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Carlos Hidalgo B2B Marketing Conference SYD
Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation & Change Management Specialist


Keeping customers for life – Autodesk’s business model transition to a subscription model – implications on marketing, engagement, metrics and relationships

In a subscription-based business, the sale is never complete and revenue comes from loyal customers over time.

Instead of waiting for multi-year renewal cycles to come around again, the big difference with subscription and consumption models is that B2B marketers now need to consistently nurture their customers and receive recurring revenues rather than one-time purchases. As such, marketing has a critical role to play in shaping and maintaining the long-term customer relationship and retention tactics must be given a front row seat in the organisation’s marketing strategy.

In this session, Bhupesh, APAC CMO at Autodesk, a design software company for the engineering and construction industry will share how Autodesk, five years ago embarked on this transformational change of introducing a  subscription-based marketing model.

He’ll share how his team now has to stay involved with customers long after the sale.

  • The importance of marketing’s role in the post-sale, on-boarding process and customer service when using a consumption model
  • The retention tactics and engagement marketing strategies they use when continuously connecting with customers
  • The importance of working with internal and external partners post-sale
  • The metrics of subscription-model marketing – the greater emphasis on the recurring revenue metrics and the measurement of your effectiveness in engaging and nurturing existing customers.
Bhupesh Lall CMO Autodesk B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Bhupesh Lall


Driving business growth by personalising complex buyer journeys and aligning product, marketing, sales and distribution partners across every channel.

Back in 2016, as Craig took over the reins as Head of Marketing and Sales within Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services division, marketing was closely aligned to different business units with a focus on compliance comms and product marketing. The retail business lacked a central brand strategy.

In this session Craig will share the journey of bringing sales, marketing, product and distribution partners together with shared accountability for common goals and objectives.

He will share the strong focus on sales training and enablement programs and the fundamental steps of realigning the teams to becoming a combined revenue and growth machine.

Craig Griffin CMO Macquarie Group B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019


At the beginning of the decade, the term “sales enablement” was nearly nonexistent. Today, Forrester research is calling sales enablement a “cornerstone practices in sales and marketing” and organizations have rolled out worldwide sales enablement programs with hundreds and thousands of employees involved. In fact, the number of people with ‘sales enablement’ in their titles has increased by more than 130 percent since 2016.

What caused such rapid change? In this keynote, Seismic CEO and co-founder Doug Winter will reveal the real reasons behind sales enablement’s skyrocketing growth and incredible future. The answer, it turns out, is not surprising or magic. It involved an incredible amount of hard work, ambition, and talent held by sales enablement’s early practitioners—the pioneers in the room who have shaped the future of sales and marketing for the foreseeable future.

Doug Winter CEO Seismic B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
10:30 - 11:00




Building a solid brand and engaging engineers as your brand ambassadors

In a professional services firm, people are your product, brand and positioning plays an especially important role in an otherwise undifferentiated industry.

As Danielle joined Aurecon, an Australian engineering and infrastructure advisory company in 2009, the company had just merged and re-branded three separate companies into the one new brand of “Aurecon”.

On her first day she was told of the new brand, give the brand guidelines and told to implement. In this session she’ll share:

  • The brand journey of positioning the new brand across different industries and countries
  • The key elements of the stand-out programs
  • Telling the brand story through the lens of its people – engineers as brand ambassadors and thought-leaders.
  • The strong partnership between the marketing and HR teams for attracting the best talent
  • The award winning employer brand and graduate recruitment campaigns
Danielle Bond CMO Aurecon B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Danielle Bond
Global CMO


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Sitecore b2b marketing conference Sydney Australia 2020


CX is a strategic, cross-functional change program and not just improvements in digital experience and campaign integration.

So how can you, as a B2B marketer drive change across the organisation?

In this session, Joanne will share how Pepper have embarked on producing a Customer Strategy and a number of CX initiatives

For a rapidly growing medium sized company that has always been customer focused, putting ‘on the breaks’ and convincing the Executive team that customers’ expectations had changed and therefore Pepper needed change, was a journey in itself.

