Prasana Prapoo Global Head Marketing Brand AIG Global Services

Prasana Prapoo

AIG Global Services
Global Head of Marketing

Prasana started her 1st marketing gig at the age of 17, challenged to formulate strategies to boost sales during a National Travel & Tourism fair in Malaysia. Through her strategy implementation, there was an increase of 35% above the targeted sales. This inspired Prasana to believe that she rocked ‘Marketing’ and could become a marketer that customers will love, creating real results and business impact.

Having completed her Masters in Communications and eBusiness and Management in Australia, she gained extensive work experience in the areas of customer experience, branding, communications, stakeholder management, account servicing and sales.

With a heart that always longed for home, Prasana moved back to Malaysia and took on a role in Communications and Engagement working for AIG Technologies. Known for always ‘thinking-out-the-box with proven success rate’, Prasana stretched her scope of work and managed to apply ‘’Marketing concepts and strategies in the world of IT. Through innovative change initiatives and successful relationship building with her unique and welcoming style, Prasana is now the ‘’Global Head for Product Marketing and Communications for AIG Infrastructure Services. She is also particularly passionate about helping other middle management women leaders to build and navigate their careers and leadership.


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1:30PM - 2:10PM

CMO Panel – The CMO as owner of Customer Experience

“86% of CMOs and senior marketing executives believe they will own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020.” – how are we tracking?

The role of marketing in customer experience – How marketers are becoming gatekeepers of customer experience in their businesses and how to prepare for a customer-centric future
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