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NEW for 2017! Expert session leaders will provide 40 minute mini workshops for deep-dive, in-depth learning. These will be held in boardroom style settings for maximum peer-work and interactions.

You will need to pre-register for both Deep-Dive Break-Out session 1 at 14:15 and Deep-Dive Break-Out session 2 at 15:10


Please choose one option from the following four sessions:


The Yin and the Yang of Content Marketing ROI

Sure you recognise the long-term value of content marketing, but at the same time, you need leads – now. The good news is, a strategic content approach can help you build meaningful, life-long customer relationships – AND capitalise on the latest data and technology to deliver on immediate lead-gen and sales results.

In this hands-on session, two of Australia’s leading strategists will introduce you to a KPI framework that leverages both short- and long-term results to drive meaningful business outcomes.

SiobhanHodgson Head of Engagement Global King Content Speaking B2B Workshop Content Marketing conference 2017 australia

Siobhan Hodgson

Head of Engagement (Global), King Content | An Isentia Company
Phil Brown Head of Strategy King Content Speaking B2B Workshop Content Marketing conference 2017 australia

Phil Brown

Head of Strategy (Sydney), King Content | An Isentia Company

Room: Main Conference Hall

Hosted by:


Marketing Automation: The driving catalyst for organisational change.
During this session, we’ll share insight into driving digital transformation in a ‘traditional’ business model. We will provide strategies to build a framework that allows your organisation to implement, evolve and drive success with Marketing Automation.
Featuring, Glenn Flowers, GM Marketing Telstra Wholesale will share how Telstra Wholesale united their organisation for digital transformation with Marketing Automation as the key pillar.
You will also take away three actionable strategies from two additional award winning B2B companies on driving increased ROI while automating your processes and better aligning with your sales organisations.

Nick Dennis

Director, Solutions Consulting, Oracle Marketing Cloud
Glenn Flower CMO Telstra Wholesale Customer Experience B2B Marketing Conference Sydney Australia 2017

Glenn Flower

General Manager Marketing, Telstra Wholesale

Room: Soho

Hosted by:

Oracle Marketing Cloud at B2B conference in Sydney Australia in 2017

3. Aligning Sales & Marketing for Revenue Growth including ‘Fire-Side’ Chat with e3Learning on how they used Integrated Automation to Get There!


This break-out is not a theory session but more so a discussion on the strategy and practicalities of lining up Sales and Marketing for a common cause – Revenue Growth. Andrew will draw on a real-world case study experience with Summer and focus on the following take-aways:

  • What is alignment and how it helps
  • The process of aligning Sales and Marketing
  • Why inter-connected marketing automation and CRM systems are mandatory
  • What we have learnt – the DO’s and DONT’s
  • Outcomes to expect (if you get it right)

Green Hat is a marketing consulting agency 100% dedicated to B2B. We provide customer lifecycle solutions integrating digital, data, content and automation. Our client list includes B2B blue-chip clients such as IBM, Tabcorp, USG Boral, e3Learning and Henkel.

e3Learning is part of the City and Guilds Global group, a global leader in online training and workforce management. With compliance and training being fundamental to the success of all organisations, e3Learning provides the learning tools that builds confidence in your business and the advanced platform to host courses and reporting.

Andrew Haussegger Greenhat speaking b2b marketing leaders forum sydney australia 2016

Andrew Haussegger

Managing Director, Green Hat

Summer Garcia

Head of Sales, e3Learning

Room: The Loft

Hosted by:


What is required to reinvent Marketing as the strategic leader of the business?

  • There must be a focus on culture around the customer across the business
  • There needs to be a tangible cross-functional measurement/KPI
  • There needs to be a focus on retaining customers not just gaining new ones
  • Marketing must engage C-level and all parts of the business, including the board through a customer culture

Dr Linden Brown who’s worked with the CEOs at Telstra, Ericsson, Ergon Energy, Fairfax Media and many more will deliver an interactive workshop that outlines the disciplines of How Marketing can build a Customer-Centric Culture and raise the level of Marketing at the Leadership table.

Brown has published 16 books, all in the field of marketing, strategy, and leadership including the latest edition of the No. 1 selling Australian university textbook, Marketing, 9th Edition, 2013 with Professor Philip Kotler.