This practical presentation will cover how Pepper:

  • Identified and defined the problem
  • Created a strategy supported by the CEO
  • Changed the focus of its Marketing team to be CX led
  • Is currently implementing 7 key initiatives.
Joanne Thrift LinkedIn B2B Marketing Conference 2019 SYD
Joanne Thrift
Global CMO


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As one of Australia’s largest B2B organisations, up until a year ago Australia Post did not have a dedicated B2B Marketing Function or Strategy.

A year ago, Rebecca set out building the B2B marketing function for all B2B segments, from micro to Enterprise and Government customers, based of deep customer experience and insights driven by data-led marketing.

In this session she’ll share how she and her team are using a data-first approach focused on commercial outcomes before mapping out the martech requirement and roadmap needed to support their individual customers.

Rebecca Burrows General Manager, Segment Development & Marketing Australia Post B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Rebecca Burrows
General Manager, Business & Government


Growing Australian brands internationally – global brands for local markets and individual customers

Another Australian start-up success story, Nearmap provides aerial maps as a subscription service for Australian engineering, property, telco and government businesses.

Founded in Perth in 2007, they have today evolved from a small online start-up to an ASX 300 technology company.

With a strong background in brand building, Silvia was hired in 2017 to continue to scale the brand across multiple geographies and drive the consistent and compelling global brand profile and positioning.

In this session she’ll share:

  • Turning brand mission into tangible results for the business
  • Demonstrating how the brand provides growth and financial value to the business
  • Brands as growth investment
  • How brand enables revenue measurement
  • Maintaining the purpose and value of the brand during growth
Silvia Arrigoni Nearmap CMO B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019 High Res
Silvia Arrigoni
VP, Global Brand Marketing


CX transformation through digital experiences

How do marketing leaders get a seat at the table and gain corporate buy-in and move the dial on their CX transformation?
MinterEllison is Australia’s largest multinational professional services firm and one of the oldest of the big-6. For their digital transformation to commence, alignment between marketing, IT and the professional services partners was imperative.
In this session, Diane Gates, CMO of MinterEllison will share her insight in aligning marketing in this unique environment covering:

  • How to get corporate investment and engagement
  • Martech, IT and corporate alignment and how to speak the same language
  • Experiences with team structure. Which are the key roles and responsibilities to get started
  • How to speak to the results received
  • How change is initiated and driven for a seamless CX experience
Diane Gates Minter Ellison B2B Marketing Conference 2019 SYD
Diane Gates


B2B E-commerce – from Tradies to Enterprise – moving B2B business through digital channels

As a “Bunnings for Big Business” Blackwoods have been on an 18 month digital transformation journey of moving sales online.

Whether you’re a Tradie or BHP or Rio Tinto, how they place their orders are the same.

Justin will share the 18 month digital transformation journey which have seen e-commerce business grow from 20% to 40%.

He’ll share the journey of web design, data analytics, personalisation and use of AI to deliver on the vision of moving 70% of business through digital channels.

Justin Lyster General Manager Digital Blackwoods B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Justin Lyster
General Manager Digital


Panel: The balance between brand and revenue investments

  • The valuation of the brand – a company’s biggest asset
  • How the brand is lived across the company and not just a logo or a campaign
  • Human psychology of B2B brand and logo
  • Brand as a strategy and asset and not a compliance
  • Controlling your brand through social
  • Brand and purpose in APAC – a region that is a melting pot of cultures who all want personalised client experiences
  • How are marketing leaders measuring and communicating their tangible and less tangible contributions to a brand
  • Can the brand truly drive growth and bottom line – how do you measure
  • How relevant is brand strategy to the CEO and board?
natalie truong cmo mercer b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Natalie Truong
CMO Asia & Head of B2B Marketing Pacific
Natalie Feehan COM MYOB B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Natalie Feehan
Executive GM, Group Marketing
Glenn Flower 5GNetworks Chief Marketing B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia
Glenn Flower
Chief Marketing & Product Officer


How B2B Marketers can drive CX business transformation

In this session the panellists will share their experiences:

