Content Marketing

15 May 2018

Content Marketing

Do you want your content marketing to deliver tangible results for your business?

Content isn’t a marketing tactic. It’s a strategic play that impacts all areas of an organisation. And, done well, will deliver strong business results.

In this workshop, we’ll provide you with a framework to enable content to positively impact your business, and give you the takeaway tools and resources you’ll need to do it successfully.

You’ll gain:

  • An understanding of how to elevate your content marketing beyond marketing KPIs to deliver on your wider business strategy.
  • The right questions to ask in the exploratory phase, and how to identify those who should be involved.
  • How to define your content mission, audience insights and content pillars.
  • How to bring an audience-first – single customer mindset to your content.
  • The importance of governance. How to apply frameworks to ensure your strategy can be implemented and measured.
  • That storytelling remains at the heart of all good content marketing. How to ensure telling compelling stories doesn’t get lost in a quagmire of strategy, KPIs, process and measurement.

Illustrated by best-in-class case studies.

Hosted by:
Mahlab Australia B2B marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017