2019 Forum Program - Melbourne

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8:30AM - 9:00AM

Registration & Coffee

9:00AM - 9:10AM
James Lush

Founder and Director

Lush Media
emma roborgh founder and ceo b2b marketing leaders forum conference for cmo in singapore asia 2018
Emma Roborgh

Founder & CEO

B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

Welcome and opening remarks from the MC

9:10AM - 9:35AM
Suzanne Robertson

Head of Hirer/B2B Marketing

Babi Kahveci

Head of Brand and Candidate/B2C Marketing


One brand for the B2B & B2C marketplace – how SEEK evolved it’s approach to brand strategy and communications

In this session, Babi, Head of B2C/Candidate Marketing and Suzanne, Head of Hirer/B2B Marketing will share the challenges faced and lessons learnt in building the first ever marketplace campaign for SEEK, “Pink Smoke” in September this year, including how they have harnessed the SEEK challenger spirit in the face of increased competition.

Babi and Suzanne will cover the rationale behind the new brand and communications strategy and what it took to build the most ambitious campaign yet for the leader in online employment.

9:35AM - 10:00AM
Suzana Ristevski,, CMO NAB, former GE, B2B marketing conference Melbourne 2018 November
Suzana Ristevski

CMO, Executive GM Marketing & CX


A B2B Marketer in the top job at NAB

As former CMO of NAB, Andrew Knott set about building his marketing team he wanted the best of the best.
So when appointing the General Manager, Business Bank Marketing & Customer Strategy at NAB he recruited GE CMO, Suzana Ristevski.
As Andrew moves to the US with JPMorgan Chase, Suzana takes over the role of CMO, Executive General Manager Marketing & CX at NAB.

In this fire-side chat she'll share her personal marketing leadership and career journey.


10:00AM - 10:25AM
Adam-Coroner domo marketing b2b conference singapore cmo aisa
Adam Cordner

Senior Solution Consultant


Answer any business question…from your phone

Every marketer has received the dreaded text or email asking for a report (by COB) on that one obscure, or perhaps not so obscure, but oh-so-complex part of their business. That moment of panic, of dropping tools, of begging analysts and re-diverting resources is a painfully familiar scenario for most seasoned marketers.

Whether you need that information immediately to answer someone else’s question, or whether you need it to drive a high-performance marketing culture and greater strategic alignment within your organisation, the reality is that the days of gut instinct marketing, vanity metrics and intangible ROI are over. Just as society has become contingent on instant gratification, so too is our professional world evolving to be more mobile, real time and on demand.

Join Adam Cordner of Domo as he shares best practice examples of how marketing leaders from around the world are harnessing the power of their data to answer their most important business questions, from any device, at the speed of now.

Hosted by: DOMO at B2B Marketing Conference in Singapore Asia 2018

10:30AM - 11:00AM

Networking morning coffee break


11:00AM - 11:25AM
Penny Elmslie Marketing CMO Xero B2B Conference Melbourne 2018
Penny Elmslie

Head of Marketing, Sales & Small Business Director

Xero Australia

Case Study: Lessons learnt from a one-year journey of fully owning the end-to-end customer

As Small Business Director Penny is no longer “only” Head of Marketing at Xero Australia. Since January she is also responsible for all Marketing and the Direct/ Online Sales Channel at Xero Australia.
As a result, Marketing now owns the full end-to-end customer experience.

In this case study session Penny will share:

  • Why, How and Lessons Learnt from merging marketing & customer sales
  • Direct and online sales and marketing alignment to do the right thing by our customers at every stage.
  • Close Alignment with the Xero Partner Channel Accountants & Book Keepers to remove channel conflict & competing for revenue attribution
11:25AM - 11:50AM
Tori starkey cmo ricoh b2b marketing conference melbourne australia 2018
Tori Starkey

CMO and GM Marketing


Case Study: Design thinking and embedded curiosity for transforming a sales led company culture to a marketing led organisation

In this session Tori will share how, with the vision and buy-in from the MD, was hired a year ago to transform the previously sales led company culture to a marketing led organisation with a clear go-to-market strategy.
She will share the transformation journey shifting from following sales, to opening doors to the right opportunities & new revenue streams - leveraging Design Thinking & Embedded Curiosity to do so.
She’ll share:

  • The marketing transformation over the past year across - people, processes, technology and leadership
  • How data analytics and customer insights are now starting to be utilised to support decision-making, customer experiences and performance
  • The new product management approach, based on Design Thinking to streamline processes to support an agile and responsive business model
  • Transforming and re-engineering the CRM platform and sales enablement program to support the new organisation




11:50AM - 12:20PM
Mitchell Mackey

APAC Marketing Director

Amy Walker

Co-Founder & Head of Growth


How better Marketing Operations makes us better Marketers

We all know the marketing landscape has changed, that's old news. We're juggling more channels than ever before, building clever marketing automation and customer personalisation stacks, and producing the tonnes of content needed to feed all of these platforms and channels.

