:00AM

Registration & Coffee

9:00AM - 9:10AM

Welcome and opening remarks from the MC


9:10AM - 9:35AM
Thomas Barta Marketing Leadership B2B CMO Conference Singapore Asia 2018
Thomas Barta

Author: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader

International keynote: The 12 powers of a marketing leader – how to succeed by building customer and company value

Despite endlessly saying they want to be more customer focused, many firms don’t have a marketer in the top team. Too few CMOs make it to CEO, and marketers’ reputation with CEOs is mixed.

This year we’ll kick off with the world’s largest authority on Marketing Leadership, Former McKinsey Partner, Thomas Barta. Author of the first ever book on Marketing Leadership, based on the largest ever research study into marketing leadership, he provides answers to the important question “What makes an effective and successful marketing leader and how do marketers achieve a stronger voice in the C-suite?

Thomas will show how to:

  • Make an impact at the highest level and align marketing with the company’s priorities, as seen by the CEO and CFO
  • Inspire your non-marketing colleagues (Sales, Customer Service) to meet customers’ needs better than the competition, maximizing the value creation zone (‘V-Zone’), the crucial overlap between your customers’ needs and the company’s needs
  • Build a winning marketing team, becoming a ‘leader of leaders’, and
  • Focus on inspirational goals so you can inspire others to serve customers better.

This presentation will show that marketing leaders must understand the big issues, focus on the bottom line, and dare to get the best people involved. The aim? More influence within the company, a better career, and more fun!

10:00AM - 10:25AM
Wendy Johnstone CMO Microsoft B2B Marketing Conference Singapore Asia 2018
Wendy Johnstone



Inspiring Marketing Leadership – Developing and Mobilising your team (and yourself)

Marketing departments are becoming more complex. As we start out as marketers our priority is to develop our own functional marketing skills. As we start leading others, keeping up with the changes in functional skills is replaced by spending more time on management and leadership.

Building a well-aligned team with the right marketing and leadership skills mix becomes critical for success. But in this changing world, how do we find, keep and train the right marketing talent to operate effectively?

  • How to build a team with the right mix of skills and ensuring they’re aligned
  • The importance of functional marketing skills and getting the skill mix right
  • How to coach and performance manage your team to become future marketing leaders
10:30AM - 11:00AM

Networking morning coffee break


11:00AM - 11:40AM

CMO Panel – The new CMO power place

The new CMO have more technology budget, is an orchestrator of customer experience, is expected to lead transformational change, is the engine for growth and need to prove their value as revenue generators

  • CEO/CMO alignment - the new CMO power place; becoming the optimal provider of advice to the CEO
  • Customer Experience in B2B - CMOs as owners of customer experience
  • Cross-functional collaboration - IT/HR/CFO/CEO
  • Driving change - getting executive buy-in across the organisation
  • Future proofing the marketing team and structure of the future


11:40AM - 12:10PM
Wendy Walker CMO Intuit Data Driven Analytics B2B Marketing Conference Singapore Asia 2018
Wendy Walker

Head of Marketing | Global Expansion, Intuit

Building brands and driving growth with data-driven decision making

Managing global growth with a portfolio of 185 countries requires not only strategic business skills but also a willingness to interrogate data to ensure efficient and effective execution.
In this session Wendy will share:

  • Five guiding principles to drive growth for your brand through data driven decisions
  • How to use data to drive more effective marketing investments on a daily basis
  • The importance of organisational culture in using data to grow your brand
  • Engaging deep customer empathy to drive greater business growth
  • Using rapid experimentation to uncover incremental growth opportunities
  • Fine tuning your analytics approach to provide more accurate attribution
12:10PM - 12:35PM

Data-driven marketing – Analytics/ROI/Dashboards

CEOs that recognise that marketing operates as a profit (not cost) centre give their CMOs a seat at the leadership table. In order to get there, marketers need to provide a clear view of marketing's contribution to revenue, growth and bottom line results.

In order to get there, marketers are expected to be statisticians who are able to analyse mountains of marketing data. But how do you make sense of, and manage all this data?

In this session you’ll learn how how to create an effective marketing dashboard:

  • How do you create a marketing dashboard that provides your CEO and CFO with real - time reporting
  • Know what you want to measure, ensure you collect the right data and share it!
  • How to gain real-time insight and constantly monitor which programs are most effective and to make the right investment choices to achieve your sales goals
  • Diagnose, analyse and optimise your marketing mix, maximise the performance of your investment, to increase sales and marketing ROI.
12:40PM - 1:40PM

Networking Lunch


1:40PM - 2:05PM

Case Study: Brands as publishers – the evolution of six years of content marketing in Asia Pacific

  • The six year evolution of the content marketing strategy, platform and program
  • Driving leads through content and the importance of listening and analysing data for content that resonates and performs
  • The importance of scientific and editorial calendars based on business direction
  • Reactive content based on economic change and its impact on our industry
  • Content production and distribution across local markets – how much and where to localise
  • How the consumption of content differ in different markets and how to adjust your strategy
  • Content through the funnel and the importance of a tight MQL to SQL process hand-over to sales

Speaker to be announced August 6th

2:05PM - 2:30PM
Danielle Uskovic CMO LinkedIn B2B Marketing Conference Singapore Asia 2018
Danielle Uskovic

Marketing Director APAC


Developing thought-leadership through content marketing and social selling

In her former position as Head of Digital & Social Asia Pacific at Lenovo, Danielle was the creator behind the social selling strategy for Lenovo’s executive team which saw Lenovo’s senior executive team such as APAC CMO Nick Reynolds as Australia’s #1 Power Profile on LinkedIn.