  • How, as a B2B marketer you can initiate and lead the change and build an integrated customer, employee and brand experience
  • How to measure the customer experience and improvements (customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy
  • The importance of collecting customer feedback at different touchpoints across the customer journey
  • Leveraging data and technology to understand customers’ behaviour, friction points for faster resolution
  • Creating a seamless channel integration that allows you to exploit engagement opportunities
  • Recommendations for working with cross-functional stakeholders such as HR
  • Marketing’s role in ensuring employee engagement and experience – The importance of linking, planning and running employee and customer experience programs in alignment
  • How do we measure the revenue impact on CX programs
Danielle Bond CMO Aurecon B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Danielle Bond
Global CMO
Trisca Scott Branagan ANZ Marketing conference Sydney 2019
Trisca Scott-Branagan
Head of Marketing, Institutional
Bhupesh Lall CMO Autodesk B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Bhupesh Lall


Emerging technologies and their impact on marketing

  • Martech future forecast – What is in store for the marketing, sales, and service tech stack of the future?
  • Your what’s changing, what’s not, and what really matters in 2019
  • How do you leverage the technologies around blockchain, ML, AI, IoT for marketing?
  • What are the practical use cases already in market?
  • Intent data as a new channel for B2B marketing
Andres Torres
Head of Marketing ANZ
Anna Wood Ansarada B2B Marketing Conference Sydney 2019
Anna Wood
Head of Product Marketing
Vesna Olles BOC South Pacific GM Product and Customer Marketing B2B Marketing Conference 2019 Sydney
Vesna Olles
GM Product & Customer Marketing
Jennifer Arnold VP of Marketing SAP B2B Marketing Conference Sydney 2019
Jennifer Arnold
VP of Marketing, Asia Pacific Japan & Greater China
12:30 - 13:30


Round-Tables B2B marketing conference sydney australia 2019


Each discussion group is moderated by a B2B marketer who will first share their own story and then pose questions to the table, giving delegates an opportunity to share experiences, discuss issues, learn about other’s pitfalls and success stories and benchmark with peers. And most importantly, get to know each other!

13:30 -14:20


With over 20 years of international experience in the wealth management sector across financial services companies in South Africa, the UK and Australia, Debbie has a world-wide view and breadth of experience to draw on.
Debbie has led initiatives that include transforming an entirely analog centred financial services business to becoming a pre-eminent digital, customer-centered provider in its field; embedding customer & CX as the core driver of strategic organisational change; leading an organisation rebranding program (including change of name); integrating digital and marketing automation strategy into marketing strategy and operations.
Debbie sees the crucial role Marketing needs to play in supporting organisations navigate through the turbulence of the times, underpinned by strategies that look to solve for the dilution of trust and increase connection with customers within both B2B & B2C environments within the Financial Services arena.
Debbie’s view is that Marketers are most strongly placed and technically wired to lead the critical relational alignment needed between the customer & the internal functions of Sales, Marketing & Product while always championing the voice of employees to meet customer expectations.
In this group discussion we’ll examine the role Marketers can play to lead the examination of customer & culture and how to align these in a way that enhances relationships with customers. For this round table discussion bring your own perspectives and an appetite for robust debate for the table.

Debbie Jensen CMO Challenger B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Debbie Jensen
General Manager of Marketing


Do you really know who your customer is? A customer segmentation case study.

After a variety of IT&T marketing roles, Joanne entered the world of managed cloud services with Rackspace and has spent the last 5 years purposefully reinventing what Rackspace delivers to its customers – from servers in space to application modernization across the world’s leading clouds, the business model.

Redefining who Rackspace’s new customer was and reshaping how we turn up for them was an 18 month journey. She’ll share the steps involved to bring this project to life including the challenges of identifying and pulling together the right eco-system of agencies, partners and tools, seeking internal buy-in, delivering the output and enablement of all ANZ employees (Rackers) to bring it to life.

