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14-16 May 2018 | Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf Sydney | Australia

B2B marketing conference sydney australia 2018


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14 May 2018
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15 May 2018
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Registration & Barista Coffee

Marketing Leadership


Welcome and opening remarks from the MC


Marketing Leadership – Demonstrating marketing’s contribution to company growth and revenue

  • Making an impact at the highest level - aligning marketing with the company’s priorities, as seen by the CEO and CFO
  • Customer centricity - understanding the strategic role of marketing leaders in a B2B customer focused organisation
  • Cross-functional leadership - Inspire your non-marketing colleagues to be customer centric
  • Build a winning marketing team, becoming a ‘leader of leaders’
  • The future of marketing as an innovative strategic business growth driver
Susan Jain CMO IBM Asia Pacific B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Susan Jain
CMO Asia Pacific, IBM (Singapore)
Susan Jain

The roadmap for transforming a hugely successful sales and engineering focused organisation to a marketing company – as a strategic business growth driver that owns 60% of the customer journey

  • The CMO as the change agent – clearly demonstrating marketing’s contribution to company growth and revenue through dashboards and metrics makes driving change easy!
  • The CMO as the change agent – clearly demonstrating marketing’s contribution to company growth and revenue through dashboards and metrics makes driving change easy!
  • Sales and marketing alignment for optimising the pipeline, SQL and insights
  • Analytics tools to understand buyers as individuals and how to make their journeys personal and relevant at every stage
  • The CMO at the leadership table (and the next CFO?) aligning marketing to the board’s growth priorities - Leadership of data, insights and operations
  • The Social First marketing organisation for humanising the brand
Mark Phibbs Marketing Cisco CMO B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Mark Phibbs
VP of Marketing APJ, Cisco (Singapore)
Mark Phibbs

CMOs at the leadership table and beyond

CEOs that recognise that marketing operates as profit (not cost) centre give their CMO a seat at the leadership table. In order to get there, marketers need to provide a clear view of marketing’s contribution to revenue, growth and bottom line results.

The increasingly larger role of marketing leaders today to take ownership of the customer journey and  leading digital transformation provides increased opportunities for future CMOs to move closer to the CEO role.

  • CMOs need to understand that most CEOs have a direct obligation to their board to drive a growth agenda
  • Finding the right metrics - what does commercial acumen as a CMO look like?
  • What does it take to transform your team from a perceived cost centre to a business-leading profit centre?
  • Putting analytically-centred marketers in strategic roles and making them strategic P&L leaders who “own” brand results and are accountable for total business results
  • How being data and revenue driven brings power and is helping CMOs gain more weight around the CXO table - aligning marketing metrics to business financials
  • Customers rule. Being customer-centred, gives you the ability to generate innovation-creating insights
  • The power of customer leadership - how customer engagement and insight needs to be at the heart of your leadership success
  • The journey from CMO to CEO
Kate Burleigh, Amazon Alexa B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Kate Burleigh
Country Manager, Amazon Alexa Skills
Kate Burleigh

Morning Coffee – Networking break

Data-Driven Marketing (Analytics / ROI / Dashboards)


Australian based, global software case study in turning marketing into a legitimate revenue generator, with a seat at the leadership table and 25% increased budgets

A marketer’s nirvana - effective campaigns backed by real-time analytics - demonstrating marketing’s contribution to the bottom line by accurately attributing, tracking and reporting on campaign metrics senior management cares about. In a relatively small, globally dispersed team with limited budgets, Natali and Stuart will explain how accurate campaign attribution, tracking, analytics and reporting have increased pipeline and revenue, fundamentally changing the internal view of the marketing team.

They will share the story of:

  • How the business set on a mission to move marketing from administrative cost centre to respected revenue engine with the KPIs aligned with both the sales and leadership teams
  • Driven by a revenue focused CMO appointed to the leadership table with the aim to change:
    • People: Identifying the skills and experience required of the new team
    • Technology: Fixing up the systems - the integrated MarTech stack - ensuring correct integration and data in-output for correct reporting and data-driven decision making
    • Processes: The implementation of new lead-scoring models and alerts to sales
  • The results from the re-imagined demand generation campaigns - from product to thought-leader focus
  • The monthly dashboard reported to the leadership team and board vs internal campaign reporting, tracking and measurement
Stuart Matthewman
Global Head of Demand Generation, IR
Stuart Matthewman
Natali Talevski Marketing Operations Analytics Measurement B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Natali Talevski
Global Marketing Operations Manager, IR
Natali Talevski

Does it Work?

