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Content Marketing

Content marketing – the importance of a strategic, integrated approach to content production and distribution for a consistent customer journey

Customers today expect a consistent experience at every brand touchpoint. This includes the content they’re served. When marketing, content and social media teams work together on content production and distribution using an integrated approach, not only are cost efficiencies realised but – most importantly – prospects and customers experience brand and storytelling consistently at every touchpoint of their journey.

In this hands-on deep-dive session, you’ll learn how a documented content strategy and a fully integrated approach to content production and distribution across all the marketing teams within your organisation can help you produce more with less while driving great results for your business.

Bring an idea for a piece of hero content (eg ebook or research piece) for your business, and we’ll work on a quarter-long content program to drive audiences to it from every channel, gain media coverage and, ultimately, drive brand awareness, leads, loyalty and advocacy.

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