Joanne Schofield Director Marketing ANZ Rackspace B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Joanne Schofield
Marketing Director ANZ


george pappas cmo linde material handling b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019 Manufacturing
George Pappas
APAC Head of Marketing, Sales, Service, Operations


Building brand and managing transformation, change and growth in professional services

After cutting her teeth in design, media and publishing, Katie moved into professional services marketing within the construction, industrial and engineering sectors. After joining SMEC, an Australian turned global engineering consultancy in 2016 and in the middle of a brand refresh, the company was acquired and has since been on a journey of significant transformation and growth. Katie will share her experience in building brand and managing transformation, change and growth in the professional services sector.

katie omalley cmo smec b2b marketing conference sydney australia 2019
Director of Group Marketing & Communications


Stretching smaller teams and budgets

Having spent four years with ASX200-listed technology company NEXTDC, Kelly last year joined the much smaller team at Brisbane based medical software company, Genie Solutions.

She’ll share how she allocates her limited budget and resources with focus on the importance of lead gen tracking, quickly changing direction when things don’t work, the importance of team culture and accountability of every team member.

This is a round table discussion – bring your own questions and advice for the table.

Kelly Chapman Small Business SMB Marketing
Kelly Chapman
Head of Marketing & Customer Experience


Narrow & Deep Marketing

This session is for organisations with up to 250 big accounts where the main focus is not on generating and nurturing new leads, but instead on retention, up-selling, cross-selling and broadening the reach within these accounts.
It’s for marketers with a narrow customer base where focus is on diving deep into the business across many business units and/or decision makers.

Chris Quinn Vice President Marketing Communications and Digital Customer Experience Schneider Electric B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Chris Quinn
VP Marketing Communications and Digital Customer Experience
Joe Craparotta-Vice President-Schneider Electric-B2B-Marketing-Conference-Sydney-Australia-2019
Joe Craparotta
VP Sales, Strategic Customers & Segments




Keynote: The role of the CMO as a business leader first, marketer second – and the CEO’s trusted advisor

Having spent 20 years leading marketing teams worldwide with Accenture, Tracy is now responsible for building an ANZ world-class marketing growth team. In this session she’ll share how she’s had to re-educate the leadership team that marketing is a business leader first, marketer second and how she’s elevated the view of marketers as strategic leaders of growth.

She’ll share:

  • Positioning the CMO as a business centred leader first, marketer second
  • The importance of business acumen vs focus on brand in isolation of the business
  • Advice for presenting to the leadership team; understanding the need to focus on their pain points vs your own day-to-day agenda, the importance of being prepared to defend your data and ensure the data presented are linked to business objectives
  • Stakeholder engagement – work your network – how to be present and relevant in their worlds.
Tracy Gawthorne
CMO/Managing Director, Marketing & Communications, ANZ


The future of B2B marketing

Global CMO, Jay from US based research firm SiriusDecisons will share their latest research and advice for how SiriusDecisions and other high performing B2B marketing, sales and product functions are doing to preparing for the future.

Accountability is at an all-time high for B2B marketing teams. They are expected to drive more revenue with a limited budget — while also guaranteeing that success can be easily measured. CMOs must refine their operations to streamline their marketing efforts and position their teams to easily measure the impact of future campaigns. This session addresses these realities by providing insight into how leading CMOs develop seven key operational characteristics that drive performance and efficiency, and future-proof their organization.

Jay will also reveal key results from SiriusDecisions’ latest global CMO study that demonstrates where CMOs expect to focus investment, skills/capabilities development, and organisational change over the next two years.

Jay Gaines
Global CMO


Closing Keynote – How to keep yourself at the edge – relevant, effective, wanted and thriving

Communications industry leaders, Chris Savage, a former COO of STW (now WPPaunz), the largest listed marketing content and communications group in the southern hemisphere and a highly regarded inspirational speaker, will provide you with 10 leadership lessons to keep yourself relevant and valuable as you ride the tidal wave of marketing change.

It’s an opportunity to spend some time thinking about where you are in your career – your objectives, goals,aspirations and intent, and how to evolve your personal “brand, offer and value proposition” to remain at the leading edge of the industry by “thinking new, thinking big, and thinking quick”.

Christopher Savage B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2019
Chris Savage
Business Growth Specialist