Today we have a real opportunity to understand the effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts. It’s not easy to get there. Some measurements are difficult to make, some are uncertain, and some will tell us exactly what we don’t want to hear. But if we’re willing to embrace them, they all can help us understand what we’re doing and what we’re achieving. They can support bold directions and visionary thinking. They can take marketing out of a world of guts and gurus – and into one where we know what we’re doing and can forge truly creative ideas that work.

There’s a world of data out there that can help make good creative great and great creative as effective as it can be.

All we have to do is start asking: Does it work?

  DOMO b2b marketing leaders conference 2018 analytics data driven dashboards

Jason Burby
Chief Customer Success Officer, DOMO
Jason Burby

Navigating MarTech


Martech Power Plays – 3 martech executives present for 8 mins each on how to build a martech stack that drives business impact, efficiency and ROI

In this session we'll hear from three B2B Marketing leaders, all responsible for leading their organisation’s MarTech strategy. During their rapid fire five minute presentation, they will present the following;
  • Business challenge, key objectives & success metrics
  • Strategy & approach with technology stack
  • Operation team structure including skills/capabilities/partners
  • Key insights & learnings from implementation
  • Future vision roadmap
You'll hear them share:
  • Customer & business drivers for implementing marketing technology strategy
  • Importance of having a customer first vs. a technology first strategy and approach
  • Specific metrics used to define and measure business impact and success
  • Explain how the fully integrated stack, workflows and tools are aligned with sales, marketing and service departments for their customer journeys
  • Describe how to best recruit, enable, structure and retain an internal team and what to look for in a partner for support
  • Discuss what worked well and not so well and why
  • Outline their vision and future capability roadmap
John Khoury
General Manager - Sales Operations, Technology & Change Management
John Khoury
B2B Marketing Conference Rene Heffner Gettyimages UpdatedRene Hefner
Global Sales & Marketing Enablement Manager, Sales & Marketing Trainer, Getty Images
Rene Hefner
Will Scully-Power
Co-Founder and Director at Data Scouts
Will Scully-Power

Networking Lunch

Leadership and Change Managment

CMO Stream

SMB and Emerging Leaders Steam

CMO STREAM: Case Study: A Business’ Transformational Journey: a real business case study on Change Management Leadership at NAB

Understanding the challenges, processes and skills needed to guide an organisation through effective change
  • What key drivers led the NAB to embark on change management
  • What are the key skills required to guide the organisation effectively through that journey? (Developing managerial effectiveness, inspiring others, developing employees, leading and guiding change, cross-functional influence, managing internal stakeholders and politics)
  • The transformation process and time frames
  • What were the key results that impacted on the business and how has this been measured?
  • Advice for organisations looking to embark on such a journey
ndrew Knott CMO NAB marketing B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Andrew Knott
Andrew Knott

Case Study: SMB change management – Moving from a traditional product focused team to commercial and customer centric marketing that drives business growth goals

  • Introducing a start-up and commercially focused culture to a 20 year old technology SMB for local and international growth - managing culture, processes, infrastructure and customer centricity
  • Commercialising the whole organisation - mapping commercial rigour into the structure for the 2-3 year change journey
  • Growing the marketing function from crayons to commercialization – key skills and experience of the new commercially focused marketing team
  • True customer ownership; managing customer success and internal employee engagement through an employee governance model of empowerment
Tim Lyons CMO QSR International marketing business event Sydney Australia 2018Tim Lyons
CMO, QSR International
Tim Lyons

CMO Stream: Enterprise CMO Panel and Room Discussion: The NEW CMO Power Place:

  • CEO/CMO alignment - The new CMO power place -becoming the optimal provider of advice to the CEO
  • CMOs at the leadership table - supporting revenue and business growth; demonstrating value of your marketing activities to upper management with relevant metrics
  • The future CMO: The new CMOs have more technology budget, are orchestrators of customer experience, are expected to lead transformational change, are the engine for growth and need to prove their value as a revenue generator
  • Managing the MarTech stack – building your stack, ensuring successful implementations and ROI of investment
  • The marketing team of the future: recruiting for the crucial skillsets and experience and ensuring their skill-set remains up-do-date
  • The rapid CMO turnover - lack of analytical skills, the difficulty in driving change or ability to adapt to constant change
Scott Rigby
Head of Digital Transformation APAC, Adobe
Scott Rigby
Rebecca Malzacher Regional Marketing Director Australasia International SOS B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Rebecca Malzacher
General Manager Marketing, Australasia, International SOS
Rebecca Malzacher
Chris Quinn Marketing Digital Customer Experience Schneider Electric B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Chris Quinn
VP Marketing Communications and Digital Customer Experience - Pacific, Schneider Electric
Chris Quinn
Narelle Turner Marketing Broadspectrum B2B Conferences Sydney Australia 2018Narelle Turner
Executive General Manager, Development Planning & Marketing, Broadspectrum
Narelle Turner
Bernadette Conlon

