Justine Arscott

Senior Marketing Manager
Justine Arscott is currently a Global Senior Marketing Manager at Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters). In her current role, as part of the global Content Strategy group, she’s responsible for designing user-centred, buyer stage appropriate digital communication strategies that align to global business goals and objectives. Key to her content strategy work is customer journey mapping – helping align & create world class content for each stage of the customer journey, from first experience through to point of sale across Refinitiv’s main customer segments. Prior to this, Justine worked in various roles throughout Refinitiv, including Marketing Operations, then moving to become Head of Marketing for Southeast Asia and now to the global Content Strategy team – all the while focusing on keeping the customer experience front of mind.  With over ten years of global experience, she currently sits in Singapore, but has worked previously in the UK, South Africa and China.

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