Mark Adams

Executive General Manager Specialised Sales, NAB Business Bank
Mark Adams, NAB Business Bank speaking at B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2016 in Sydney

Mark Adams

Executive General Manager Specialised Sales, NAB Business Bank


Mark Adams is a member of the NAB Business Bank executive team which is responsible for serving the financial needs of over 500,000 business customers. NAB’s business customers range from small to medium enterprises to global corporations, and are located in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and around the globe.

The 600-strong Specialised Sales team is a multi-product, omni-channel sales team, covering the full range of customer financial needs from transactional banking, trade, invoice and equipment finance, digital and direct banking through to foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives.

For more than 23 years, Mark has specialised in customer service roles, with particular expertise in relationship management, creating a technology-enabled customer experience and building customer knowledge through Customer Relationship Management systems and Digitisation. At NAB, his focus is on bringing together a number of complex businesses including payments, deposits, debt financing and financial markets.

NAB is improving the customer experience in today’s disrupted environment through great relationship management coupled with digital investment. Mark plays a key role in the strategy and execution of these initiatives.

Mark’s roles at NAB have included time spent in Financial Markets, Debt Capital Markets, and as a Relationship Director. He also led the remediation of the currency options business following a fraud incident in 2004.

Prior to joining NAB in 1999, Mark trained as a Chemical and Materials Engineer and then worked internationally in Mining and Oil Refining, including seven years based in London as he made the transition from minerals and oil resources into financial resources. In the course of his career, Mark has been covered in dust, sprayed with oil and has taken calls from angry customers whose credit cards have stopped working while overseas – so he is no stranger to adapting to complex and sometimes hazardous environments!

Today, running one of the largest customer divisions in NAB’s Business Bank, Mark’s leadership style combines the highest ethical standards with creativity and regard for the safety and of customers, employees and shareholders. He firmly believes this is best achieved though constant innovation to drive customer and employee satisfaction and results for NAB’s shareholders.

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