But is it making us better marketers? Or are we so bogged down with manual processes and marketing administration that we can't see the wood for the trees?

Amy Walker, Head of Growth at Cooperate, and Mitchell Mackey, Marketing Director at Ansell dive into how better marketing operations enable marketing teams to be better marketers.

They'll show you how you can:

  • Ensure team alignment by providing greater insight into marketing and driving cohesion across your organisation.
  • Deliver brand consistency and reducing brand risk by delivering on-point messaging for your customers on a global scale.
  • Get more done faster by streamlining marketing activity to empower your marketing team to do what they do best.

Hosted by 

Jennifer Ten Seldam CMO SEEK B2B Marketing conference Melbourne
Jenn ten Seldam

Marketing Director

Joanne Thrift CMO Pepper Money B2B Marketing Conference Melbourne
Joanne Thrift

Chief Marketing Officer

Kate Parker

Head of Marketing, Pacific

Lisa Bora KPMG B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Melbourne
Lisa Bora

Partner Customer, Brand, Marketing



The new CMO  have more technology budget, is an orchestrator of customer experience, is expected to lead transformational change, is an engine for growth and need to prove their value as a revenue generator. In this session four CMOs will share their views on:

  • CMOs at the leadership table – demonstrating value, supporting revenue and business growth
  • How they keep their own skills-sets relevant?
  • The marketing team of the future – recruiting for crucial skillsets and experience
  • How to build a team with the right mix of skills and ensuring they’re aligned
  • How to coach and performance manage your team to become future marketing leaders
  • Recommendations for emerging marketing leaders to boost their careers as future CMOs
12:55pm - 1:00PM
Andrew Haussegger

Co-founder & CEO

Green Hat

The state of B2B Marketing in Australia – Research Report

Andrew will share an Australian research report exploring B2B marketing practice, intentions and directions.

1:00PM - 1:45PM

Networking Lunch


1:45PM - 2:10PM
Ray Kloss CMO Cisco B2B Marketing Conference Melbourne Australia
Ray Kloss

Director Marketing ANZ


Brand vs Demand Impact. Leadership vs Vulnerability.

2:10PM - 2:35PM
Malte Weyhe Director, Asia Pacific Marketing at Korn Ferry, CMO b2b marketing conference melbourne 2018
Malte Weyhe

Director, Asia Pacific Marketing

Korn Ferry

The Focused Marketer

Today many B2B marketers are finding it hard to keep a laser-sharp focus on their ultimate marketing goals and are often pulled in many different directions: by conflicting interests and priorities within their business, digitisation – chasing the next shiny tool for the marketing tech stack, the ever-increasing expectations of the customer – led by their B2C experience, and budget pressures combined with the need to proof marketing ROI.

In this session we explore how Korn Ferry focuses its marketing on what matters most: client experience, brand building and lead generation. At the heart of their efforts sits the ‘FOCUS programme’ which we will get to know in more detail.


2:35PM - 3:00PM
Coran Lill CMO IRESS B2B Marketing conference melbourne australia
Coran Lill

Global CMO


Case Study: Building a fully centralised global marketing team from scratch

As an ASX listed fintech servicing the Financial Services industry, for 22 years they had no marketing team. Coran joined two years ago to build a fully centralised global marketing team, allowing for local differentiation across the seven countries in which they operate.

In this insightful presentation he’ll share the steps and strategies he’s gone through such as initially only focusing on small, incremental, quick wins to get momentum and win internal trust, credibility and confidence before launching into a desperately needed re-brand.

3:00PM - 3:30PM

Afternoon networking coffee break

3:30PM - 3:55PM
Pip Arthur

CMO & Comms Director


Transforming Microsoft.  One person, one story at a time.

Microsoft went from a start up to a $96 billion company with nearly 120,000 employees in 120 countries.  But then Microsoft lost its direction.  It was chasing relevance in an increasingly mobile world and attempting to compete with Apple and Google in the smartphone market. The company had posted its first-ever financial loss in 2012 and took a very public hit from its troubled acquisition of Nokia. Once the poster child of the technology industry, market watchers were openly questioning Microsoft’s importance in 2014.

