Demand Generation 2.0 Workshop

Tuesday 6th October 2020

B2B-Marketing-Conference-Sydney-Australia-Sydney 2020

Modern Demand Generation 2.0 - Developing and Implementing a Buyer-Centric Demand Generation Strategy

Aligning people, processes, content data and technology to that of your buyers is necessary for successful demand generation. Much easier said than done as it requires much more than just implementing a set of technologies that at best will only enable a defined strategy.

B2B buying cycles continue to expand, the number of buyers involved in a buying process has increased, buyers are continuingly growing in sophistication and marketing departments are being forced to keep up.

Add to this CEOs demands for marketing to drive revenue and the need to drive qualified demand only continues to grow in importance.

Despite this current environment, many marketers are still challenged with developing a consistent demand generation engine that produces the needed results.

The good news is, you can acquire the learning and skills needed to develop and implement a revenue generation, buyer-centric demand generation program.

Join us for a full-day intensive workshop to learn how to develop and implement buyer-centric, strategic demand generation programs that attract new buyers, nurture them along their buying path, turn them into brand advocates, and –best of all– produce revenue-based results.

By attending this workshop you walk away with the following:

  • An understanding of the three dimensions of modern demand generation and the foundational elements necessary for success
  • Develop buyer profiles that provide insight into the buyer’s role
  • Define and document the buyer’s journey and their content and channel preferences
  • Collaborate and align with sales to ensure demand generation success
  • Determine the key marketing technologies you will need to enable demand generation success
  • Gain an understanding of the steps to implement your strategy and analyze the results

This workshop will involve breakout sessions for attendees to apply what they are learning in real-time. Each attendee will also receive a workbook of templates that will reinforce the learning and will be used during the breakout sessions.

Carlos Hidalgo

Carlos Hidalgo b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2020

Course Creator & Facilitator

Carlos Hidalgo is founder and CEO of VisumCx, a Customer Experience Strategy Firm. Carlos has over 25 years’ experience working with B2B large enterprises to start-up organizations in delivering multi-channel customer experience strategies and programs.

Carlos is widely recognized for his expertise in B2B change management strategies, marketing, sales, content and demand generation and is also international speaker on how organizations need to transform in order to drive innovation and growth.

Carlos is the author of Driving Demand, which is ranked as a top 5 marketing book of all time by Book Authority.  Additionally, he has won numerous awards and has named to some of the most prestigious leadership lists in the industry including the SLMA Sales Lead Management and the most Influential in B2B Marketing by Onalytica.