About the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2018

14-16 May 2018 | Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf

Sydney | Australia

Strategies, Technologies and Leadership, to turn Marketing Departments into Revenue Generating Machines



t the moment we’re in a time of incredible change in marketing. A lot of what we went to school for, what we’ve been doing in the last 20 or 30 years simply isn’t working right now as interrupt based marketing is becoming less and less effective by every quarter we go by.*

The rapid changes in marketing technologies, digital disruption, industry and societal changes are constantly shaping the marketing profession.

As CMOs and marketing professionals we need to constantly look to differentiate our marketing and we always need to look ahead to see what marketing trends are worth exploring, experimenting with and adopting. We need to always harness the latest techniques, ideas and technology.

The greatest threat, and the greatest opportunity in our careers is adapting to this new age of digital business.

“We’re seeing a large skills gap today in B2B Marketing, and it’s conferences like these that help fill that gap as this is the only place they’re going to get this kind of education

 – Carlos Hidalgo – B2B Demand Generation and Change Management Guru (U.S.)

In addition, as B2B marketers, we face unique challenges not always shared by our B2C counterparts, the biggest difference having to deliver highly qualified leads to our sales teams.

This is why we launched the inaugural B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC in February 2016.
Four months later we had sold out of tickets and had to close the registration site 10 days before the event. The following year we had 275 B2B Marketers attend and for 2018 we’ll be capping it to 300 (the venue can’t take any more).

What’s new in 2018


So, in short, this three day forum is not just about providing inspiration and exploring ideas but a unique forum where B2B marketing leaders, the innovators, the people who make things happen gather to learn about the latest in B2B marketing and share the secrets to their success.

The forum is designed to help B2B marketers specifically, benchmark their existing strategies, take advantage of new technologies and innovative solutions. They will share and learn from each other about effective strategies, tactics and creative ideas for turning their departments into revenue generating machines and advancing their careers as individuals.

If your company is at the forefront of marketing innovation, we want you to partner with us to make sure Australia’s B2B marketing leaders don’t get left behind in this ever changing and exciting world of marketing.

Emma Roborgh
Founder & Marketing Director, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC

After 10 years of waiting for a B2B focused Marketing event in Australia I decided to create one myself last year. I’m a passionate events and B2B Marketer who is absolutely thrilled to see I wasn’t the only one craving a B2B focused Marketing event in Australia!

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* Jonathan Martin, CMO, Pure Storage

2017 B2B Marketing Leaders Forum held in Sydney, Australia in May. Partnership Prospectus


If you provide through leadership, technologies or strategies that can help B2B marketers turn their departments into revenue generation machines we’d love for you to become one of our partners in 2018.

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