Linden Brown Customer Culture b2b marketing leaders conference sydney may 2017

Dr Linden Brown

Chairman and Chief Value Officer, Creating Profitable Customer Centric Cultures, MarketCulture Strategies
Sean Crichton-Browne Customer Culture B2B marketing leaders conference sydney may 2017

Sean Crichton-Browne

Global Partnerships & Customer Engagement

Room: Suite 55

Hosted by:

Marketculture Australia B2B Marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017

AND Please choose one option from the following four sessions:



How Revenue-Based ABM Strategies Can Rocket-Launch Your Marketing Career

Account-based marketing (ABM) is often misunderstood, poorly defined, and as a result poorly executed. ABM initiatives are also often high-risk – demanding significant levels of investment in people and money, but with very unpredictable revenue outcomes that are often impossible to attribute to a specific marketing tactic.

But this doesn’t have to be the case!

In this session, I’ll show you how savvy marketers are leveraging revenue-based ABM strategies to not only deliver outstanding results, but boost their own careers in the process.

Join me as I show you:

• How to define ABM once and for all
• The ‘secret success strategy’ most marketers overlook
• The 5 ‘must do’ steps to a successful ABM program
• How savvy marketers use ABM analytics to rocket-launch their careers

Kosta Triantafillou Senior Solutions Consultant APAC Marketo speaking b2b marketing leaders forum Account Based ABM

Kosta Triantafillou

Sr. Solutions Consultant, Marketo

Room: The Loft

Hosted by:


Do you want your content marketing to deliver tangible results for your business?

Content isn’t a marketing tactic. It’s a strategic play that impacts all areas of an organisation. And, done well, will deliver strong business results.

In this workshop, we’ll provide you with a framework to enable content to positively impact your business, and give you the takeaway tools and resources you’ll need to do it successfully.

You’ll gain:
• An understanding of how to elevate your content marketing beyond marketing KPIs to deliver on your wider business strategy.
• The right questions to ask in the exploratory phase, and how to identify those who should be involved.
• How to define your content mission, audience insights and content pillars.
• How to bring an audience-first – single customer mindset to your content.
• The importance of governance. How to apply frameworks to ensure your strategy can be implemented and measured.
• That storytelling remains at the heart of all good content marketing. How to ensure telling compelling stories doesn’t get lost in a quagmire of strategy, KPIs, process and measurement.

Illustrated by best-in-class case studies.

Lisa Bjorksten Mahlab workshop B2B marketing leaders forum sydney australia 2017

Lisa Bjorksten

Head of Strategy, Mahlab

Room: Soho

Hosted by:
Mahlab Australia B2B marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017


The Evolution of the B2B Marketer

The biggest challenge for B2B Marketers today and for tomorrow is generating pipeline. In this break-out session we ask a critical question: how do you generate ROI through digital transformation within the attention economy?

We will be focusing on three key pillars that revolve around an organisation’s core, and how this will go about shaping the marketer of tomorrow:

    • Building the Intelligence Layer: we’re all data-driven marketers, but how much market intelligence is needed before you can approach a buyer, with or without an external intelligence system?
    • Crafting Creative Content: our industry is one the noisiest in the world, so how can you break through the noise and personalise your business’s content through innovative strategies that secure your buyer’s interest?
    • Engagement: Whether online or offline, what marketing channels are you utilising to effectively engage your audience, locally or across the region? What kind of channels does your buyer trust, and how can you target an individual effectively within the attention economy?

McCorkell & Associates is the leading B2B integrated marketing and advertising agency throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Karen Powell Managing Director APAC M&a speaking b2b marketing leaders forum Digital Transformation

Karen Powell

Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, McCorkell & Associates

Room: Main Conference Hall

Hosted by:
M&a Australia B2B marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017


Do you want to turn your marketing department into a revenue generating machine, secure larger budgets and a stronger voice with the CEO and CFO?

You’ll then need to be able to show marketers’ contribution to company growth by demonstrating the ROI of marketing spend along with key metrics the C-suit cares about.

In this 40 min deep-dive workshop you’ll learn:

  • What metrics you need to be able to show the CEO and CFO – case study of Customer’s monthly reporting dashboard
  • How to gain real-time insight and constantly monitor which programs are most effective and to make the right investment choices to achieve your sales goals
  • Diagnose, analyze and optimize your marketing mix, maximize the performance of your investment, to increase sales and marketing ROI.
Adam Cordner Senior Solutions Consultant B2B Marketing Leaders Forum 2017

Adam Cordner

Senior Solution Consultant, Domo

Room: Suite 55

Hosted by:
Domo Australia B2B marketing Leaders Conference Sydney 2017

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