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Speaking at B2B Marketing Leaders Asia Virtual Forum

  • Pete-Nuchanatanon-marketing-grab-b2b-event-singapore-asia

    Pete Nuchanatanon

    Head of Product Marketing
    Delivering impact in customer experience
  • Julia Clyne cmo wall street journal b2b marketing hong kong 2020

    Julia Clyne

    Head of Marketing Solutions, APAC
    Building your “board-friendly” brand strategy
  • ann sung ruckstuhl svp cmo b2b conference asia 2020

    Ann Sung Ruckstuhl

    SVP and Global CMO
    Bringing a Silicon Valley start-up mindset to a 145-year-old B2B IT company and transforming its customer experience
  • Tricia Weener cmo hsbc b2b marketing hong kong 2020

    Tricia Weener

    Global Head of Marketing B2B, Commercial Banking
    Inspiring marketing leadership across Asia and the world
  • Mark Phibbs CMO VP Marketing Cisco Asia Pacific b2b conference 2020

    Mark Phibbs

    VP Global Marketing Insights and Analytics & CMO APJC
    Marketing Leadership & Predictive Insights - CMOs as recognised driver of revenue and growth
  • Yukiko Yamaguchi cmo panasonic b2b japan marketing 2020

    Yukiko Yamaguchi

    Global CMO Connected Solutions
    Digital Transformation, Marketing Leadership and Focus on Japan
  • Natalie Truong CMO Asia Mercer B2B marketing conference 2020

    Natalie Truong

    CMO Asia
    Change the Conversation! Managing HQ, Sales & Marketing Alignment and Marketing as Strategic Advisors
  • Pamela Cass VMware B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2020

    Pamela Cass

    Global VP of Field Marketing & Demand Generation
    Leading the global pivot to a digital demand generation engine
  • Nick Reynolds CMO Hitachi Johnson controls B2b marketing conference event in Asia 2020

    Nick Reynolds

    VP & CMO
    The CMO as a Business Leader - Transforming JCH into a Marketing-driven, Digital-First Company
  • Nicole Worthington cmo jll asia b2b marketing conference 2020

    Nicole Worthington

    CMO Asia Pacific
    Leading constant change - the new normal
  • Samuel Varghese CMO Cloud4C asia B2B Marketing Conference 2020

    Samuel Varghese

    Vice President - Marketing
    Sales and Marketing Transformation for rapid growth and expansion across Asia
  • Mariam Al Foudery

    Group Chief Marketing Officer
    B2B Marketing in Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics
  • andrea de vinceniis cmo asia B2B Conference 2020

    Andrea de Vincentiis

    Regional Head of B2B Marketing APAC
    B2B brand campaigns and strategy during the pandemic and recessions
  • Borko Kovacevic CMO Microsoft Singapore speaking at B2B marketing Conference Asia 2020

    Borko Kovacevic

    Chief Operating and Marketing Officer
    Focus on ABM and new digital initiatives to reach C-suite audiences
  • Sophia Ong - VP Market Develoment - B2B Marketing Leaders Asia Virtual Forum 2020

    Sophia Ong

    Vice President Marketing, Electronics
    Content Marketing that cuts through the digital clutter
  • yvette templar cmo allied health b2b marketing singapore 2020

    Yvette Templar

    VP Marketing, APAC
    Financial Literacy for Marketers - Speaking the language of the CFO, C-suite and Board
  • Helen Kim Senior Director of APAC Marketing Redhat B2B Marketing Conference 2019

    Helen Kim

    Senior Director of APAC Marketing
    Data-Driven Demand Generation - Targeting CIOs/IT Group Discussion
  • harikumar rajasekhar - b2b conference asia 2020

    Harikumar Rajasekhar

    VP, APAC Head of Digital Communications and Social Media
    Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Group Discussion
  • Jamshed Wadia CMO Intel Singapore speaking at b2b marketing confernce asia 2020

    Jamshed Wadia

    Director Marketing & CX APJ
    Data-Driven Marketing, ROI, Analytics and Business Attribution
  • KP Unnikrishnan Marketing Paolo Alto Networks Singapore Asia Conference