Emerging Leaders Stream: CMO Panel and Room Discussion

From marketing guru to CMO - Future proofing your marketing career:
  • Which skillsets are most in demand to boost your as a future CMO
  • Specialist versus generalist skills to gain a solid experience foundation to navigate data, MarTech, analytics etc.
  • Agreeing and understanding on your KPIs: how to provide relevant metrics to management
  • The importance of personal branding and LinkedIn’s social selling index
  • Getting C-level executive buy-in to secure budgets for your marketing initiatives
Penny Elmslie Head Marketing Australia Xero B2B Conference Sydney 2018Penny Elmslie
Small Buisness Director, Xero
Penny Elmslie
Ben Cutler
Chief Customer Officer, Scottish Pacific
Ben Cutler
Jadanne Dare
Head of Marketing, Australia/New Zealand
Jadanne Dare

Afternoon coffee break and networking

B2B Content Marketing & Commercialisation


Case Study: Creating and commercialising a multi-channel content brand 

Until two years ago, Engineers Australia’s (EA) monthly magazine was their key communication tool with 105,000 members. Now the magazine is just one of a number channels EA uses to communicate with members and potential members. In the process, EA has taken a digital-first approach to their communications with a focus on elevating their organisation's profile, positioning themselves as a thought leader in innovative engineering, as well as growing their membership base.

Hear how Mahlab and EA have worked together to:

  • Develop the multi-channel content brand to support EA's broader business goals;
  • Implement the strategy and change at the right pace for the organisation and its members;
  • Recruit and build the right content team (a hybrid model of in-house and agency);
  • Cost-effectively use content to increase member and non-member engagement; and
  • Elevate content to be part of the organisation’s core value proposition and a significant revenue stream
Bobbi Mahlab
Managing Director, Mahlab
Bobbi Mahlab



Re-defining sales & marketing alignment in the era of next generation online marketing –  demand generation vs demand nurture

The McAfee Corporate Marketing team has been on a path of transformation for 18 months – including the launch of a new approach to demand generation, moving from “old school digital” to ABM focused intent-based demand. Brett will share the journey and lessons learned:
  • How using next generation online marketing means you can find and nurtureexisting demand vs. having to generate it from scratch
  • The initial skeptical reaction of the sales team after cutting event budgets, reducing global events from 1100 to 200, and moving that spend to intent based demand through digital channels and programmatic display ads.
  • How the pivot to digital resulted in having to redefine the relationship to sales, convincing sales that a digital lead is as good as personal lead at an event
  • The 300% increase in marketing contribution to pipeline
Brett Hannath Regional Marketing McAfee B2B Event Sydney Australia 2018Brett Hannath
Vice President, Worldwide Regional and Channel Marketing, McAfee (USA)
Brett Hannath

Customer Journey and Centricity


How to deliver on the promise of Customer Experience – the journey to customer centricity

B2B buyers and B2C buyers are demanding the same personal, fast and relevant user experience at every touch point in their B2B buyer journey as in their personal lives. Carlos will discuss the full arch of Customer Experience at every single customer touchpoint whether on or off-line, and the role of marketers in driving customer experience and change in their organisations:
  • The importance of understanding your customer journey across all touchpoints and crafting the experience you want your customers to have - at every level of the organisation
  • All customer facing functions need to know the mission and brand value of their organisation and then be equipped, enabled and empowered to deliver on that experience
  • Strategies for measuring and improving customer experience
  • How to demonstrate ROI from your CX program
Carlos Hidalgo Customer Experience Demand Generation Strategy B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Carlos Hidalgo
Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Specialist, VisumCx (USA)
Carlos Hidalgo

Closing remarks from the Chair


Networking drinks


Barista Coffee & Networking


Welcome and opening remarks from the MC



Inspiring Marketing Leadership – developing and mobilising the most powerful marketing team for your organisation

Marketing departments are becoming more complex. As we start out as marketers our priority is to develop our own functional marketing skills. As we start leading others, keeping up with the changes in functional skills is replaced by spending more time on management and leadership.