Joining LinkedIn in  June, Danielle will share how she took the initiative two years ago, to develop the initially Asia Pacific program of developing the Lenovo region’s executive team’s thought-leadership profiles.

She will share:

  • How social selling, supported by data, really does deliver results
  • Equipping and enabling sales and other departments with competency in social selling
  • The engagement piece - strategic connections and social selling through social
  • The executive team as publishers - Creating long-form, thought-leading content
  • The publishing strategy and working with external influencers
  • The results - empirical data analysis of how the program has connected with real sales
2:05PM - 2:30PM

Content ROI & Analtyics – What is the return from your investment in content?

B2B Marketers have long been on the hunt for the elusive data that would prove the effectiveness of their content efforts. Without the kinds of analytics that prove content drives business, Marketing will be hard-pressed to prove its worth.

Marketing (and Sales) need to access data that proves when content is used, how it’s used, how it influences deals and the true ROI of each piece of content.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Are the best performing pieces being used most often?
  • Understand how sales are consuming the content and which pieces work most effectively
  • Understand average page views, the length of time readers spend on content, what content drives the most engagement and who drives the most interaction.
  • Measure how much revenue the content effort is driving
  • How you can determine the ROI of your organisation’s entire content engine and the value of a single piece of content.
3:00PM - 3:30PM

Afternoon Networking coffee break


3:55PM - 4:25PM

Case study: Account Based Marketing

  • How to collaborate with your sales team to generate more revenue from the right people
  • Engaging target accounts across multiple channels in a personal, relevant way
  • How to evolve content marketing strategy for an ABM world
  • The people, resources and technology that you need to consider to succeed
  • Understanding what and when to measure so you can optimise programs
4:25PM - 4:55PM
Carlos Hidalgo from Visum CX speaks at B2B Marketing conference in Singapore Aisa 2018
Carlos Hidalgo

B2B CX Strategy Specialist


Demand Generation – The magic formula for high quality MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) sales love

If you are tasked with generating—and nurturing—higher-quality leads for sales, you can’t miss this closing session with Carlos Hidalgo.

Generating higher quality leads that sales actually follow up has always been one of the top tasks of B2B marketers. The unfortunate reality is that in many of these organisations, marketing KPIs are still often linked to the number of MQLs generated resulting in martech such as marketing automation being used as spam engines and incoming MQLs being of such poor quality they are completely ignored by sales.

Marketers must take a step back from tactics and develop a more strategic approach to their demand generation including a buyer-centric content marketing strategy.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Define demand generation strategically
  • Develop buyer-insights that will drive your content marketing
  • How to build a buyer-centric content architecture from gained insights
  • Identify the types of content that will connect best with your unique buyers throughout the buyer’s journey
  • How to align with sales throughout the entire Demand Generation Process
4:55PM - 5:00PM

Closing remarks from the MC

5:00PM - 7:00PM

Networking drinks


9:35AM - 10:00AM
Mahmoud Dasser Chief Marketing Officer Telecom Malaysia TM B2B Conference Asia 2018
Mahmoud Dasser


Telekom Malaysia

Case study: Transforming from telco service provider to B2B digital enabler

  • Creating the first B2B marketing department at Telekom Malaysia and the new B2B brand “TM ONE”
  • The need for a fully integrated marketing department to function as digital omni-channel
  • The new revolutionary Customer Journey Model – marketing as owners of marketing, sales, service and support
  • Using Design Thinking for the development of the B2B Personas
  • Delivering on the new digital B2B brand promise
  • The creation of an internal digital CX centre
  • Helping customers build their own CX centres
  • The impact on the marketing and the company - moving from marketing as perceived cost centre to revenue generating machine
3:30PM - 3:55PM
Ingela Nordenhav

Global CMO

Volvo Trucks

International Keynote: The world’s most watched B2B video and PR marketing campaigns that delivers results

The Global CMO behind one of the world’s best known B2B video content plays – 88 Million YouTube views shares how she and her team got the idea over the line:

  • Overview and objectives of the “Epic Split” and Volvo Trucks' video campaigns
  • The new media landscape – understanding the content and distribution strategy behind the campaigns
  • How high-level thought leadership creates loyalty, generates leads and influence purchase decisions
  • The effect of boosted internal pride and confidence – giving the Volvo Trucks sales people a new conversation starter
  • Key outcomes, ROI and recognition from the campaigns