    KP Unnikrishnan

    VP Marketing JAPAC
    Targeting CIOs and IT during the Pandemic - building solid partnership with sales
  • Rachael Milford CMO Controlrisks Singapore B2B Marketing Conference 2020

    Rachael Milford

    Partner – Head of Marketing & Communications, Asia Pacific
    Professional Services: Becoming a strategic business advisory function
  • Genevieve Yeep

    Head of Digital, APJ
    Accelerate digital marketing maturity to support business objectives
  • Amelie Marivain

    Global Marketing Director
    B2B Marketing in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • madhavi kale cmo asia b2b marketing conference 2020

    Madhavi Kale

    Global Head of Consumer and Client Insights
    The challenges and opportunities as B2B marketers in Professional Services
  • natalie mendes cmo sas b2b marketing conference 2020b

    Natalie Mendes

    Head of ABM for Strategic and Large Enterprise Customers APAC
    Practical Implementation of Strategic ABM
  • Kishore Modak

    General Manager, APAC Marketing
    COVID-19’s Impact on the Marketing Function at HPE APAC
  • Rashish Pandey Director of Marketing Cisco B2B Marketing Conference Singapore

    Rashish Pandey

    Senior Marketing Director Asia-Pacific, Japan & China
    The Funnel for Predictive insights and forecasting
  • VC John accenture CMO B2B Conference 2020 Asia

    VC John

    Regional VP Marketing & Comms, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance , APJ, Middle East & Africa
    B2B Marketing in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • Anupama poduri cmo b2b conference 2020

    Anupama Poduri

    Director, Global Marketing
    B2B Marketing in Manufacturing
  • Marnie Davey

    Marketing and Customer Experience Manager
    B2B Marketing in Manufacturing
  • anthony lieu b2b marketing conference 2020

    Anthony Lieu

    Head of Marketing and Lawyer
    Building brand and managing transformation, change and growth in professional services
  • Mark Bornstein on24 abm event australia asia singapore

    Mark Bornstein

    VP of Global Content Marketing
    How to create engaging digital experiences to drive ABM success
  • vikram kumar b2b conference asia 2020

    Vikram Kumar

    Senior Director, Strategy & Consulting
    Data-driven marketing, measurement, metrics, attribution and dashboards
  • Freda Amir

    Regional Head of Marketing, Fund Management Firm (Formerly with BNY Mellon)
    B2B Marketing in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • sarah tucker b2b marketing linkedin

    Sarah Tucker

    Head of APAC Marketing
    The impact of the pandemic on marketing strategies and priorities for 2020 and beyond
  • Assaf Tarnopolsky Marketing LinkedIn Singapore Asia B2B Conference Asia 2020

    Assaf Tarnopolsky

    Director, Marketing Solutions - South East Asia, North Asia & Japan
    Forum MC
  • nicholas kontopoulos cmo b2b conference

    Nicholas Kontopoulos

    APAC Regional Head of Marketing
    CX - The Channel-Less Customer – One Customer, One Experience, One Organisation
  • Kenneth Goh

    Senior Director, Martech
    MarTech - Transformation, The Funnel, Predictive Analytics and Forecasting
  • Nick Dennis Adobe B2B Conference 2020

    Nick Dennis

    Director, Solution Consulting APAC
    Building brand and managing transformation, change and growth in professional services
  • Joe Escobedo cmo b2b conference 2020

    Joe Escobedo

    Author, Brand Builder and B2B Consultant
    Content Marketing that cuts through the digital clutter
  • Sean Crichton Browne CMO Asia B2B Conference 2020

    Sean Crichton-Browne

    Head of Global Partnerships & Customer Engagement
    Marketing as owners of Customer Experience and Customer Centric Cultures
  • julie walker cmo slack b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2021

    Julie Walker

    Head of Marketing APAC
    The practicalities of running Strategic ABM
  • Iris Chan

    CMO, Asia Pacific and Japan
    Marketing and sales alignment in the digital-first world

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