Building a well-aligned team with the right marketing and leadership skills mix becomes critical for success. But in this changing world, how do we find, keep and train the right marketing talent to operate effectively?

  • How to build a team with the right mix of skills and ensuring they’re aligned
  • The importance of functional marketing skills and getting the skill mix right
  • How to coach and performance manage your team to become future marketing leaders
Tricia Weener Global Head Marketing HSBC Commercial Banking B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Tricia Weener
Global Head of Marketing, HSBC Commercial Banking (Hong Kong)
Tricia Weener



Case Study: How to deliver a personalised, consistent, friction-free omni-channel customer experience for your business clients

Marketers increasingly need to deliver personalised digital engagements that not only meet, but also improve on their customers’ experience expectations.

Yet, without a clear understanding of the journey customers take with their brand, or the right insights or operational strategy to support their efforts, many struggle to achieve that goal.

The key to providing relevant, valuable and personalised experiences is to have an end-to-end approach to customer touchpoints dynamically managed and optimised.

To get there, marketers need to harness a range of capabilities, from a data-led single customer view, to digital technologies, a comprehensive content strategy, operational agility, and cross-functional collaboration.

In this session our speaker will share how they are:

  • Creating a company culture of high velocity decision making that enables quick responses to solve issues faced by customers
  • Organising departments to engage customers with contextually relevant, personalised experiences, everywhere and anytime
  • Leveraging data and technology to understand customers’ behaviour, friction points for faster resolution
  • Creating a seamless channel integration that allows you to exploit engagement opportunities
Charles Weiser CX Customer Experience Officer Optus marketing B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Charles Weiser
Head of Customer Experience and the CX Innovation Lab, Optus
Charles Weiser



Building a global brand strategy that drives revenue growth for the world’s largest consulting business 

  • Two years on; building a global brand and unifying a global business from scratch
  • How to create a global brand positioning strategy that drives revenue growth - replicating the decade long double digit growth of the Australian office
  • Brand challenges of a multi-speed and multi-category business and the need to go to higher grounds to create a positioning that works
  • Lessons learnt from leading the brand integration of more than 20 major mergers, acquisitions, alliances and partnerships
  • The role of brand in customer experience - articulated in a vision everyone in the company understands, and that drives shared meaning for management, employees, and customers
David Redhill Global CMO Deloitte Consulting B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018David Redhill
Global CMO, Partner, Deloitte Consulting
David Redhill




Case Study: Digital Transformation and beyond – creating a digital journey to support your business and B2B customers

  • Phase I: “The Single Source of Truth” purpose of Lendlease’s Digital Transformation program.
    • Shaping the marketing and technology deliverables and the programs guiding principles
    • Business support tools (Digital Asset Management System and Project Fact Sheets)
    • The team resources and skills to deliver – Marketing and IT as partners
  • Phase II: “The next stage of Digital Transformation” – contextual marketing and beyond
    • Now the website and framework has been created what does this offer Lendlease in 2018 and beyond?
    • The guiding principles moving forward
    • Content personalisation and analytics
    • The future state of CMS technology: from IT to Marketing
    • Team resources: the shifting roles and responsibilities between Marketing and IT
  • Calculating the value and business case of the transformation project and establish KPIs and ROI of the project
Julienne Harry Global Group Digital Marketing Manager Lendlease B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Julienne Harry
Global Group Digital Marketing Manager, Lendlease
Julienne Harry

Case Study: Managing Industry Change – Digitally transforming an entire industry from paper to a digital transaction process

Since the 1850s, property lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions have settled property exchanges through a paper-based property settlement process.

Since its launch in 2010 PEXA’s vision is to transition the entire property industry, bringing conveyancing into the 21st century, towards a 100% digital process that’s fast, safe and efficient.

The new digital process requires each of the parties to all have made the move to digital.