The impact of this resulted in the Global CMO Chris Capossela stating that ”Microsoft must transform its marketing in the next three years or fail'.

At the same time, Pip Arthur took over as CMO in Microsoft Australia.

Pip will share how over the last four years, Microsoft’s leadership and employees have spearheaded the company’s cultural transformation to make it one of the most valuable brands in the world.  She will share how a strategy underpinned by purpose-based storytelling, driven by a single-minded focus on putting people at the centre of the brand, has paid dividends in terms enabling fresh, exciting and ambitious marketing strategies which celebrate and value its customers, its people and society.


3:55PM - 4:20PM
Trisca Scott Branagan ANZ Marketing conference Melbourne 2018
Trisca Scott-Branagan

Head of Marketing, Institutional


Improving marketing teams with agile methodologies

Over the past few years we have modernised our marketing teams by heavily investing in new technologies and harnessing new capabilities. But we have continued to operate in the same way. In doing this, we’re yet to unleash the full potential of the investments we’ve made in our people and systems.

The next wave of disruption for marketing teams is here - and it’s happening through changing our processes.
Gain practical insights into some of the lessons learnt from embedding an agile approach within marketing teams.

  • Understand how agile marketing is different to software agile
  • Harness new ways of working to empower those who do the work to scope their work
  • Free up people’s calendars and emails so they can do real work and improve productivity
  • Uncover basic principles that have a profound impact - on both the work and the culture


4:20PM - 4:50PM
Christopher Savage The Savage Company B2B Conference Marketing Melbourne 2018
Christopher Savage

Business Growth Specialist

The Savage Co

Closing Keynote – How to keep yourself at the edge – relevant, effective, wanted and thriving

Communications industry leaders, Chris Savage, a former COO of STW (now WPPaunz), the largest listed marketing content and communications group in the southern hemisphere and a highly regarded inspirational speaker, will provide you with 10 leadership lessons to keep yourself relevant and valuable as you ride the tidal wave of marketing change.

It’s an opportunity to spend some time thinking about where you are in your career - your objectives, goals, aspirations and intent, and how to evolve your personal “brand, offer and value proposition” to remain at the leading edge of the industry by “thinking new, thinking big, and thinking quick”.

James Lush

Founder and Director

Lush Media

Closing remarks

5:00PM - 6:00PM
Karen Powell MD McCorkell b2b marketing conference melbourne australia
Karen Powell

Managing Director


Networking drinks on the terrace

Hosted by

9:00AM - 4:00PM
Mona Lolas CMO VisumCX Channel Partner CX Workshop Customer Experience Strategy Journey Mapping Sydney Australia 2019
Mona Lolas

Managing Director, APAC


Workshop: Customer Experience Strategy & Journey Mapping

Without understanding the various steps customers take from brand engagement to brand advocacy, it is impossible to develop a customer experience strategy.

Understanding customers, their motivations, the roles within the organisation that will interact with your brand, purchase your product or service, engage with customer support, and their end-to-end lifecycle is a must in order to provide a unified customer experience.

This Customer Experience Workshop will walk attendees through how to Enable, Equip and Empower Your organisation for Customer Experience and ensure that every customer touch point delivers on the promise of CX.

Attendees to the work shop will walk away with the following:

  1. Prescriptive elements on how to create a customer experience based on your corporate brand values
  2. How organisations can harness the power of their data, develop customer insights and translate that into CS delivery across all departments
  3. How to deliver content and a digital engagement that delights customers
  4. A view into customer experience maturity and how to turn customers into advocates

Framework developed by Carlos Hidalgo, one of North America's most influential B2B marketer.

Workshop Leader:
Mona Lolas
Managing Director APAC

With 25 years of local and international marketing and sales experience, most recently as VP Marketing APAC at Gartner and before that with companies such as IR, Autodesk, Symantec, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Optus, Telstra and IBM, Mona is now, in her role as Managing Director APAC of US based VisumCX, responsible for taking the company’s Customer Experience Strategy and Journey Mapping framework to the region. She is currently a Board Director at AMI, Australian Marketing Institute.
Developed by Carlos Hidalgo, one of the most respected and influential B2B marketers in North America and Author of “Driving Demand - Transforming B2B Marketing to Meet the Needs of the Modern Buyer”, VisumCX’s workshop methodology involved working with you across every customer touch point including marketing, sales, service & delivery, and customer support. VisumCx’ framework Enables, Equips and Empowers organisations to not just speak about customer experience, but truly enable it at every interaction and deliver a seamless and exceptional experience for their customers.

Tickets are capped at max 30 attendees for a personal learning experience.