Daniel, who was previously VP Marketing at CA Technologies ANZ will share his mission of changing the behaviour of a conservative, risk averse and non-tech savvy industry and getting financial institutions, land registries, state revenue offices, lawyers and conveyancers to all interact together online:

  • The learning and enablement program, overcoming fear and uncertainty and creating the need to change
  • Engaging members from the early adopters to the laggards on a transition to 100% digital
  • The MarTech that supports the full cycle transition journey to full digital adoption
  • Marketing’s journey from “make it pretty” to strategic business partner for growth
Daniel McDermott Marketing PEXA B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Daniel McDermott
Head of Marketing, Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)
Daniel McDermott



How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is revolutionising marketing

  • Understand ways AI and ML will infiltrate the world of marketing over the next decade
  • Using AI and ML for predicting what customers want, generating content, advanced image and voice recognition and more
  • Learn how to unlock the full benefits of AI to deliver end-to-end customer experiences across all channels and better engage with your customers an every stage of their journeys
  • Understanding every customer interaction and deliver repeatable and scalable customer solutions that drive business objectives and achieve long lasting connections with your customers
  • The challenges of delivering on customer expectations: with more channels to monitor, more sources to manage and more data to make sense
Hosted by:
Adobe b2b marketing leaders conference cmo sydney
Scott Rigby
Head of Digital Transformation APAC, Adobe
Scott Rigby



Expert session leaders will provide mini workshops for deep-dive, in-depth learning. You will need to pre-register for one of the following three sessions.


Expert session leaders will provide mini workshops for deep-dive, in-depth learning. You will need to pre-register for one of the following three sessions.





Improving marketing teams with agile methodologies

Over the past few years we have modernised our marketing teams by heavily investing in new technologies and harnessing new capabilities. But we have continued to operate in the same way. In doing this, we’re yet to unleash the full potential of the investments we’ve made in our people and systems. The next wave of disruption for marketing teams is here - and it’s happening through changing our processes.

Gain practical insights into some of the lessons learnt from embedding an agile approach within marketing teams.

  • Understand how agile marketing is different to software agile
  • Harness new ways of working to empower those who do the work to scope their work
  • Free up people’s calendars and emails so they can do real work and improve productivity
  • Uncover basic principles that have a profound impact - on both the work and the culture
Trisca Scott-Branagan
Head of Marketing, Institutional, ANZ
Trisca Scott-Branagan

Growth Marketing – the fastest growing business application company in history!

San Francisco based Slack was launched in 2013 and is the fastest growing business application in history!

8,000 customers signed up for the service within 24 hours of its launch in August 2013.

In February 2015, the company had around 10,000 new daily active users signing up each week, and had more than 135,000 paying customers spread across 60,000 teams. By April, those numbers had grown to 200,000 paid subscribers and a total of 750,000 daily active users. In 2015, Slack passed more than a million daily active users.

Today, more than nine million people from over 50 000 companies including dairy farmers, dentists, publications and huge businesses like IBM use Slack every day as a hub and platform for communicating and sharing information with their coworkers.

Kelly, with a background as a developer will share:

  • The framework and success story behind Slack's exponential growth
  • How personalisation plays a role in marketing, and how products are built on humanizing customers with a focus on building an authentic human brand
  • Using data science and machine learning to bring more insights to business leaders
  • How machine learning can help work productivity and how AI keep people from feeling overwhelmed with data
elly Watkins Global CMO Slack B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2018Kelly Watkins
Vice President, Global Marketing, Slack (USA)
Kelly Watkins

Perpetual innovation – How the world’s most innovative teams surface great ideas to deliver exponential outcomes

We've all seen the examples of Lego's Hollywood movie, GE Ecomagination and Red Bull's sky dive from the stratosphere. They're held up time and time again as beacons of killer creative.

Enough already.

It's easy if you have sexy products, big budgets and household brand names. But what about B2B marketers? Those examples don't have anything to do with us. Or do they?

It turns out, we all suffer from something called Brand Detachment Disorder (B.D.D.). We can't connect the dots with unrelated brands and our blindness kills creative ideas before we even start. But guess what — the most brilliant minds understand creativity is something you consistently nurture, rather than leave to chance.

Welcome to Perpetual Innovation.

In this captivating presentation, author and marketing executive Carla Johnson shows you how combating B.D.D., recognizing inspiration everywhere and iterating ideas breeds unstoppable creativity and game-changing innovation for you and your company.

Are you ready to become a perpetual innovator?

Carla Johnson Customer Experience B2BCarla Johnson
Chief Experience Officer, Type A Communications and Chair, Board of Advisors, ANA's Business Marketing Association (USA)
Carla Johnson

Closing remarks from the chair and end of forum day two


Networking drinks




Wednesday 16 May 2018

Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf – SOHO

9am – 3pm

Without understanding the various steps customers take from brand engagement to brand advocacy, it is impossible to develop a customer experience strategy.

Understanding customers, their motivations, the roles within the organisation that will interact with your brand, purchase your product or service, engage with customer support, and their end-to-end lifecycle is a must in order to provide a unified customer experience.

This Customer Experience Workshop will walk attendees through how to Enable, Equip and Empower Your organisation for Customer Experience and ensure that every customer touch point delivers on the promise of CX.

Attendees to the work shop will walk away with the following:

  1. Prescriptive elements on how to create a customer experience based on your corporate brand values
  2. How organisations can harness the power of their data, develop customer insights and translate that into CS delivery across all departments
  3. How to deliver content and a digital engagement that delights customers
  4. A view into customer experience maturity and how to turn customers into advocates

Carlos has 20+ years of experience in leading organizations who are dedicated to meeting the demands of their customers by enabling the delivery of exceptional customer experience. He is known as an innovative thought-leading B2B marketing practitioner and industry visionary. He is widely recognized for his expertise in strategic integrated marketing, Demand Process, Demand TransformationSM and Marketing Automation.

Carlos has been named one of the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management for the last five years and was named as a Who’s Who in BtoB Marketing in 2011 and 2012.


Carlos Hidalgo Customer Experience Demand Generation Strategy B2B Conference Sydney Australia 2018Carlos Hidalgo
Customer Experience Strategy, B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Specialist, VisumCx (USA)
Carlos Hidalgo

Content and Digital Strategy Workshop

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf

9am – 3pm

Connect the dots between content and digital strategy: an integrated framework for aligning marketing to business goals.

Marketers today are challenged with more and more complexity. As content marketing becomes more cluttered and digital channels continue to expand and change, delivering more with less, and making every marketing decision a good one, is more important than ever.

Janine will outline how to connect the dots so both content and digital marketing efforts are in sync to maximise effectiveness, enable scalability and align to business goals.

  • A framework for mapping your content and digital strategy
  • How to connect the strategy to your business goals to deliver commercial outcomes
  • A process for delivering quality content consistently
  • How to plan your digital channels and paid strategies to get the most leverage and ROI

Janine is founder and Managing Director of Thinksmart Marketing (TSM), a strategy-led marketing firm which helps clients drive sustainable business value, revenue and customer growth by bridging the gap between traditional agency creative and commercial outcomes. Focused predominantly on content, digital and brand from strategy to execution.

Janine has over 20 years experience in B2B and B2B2C organisations across Australia and the UK both agency and client-side for some of the world’s leading brands. Her expertise is in simplifying complexity to develop a strategic marketing framework to deliver sales and other commercial returns to businesses, supporting the role of marketing as a growth centre.

Janine is also a lead instructor with ADMA and has developed the Content Marketing Advanced Certificate which she teaches.

Janine Pares
Founder and Managing Director, Thinksmart Marketing (TSM)
Janine Pares

Creating Commercial Insights & B2B Buying Dynamics in the Digital Era

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf

9am – 3pm

Traditional efforts to double down on “Customer Centricity “ and “Customer Understanding” are not having the desired effects for B2B marketers globally. Without understanding the critical factors that drive, change, influence and change customer behavior, many organizations are left to battle the forces of empowered learners, large & diverse buying groups and overwhelmed buyers.

This practical B2B Buying Dynamics Workshop will walk attendees through strategic and tactical plans on how to move beyond thought leadership and be equipped to develop  organizational capability in order to differentiate with revenue marketing.

Faced with the all too familiar commercial landscape of commoditization, stalled deals, ”good enough buying” and status quo, attendees to this workshop will walk away with the following:

  1. A deep understanding of why thought leadership doesn’t work in the new world  of buying and why the only way to consistently influence and change B2B customer buying behavior is with uniquely powerful commercial insights.
  2. A best practice and proven framework to create and deploy unique commercial insights using Gartner’s global 6 step commercial teaching choreography.
  3. How to address the 4 engines of status quo with tactical guides and templates on how to challenge, align and prescribe to B2B customers. What we commonly called the Supplier Antidote.
How to redesign your website to support and drive B2B buying.  
Gabriel Tsavaris
Executive Director CEB now Gartner, Sales and Marketing
Gabriel Tsavaris

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